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  1. Why does everyone seem to (fashionably) hate Fusion? Fans of the series must have taken some good stuff away from it, such as the usual blistering pace, the track variation, visual niceness (dust trails on track one? the moon track with the inverted loop-de-loop bit?) first appearance of Zone mode?

  2. Will probably take about 2/3 hours of single player. Just play all the 9 hole challenges until the character versus game appears, do that then move onto th next tier, rinse and repeat.

    Dont worry, we will prob play an earlier course as well so we can keep you in mind.

    Its defo worth putting insome single player though to do the unlocks

    Excellent. Thanks.

  3. My quick contribution to this thread is to say that my unit went, was packaged off the next day to MS, arrived and was fixed within 2 days as per the SLA on the website. It still took me about 2 weeks to get it back though due to UPS receiving the billing information but not picking it up for a whole 5 days, then me not being in the day it was meant to be delivered :ph34r:

    All in all, MS's SLA is solid, the warranty for repairs was quibble free and I am satisfied (aside from this being my 3rd xbox now, natch).

  4. I had one problem with it : when you're turning left to run down a walkway, occasionally the camera moves to right behind the character's head making it harder to shoot accurately.

    Other than that, seemed ok fun. Can't really see a full-price game in there though.

  5. The title of this thread reads like an instruction, rather that a documentary of events (should it be called "I made the the switch" perhaps?)

    Does anyone know of a forum where someone can post a thread along the lines of "I bought console X instead of console Y" and it doesn't descend into an assload of prattling fanboy crap?

  6. 16k RAM packs for the Speccy. Never ever EVER touch it, breath near it, walk in shoes near it, nudge the desk its on, open a window near it etc.

    I recall (fondly) almost being beaten to shit by my older brother who was *this* close to finishing a listing for a game he was making before I put a cup down on the desk and rocked the hardware just that little bit too much causing all the pretty coloured blocks appear on screen and steam to errupt from Bro's ears.

    Still, the game listing was published and I believe he was paid a whole £20 Earth pounds for his troubles. It was probably character building for him or something.

  7. Agreed. Carpenter's MO is the low budget shlock ideas movie/remake. Give him a budget and he goes to crap.

    The Thing is in my top 10, for sure.

    Edit : the "joke" photo above makes Carptenter look just like Lo Pan from Big Trouble, with tufts.

  8. Thanks. I was having zero problems to this point.

    As it happens, the spot in question was right after the C5 starting point, so I restarted at that point and it seemed to go through ok. My theory is it's to do with the order I picked up the sub-quests, but until i find out it will remain a ...

    Tale! Of! Interest!

  9. OK, so anyone found any game breaking bugs yet?

    I went to Aunt Sarah's to talk to Butcher Joyce (after the 2nd WW1 bit), she opens the door, beams a bit, then the camera is warped to the doorway at the end her hall for about 10 seconds, then back to the front door to have the cutscene of me walking into her house. As I am walking about, they're both just staring at me - no chat topics, no interaction at all! Can't do anything in the house. Totally stuck!

    Tried a restart, and an xbox reboot (whatever that might have achieved, who knows?) but to no avail.

    Any ideas?

  10. Agreed.

    This game is now almost unplayable in public matches since the H3 beta closed it's doors.

    I would appeal for anyone playing this to form up on friends lists and start playing it like a game, not an achievements-generator full of mouthy tosspots.

  11. And this differs from films how, exactly?

    In terms of ratings, not so much. In terms of the effect it has on someone actually acting out a brutal murder instead of "just" watching it? Who can say - ask a psychologist - everyone will respond differently.

    I won't support the non-classification outright, I just wish these games developers had a bit more ... sensitivity? about the games they're making (especially for a platform like Wii where the demographic is likely to be much younger).

    This post has been rated "O" for "Opinion".

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