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  1. Inspired by the folk that have just started this and that my FB memories have been showing me all my Prey Slaughtered screencaps this month (I only got BB 2 years ago) and despite this rare, if unfortunate opportunity that I have to work through my ever growing pile of shame, I went back to this over the last week or so. I've got 2 characters. One had finished the standard ending and was about to start NG+ and one that's stuck at OoK on NG. Decided on the NG+ character. I haven't played this since Sekiro came out and I forgot how much fun this game is to play. Breezed through the first few areas until BSB. I've hammered BSB many times over in the Chalice Dungeons, but I ended up hitting a wall. Finally got the parry timing down after a few attempts but it shook me lol. Got my confidence back and have been breezing through each area a lot faster than I remember from my other attempts, loving every single second of it all over again. That is until I got to the fucking cunt that is Rom. This was my major roadblock on my first playthrough. To the extent that I actually stopped playing for over a month. Again, have hammered Rom many times since in the Chalice Dungeons and beat her 1st try on my 2nd playthrough but I hit another psychological wall. Everything since BSB had felt easy. Vicar Amelia, Paarl, The Witches and The Shadows all went down at the first attempt. 28 times it took lol. Had to take a couple of days break and almost didn't go back but the 28th attempt was the 1st attempt on Sunday afternoon lol. Before I knew it, I'm at (I'll spoiler the rest for those on 1st playthrough) And for the first time, I'm playing offline as my PS+ ran out so no summons for any of the boss fights Now I have a ton of Insight, I also forgot how it changes the look of the game and some of the gameplay. Makes me love the game even more!
  2. The Laundry Files series by Charles Stross is pretty much this although not quite in the same vein as Control https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Laundry_Files
  3. @Benny beat me to Dark Souls, so Bloodborne
  4. I stayed away from here until I'd watched them all. Now I'm scared to say I liked it!
  5. I keep forgetting about this thread. This was my song of the year lol Also, Amyl & The Sniffers are a) nothing that you would expect, b) this band could only ever be Australian, c) love them!
  6. Left is also clockwise if you are doing a circuit of an area
  7. The spear carried me through more than half of my first playthrough
  8. So glad you managed to find one! Enjoy
  9. This should probably go in the Things That Fuck You Off Thread. I'm a huge Genesis fan but the ticket prices for the tour they just announced are a fucking joke For The Hydro in Glasgow Shitty Level 3 seats £85 Level 2 Seats £135 - £145 (£135 are side angled views) Level 1 & Floor Seats £185 Front 3 blocks on the floor are VIP Tickets £400 - £800 Oh and all plus booking fee I'm glad I've seen them live a couple of times but they can fuck right off now
  10. Don't think I'll bother with the next Season Pass. I've barely done anything with the current one due to lack of time to grind. Think I've only hit lvl 30 and I'll be struggling to get through any of the Osiris stuff before it ends. I've only just unlocked the Obelisk in the tower!
  11. I consider myself to be a reasonably not bad cook but for some reason pancakes fail me every time. This year I've gone for this. Just add water and fry
  12. The first 3 seasons are the first 3 books but they play around a little with the timeline so events take place at the same time rather than spread over the seasons like the books are. Worked well IMHO But yeah, I'd at least read Caliban's War before starting the show as some of that is in S1. Beware, you'll probably storm right through the episodes so read Abaddon's Gate ASAP after CW
  13. Was almost exactly a year ago I found these lol
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