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  1. I liked it. The formula is pure Tenchu, same as it ever was. Tenchu is one of those games that charmed me on the old platforms and I carry it forward to the next-gen, despite the crappy visuals. Online co-op is *such* a treat in this one.

    Providing I can invert the Y axis, it's a buy for me.

  2. It's a mission-based dogfight/bombing run "sim" with a deeply Japanese design sensiblity in terms of the story and character design, usually involving a made-up "hero" country being attacked by an agressor framed within the story of a family shattered by the conflict, most of which is secondary to the blistering lock-and-fire/cannon-fight gameplay and Big Rucks In The Sky you get in-game.

    AC4 was my favourite on the ps2.

  3. Damnit Prestige Materials, why did you have to link to that AVForums thread!? £160 you're going to make me spend. You owe me :P

    Are you going to buy the Turn10 Course Analysis Driving Guide videos on the Marketplace for 150 MSFunBucks a pop when they appear, too? :)

    Seriously, I think there was a link in that thread somewhere to a £14.99 plastic table that might do the job for sofa-surfers. £160 seems ... excsessive to me, but if it's going to improve your experience then I hope it's money well spent.

    See you all on Mugello *Long* :lol:

  4. I had the wheel for a few days when the F2 demo came out and didn't get on with it at all. Firstly, I noticed a pretty big dead-zone in the first 15 degrees motion either side of "north" before I'd see any action on screen. Despite the FF, there is no resistence at all when gliding (not hard cornering) which felt "off" compared to actual driving (I know : not a fair comparison, but it just didn't feel right to me).

    Secondly, setup is everything. I realised pretty soon after setting it up that it wasn't going to work on my lap so I had it on a tiny telephone table which worked better, but I suggest to get the best out of it you'll need either a proper stable frame-rig to mount it on, or someother kind of table with room for your legs to slip under for the pedals.

    Plusses, though : The foot pedal senstivity was ok, the wheel feels quite solidly built. Friends who have got it setup right say they're shaving whole seconds off their laptimes after that adjustment period.

    It just wasn't for me.

    Caveat Emptor

    Check here for some good table/setup experience : http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=452146

    and that's all the weather

  5. I generally kick-off with "Hooman" and take the extra $500 to the gun shop after my initial 2k Smoke purchase. I really should experiment a bit more with Elves (as a lot of people seem to like them) and Trolls (to kick those pansy elves in the fanny).

  6. This game is massive, massive fun. Get in a good match and it's like EDF on steroids - stuff kicking off all over the place, elves teleporting in, big blue minions ripping the shit out of everything in sight and your teammates screaming in your ear. Brilliant. I'm amazed it's not getting more love round here.

    I am a fighter, not a screamer.

    In general the community seems to be less cockendish than the powertwats that stalk about in the Halo3 BETA. I'd be quite happy for the community to stay at about the size it is at the moment, and for MS to layoff the Shadowrun publicity in the H3 beta in case the game is ruined by said numbskulls cross-gaming and ruining an otherwise fun experience.

    Yes, the game deserves lurve.

  7. To paraphrase the someone who said in their Mercury review for the psp on Eurogamer, "this game is for people who already like this game".

    And I do.

    Bring on the EG 5/10.

  8. All I can say is that after I DLd the patch (pre Shivering Isles), my fraps improved and the loading area messages were dropped a load too. Have you tried clearing you cache and restarting?

  9. Quick one : if you sit on the main menu and wait you get a demo movie of some ruff and tumble action. There's a drum and bass track playing over it that sounds like Pendulum. Anyone know what it is?

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