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  1. Doddie Weir, Scottish Rugby legend at 52 from MND https://www.itv.com/news/border/2022-11-26/rugby-legend-doddie-weir-dies-aged-52 Loved to watch him play
  2. Andor 5/5. Could be set anywhere and work as 4/5 but how it ties in to the bigger picture upped it to a 5
  3. Cheers. Also thinking Dune BR 2049 Alien Mad Max Fury Road
  4. Hopefully I'll be taking delivery of a 65" LG C2 tomorrow. Who can recommend me a couple of good movies to show it off?
  5. Sadly that's as far as I got as I had to deal with some family issues. Might be a while before I even get back to my Deck
  6. Just for the sake of it, got Windows 10 up and running from a 128Gb SD Card following this video. No dual boot but something else for me to mess around with lol
  7. Daily sets while I drink my coffee in the morning. Takes seconds and as above you don't need to do the quizzes, except specific ones. The answers to those ones are usually posted in the Rewards thread. Weekly stuff if I can be arsed. I don't get to play much these days due to a specific change in circumstances so If stuff needs achievements then I'll usually spend half an hour on a Saturday morning using Rewards Hunter on YT, drinking coffee while my other half gets ready (eg took me 10 mins to get x3 in A Bards Tale). If it's Bing searches then I'll do those while on a Teams meeting at work Note that it's slightly more efficient to buy 3 months XBLG to extend the sub if you don't want to wait for it to lapse rather than buying 3 months GPU for 35k. It's 15k points for 3 months XBLG which gives minimum 50 days (sometimes up to 53 days) The lifetime points are from when I signed up which is just over 2 years ago and I'm on track for about 10k points this month which is around average for me. Might trade the points in for an official headset or custom controller instead this time though I also don't mind if I miss a streak, it's only a few bonus points per month that you miss out on
  8. I used the Gold trick to initially sub for 2 years but now I purchase Gold using points from MS Rewards to extend it
  9. Depends on the model. The first one I had needed handwashing and was a total pain. I swapped that for the same one that SeanR has and that model goes in the dishwasher. But you can also put in a silicon or paper liner so you only need to wash/dispose of that instead. (Tray still needs washed but that's easy)
  10. Found these today in the "Polish" section in Morrisons. They have a really rich creamy beefy umami taste. Was a struggle not to finish the whole lot in one go! Would buy again/10
  11. Stephen Morris from Joy Division/New Order once said “I think punk rock started because in every small town there was somebody who liked Hawkwind.” Yeah, I met him at one of the Brixton all nighters. I was in no state to take photos though lol Last time Space Ritual played Glasgow my mate got to interview him If you know, you know
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