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  1. "“Catan” from developer Big Huge Games Inc. and publisher Microsoft® Game Studios, is a faithful remake of the immensely popular strategy board game." Thank the maker. I just tried to get hold of the 1p "trial" of this one from MSN games, only to get the outrageous error message : "Dear player, Unfortunately, the game you've selected is incompatible with the Windows Vista™ operating system, and has therefore been removed from our site. If you have any questions, please use the button below to contact our customer service department." Bring on the XBLA version!
  2. I think he was just trying to point out that the game may fall *somewhat* short of the expectations the trailer might give you...! This was of course for Vinny.
  3. So is 800 "points" a fair price, then? I've just completed the main quest and feel the need for another few hours of story gameplay instead of the bitsy side quests for the Guilds. I have no desire to pay for this DL when it could become cheaper or free when Shivering Isles comes out ...
  4. I think you may have to factor in the ammo weight too. Not sure. Anyway, I am in da hizzy all up in this shizzy and must apologise right away for a ) the TK on Straw last night and b ) being crap in all other ways
  5. Couldn't find a thread on this already so I assume the interest is pretty low / non-existant for this title. Personally speaking, I've been following the progress of it for a while and I think it looks like a lot of fun. Battlestations.net Has anyone tried the demo out today?
  6. An invisible dark elf assasin in a cowl in the jail building in Sundercliff Village. There's a note about him having been captured by the guards and I assume there's a subquest about freeing him. In the end, I picked the jail lock, let him go, whereupon he turned invisible and crept off into the dungeon. Till I hit him on the head and we scrapped, one dark elf "brother" vs another invisible one. Was a funny fight. When he's dead, nab all of his stuff - the cowl of detect life is quite handy. Also he has a contract to "honourably" assassinate someone in the dungeon...
  7. EA were already demonstrating their incremental update policy way back then : Road Rash 2 featured a chain as well as an cosh/iron bar. How I loved them both, though. edit : most "in the zone" game : 3d death chase, ftw. Eyeballs bleed. More recently : any wipeout, particularly Zone Mode.
  8. If someone "accidentally" killed the Morag Tong assasin in the prison house in Sundercliff village then wandered around the gameworld in his enchanted light armour, would he be reviled as a villainous assassin and hunted by the true MT fellas to a bloody wretched death? Theoretically?
  9. Plenty of people still playing this game, actually. I've never had a problem getting a game and all that I've noticed is that you don't get as many of the quitting types who bought the game, don't know how to play it or don't like it, then quit in mid-game. You're wrong.
  10. Not sure if it was threads or cores they were talking about, but didn't Infinity Ward say COD2 was the only game use more than of "them" at launch time?
  11. You are a scholar and a gentleman.
  12. Wail, argh, nash of teeth. Is there any way to redisgn your PEC character once it's "locked in"? I want to re-do just about everything after my abortion of a face map!
  13. You should score the achieve no matter who you play. Odd.
  14. Rainbow Six Pinata Vegas faceparty Another untapped market for some DLC.
  15. I honestly don't think CliffyB thinks in a Freudian context. Upstairs was for shooting aliens from a vantage point. The fact that Daddy used to take his belt off to him once in a while doesn't mean you can't use the attic window as a top sniping point.
  16. Play some more Splinter Cell dammit!
  17. "I just felt sorry for the squid really, to be bitten in half for that? sad.gif" Several squid, I believe. That wasn't take #1. blerch.
  18. Can anyone answer me this with certainty: Does the online co-operative game use the actual single-player story mode game engine, or is this another hamstrung GRAW style co-op abortion with low-res textures and so on?
  19. PC World are doing limited for about 36, I hear.
  20. Jeez, Stroker. Get off the fence. Do you like the game or not?
  21. There's a complete absence of current-gen SC reviews in the world right now - would someone like to write up a mini-review for the xbox version of Double Agent?
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