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  1. I'd be interested to read how the Xbox version stacks up, and how the spy-vs-spy multiplayer works out.
  2. Of course you can, and frequently do I would like people to see it as a new game and quit comparing it with the older iterations that even they probably don't even play anymore, is all. There's plenty of fun to be had here
  3. Do the naysayers think the more people post negative comments about a game they dismiss out of hand, the less the fans will like it eventually? Seems to me people need to give it more of a chance than they have. The more I play, the more I see what they have done to the format is an improvement.
  4. Well I love them all and therefore offer up a hug to the entire thread and all who post in her.
  5. "You fucking CUNTS." The people who like the new MP, or Ubi?
  6. I am *always* in for some sneaking. Tag in profile.
  7. Just out of interest, and to satisfy my own curiousity, how many people here who are complaining about the new multiplayer style are still playing mutliplayer in an earlier iteration of the series?
  8. I don't know what's worse : a new thread about Lumines when and old one would do (although this is arguable as the other thread is about high-scores, it seems), or a new thread about Lumines that has <50% posts *about Lumines* and the rest about forum etiquette. Anyhoo, is there a release date and cost for this game?
  9. I'd like to see some levels beyond Acre, and in non-blue-o-vision. Other than that : wow.
  10. Question : the island East of Pearl Harbour, accessible by a single (blocked) roadway bridge - how do you get onto it? I would guess there's a way else you can't get your 100% road transit achievement...
  11. This is a niggle that's annoying me at the moment : joining friends. I take it's a "teething problem" as opposed to a serious game bug, but I don't seem to be able to actually join my friends on the same server to do some exploration and general razzing around. Does anyone have a method they've got to work for hooking up? Does being in a car club together help, perhaps?
  12. 4 swaps? That's some bad breakage record you've got there. My 360 gave up this week, the Red Ring Of Doom etc, following the Dead Rising and Saints row demo downloads. It's all swapped out and now I'm happy. The new 'box is quieter (just) and plays games which I swear were as choppy as anything (GRAW multiplayer on Rocky Cove, for instance) with nary a framerate skip.
  13. I was a 2nd ed guy, though I have the 1st Ed original at home somewhere - 1st Ed was way too much like Warhammer, 2nd Ed streamlined it nicely. Also : Star Players ftw!
  14. Top stuff. I recall happy days with my undead team, endlessly "respawning" to the frustration of my opponent, long bombs and injuries. Will check it out
  15. MS as arbiter of cool and innovating content is a push though
  16. MS XNA Blog. Marketting guff disguised as "code love"? Whatever it is, sounds like A Good Thing to me.
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