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  1. Another oldie here. Been gaming since I got my ZX81 (although I did have Pong and many Game & Watch type games through the years) Had/still have Spectrum, Amiga, PC, PS1, XBox, PS2, PS3, Wii, PS4 and Switch (Skipped Bone). PC is still serviceable when it comes to games although getting very long in the tooth. Was supposed to visit Tokyo last year for my 50th but got a Series S and PS5 instead Most of my real life friends are not gamers and the ones who are mainly play Fifa/COD. Couple of guys in my team at work (late 20's/early 30's) were astoun
  2. Been watching Sinvicta's stream for most of this morning. Wasn't a fan of Antibirth but can't wait to get playing later
  3. Played this on PC way back but never got further than the first mission. Same story when it appeared on GP. Decided to give it a proper go after seeing all the love for it in here and finished the game last night. Thoroughly enjoyed that Went for a stealth playthrough and I think I only killed one hostile by accidentally throwing him into the sea lol. The way you can approach every level in many different ways was brilliant, coupled with the ultra fast loading on the XSX meant I could try loads of different ways. I even found myself going to earlier saves to re-do whole sections after seeing
  4. *cough* https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCQa4oxkXkMORKDVUGQZzMtB_xp-3tK1F
  5. Apparently I purchased this (among other things) at the weekend (I may have been drunk and/or under the influence of vaccine side effects.)
  6. If you are in a rush to be instantly up to date, read a wiki. Or you could you watch your way through the MCU. There's some movies that aren't AAA+, but they're still enjoyable and feed into the overall whole MCU.
  7. Productive day now that I've torn myself away from Sniper Elite 4. AS, TK and Adjudicator down. Was working my way through the Tower of Latria when my controller died, just at the phantom before FI Missed a lot of tendency stuff in my orig PS3/PC playthrough so trying to get as many of them as I can in this one
  8. Yeah, King's Field is the precursor to the Soulsborne stuff. Demon's was the "spiritual successor" to the series. There are recurring items, mechanics and characters that have been there since the first King's Field and 4 games in the main series...they aren't very good
  9. There better be a Moonlight Sword
  10. Yeah, not rinsing the levels and only getting about 75ish% completion but enjoying watching my plans work out. Last night I cleared out a small area and set off a generator next to some bushes on high ground. Was then able to snipe about 60% of the remaining enemies, including a tank that drove past for a nosey lol
  11. Also really enjoying Sniper 4 having never played any of the previous. I'm loving sneaking around, creating diversions then slowly (or quickly) wiping out all the nazi scum. Finished the 4th mission last night which took the longest for me (about 2.5 hours!)
  12. It's the only reason I bought a PS4. I hope you enjoy* *the pain
  13. It's worth keeping an eye on Managed to get mine (from Amazon) via that stream
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