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  1. They finally appeared in my local Co-Op today. Mrs Hawklord wanted them so I got her a pack (she's obsessed with the HB lol). Thought they were a bit meh. Vaguely beefy, vaguely tomato. Aye £2.30 is a joke!
  2. Where did you get them? Been over a month since they said they would be available in the Co-Op but I haven't been able to find any
  3. Got them, ta. Took a screenshot but forgot to upload. Works out at 3 days something and 170ish deaths And for someone who said they would probably take a break, I now have x5 pieces of the "other" item. Started again right away in B1, killed all bosses in 1-3 then kept going through 4-6. Knew I wouldn't last long in B6 though lol
  4. Well that was interesting! Edit: How do I find out how long I've played and how many deaths?
  5. Had this since launch and I got through Phrike & Ixion fairly early. I've really struggled with B3, been stuck there for what feels like months and I've only got to Nemesis maybe 3 times. But tonight was the night. Nemesis is no longer my Nemesis (still needed an Astronaut, several integrity upgrades and 2 large silphium vials) However, tonight is a prime example of why this needs a save. I've not been playing much due to how many fucking games I have in my queue but I was waiting for a couple of patches on my SX to download so I stuck it on for a quick run. That quick run ended up being almost 3 hours long. Had to pause the game quite a few times to deal with stuff then hope I didn't insta-die when I resumed
  6. I can't remember why I didn't play this before now and I only fired it up to check out how it looked on the Series X with the new patch. Thanks to Game Pass I've spent the last three evenings playing and finishing this. What an excellent game. The audio really creeped me out in places. Looks like I've missed a few Lorestones so I'm off to get those to make it one of the few games where I've got 100%
  7. I finally have an excuse to rewatch these
  8. I'm done with this. I wanted to enjoy it and to an extent I have but the difficulty spike for the Mecharachnid is too much for me. Combine that with all the pointless walking around only for the side quest to be unexpectedly gated and enough is enough. Got too many games waiting to be played to spend any more time on it
  9. Hawklord

    RIP Dusty Hill

    No it was one of the warm up shows a few days before it at the O2 Academy in Glasgow. Was shocked at them playing such a small venue (2500 capacity). Would loved to have seen them there as well
  10. Hawklord

    RIP Dusty Hill

    Fuck. I'm a huge fan of ZZ Top. Came up on my FB Memories that I saw them live 4 years ago on Monday
  11. Similar, in cart at 6 but couldn't check out until just after 7. Now saying Q1 2022 for me
  12. Oooo, got a 256Gb model. Not had anything about availability dates though
  13. I'm getting It looks like you've been attempting a lot of purchases in the last few hours. Please wait a while before trying again.
  14. He has said that he is not happy with it being called a Director's Cut. This is new content plus the upgrades
  15. John From Cincinnati https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0814164/ Strange surf/paranormal mystery from David Milch. Loved it and was pissed off when it got cancelled. Also had a great soundtrack
  16. I felt guilty about ditching this after picking it up cheap for the PS5. Had too much to play so I put it on the back burner. But now I'm glad I did. Plays great on the PS5 as it is. Might not pick up at release but gives me a reason to go back to it
  17. Is there anything in the Plague Tale PS5 update that would differ from the Series X update eg use of the DualSense? It's on GP and I have more space on my SX than my PS5 so debating which machine to play it on
  18. Seen worse, 30 mins too long though
  19. I passed on this as I wanted to wait for a PS5 update but fuck that. Got enough to play and will pick up when cheaper
  20. I just started this last night on SX. I have it on PC and only got as far as getting out of the hospital before giving up (a few years ago now!) Looks great on the SX and now I'm a couple of hours in, I'm really enjoying.
  21. Yeah, give it another few hours. Get to the camps and do a few jobs for them. Ignore the Hordes if you come across any. The rest of the game after that is pretty much the same. I really enjoyed it for the most part and it looked and played great in 4k60 but if it's not grabbing you by then, bail.
  22. I recently sold my S and I was nothing but impressed by how it ran everything. I was actually sad that I sold it even though I'd replaced it with an X. It's an amazing console for it's size and price
  23. The first PC game I ever bought (along with my first ever PC). Also introduced my to the slippery slope that is updating your video card as I also bought the orig 3dfx Voodoo so I could play it in even shiner graphics. I'd date that as around 97 though as it came with both "Mission Packs". I've lost literally days to this game and it's sequels but never played online until Q3 as we had no internet
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