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  1. Sorry, my bad. Thought it was a weird coincidence that just as I'd decided to give this a watch, the updates appeared in my feed. Anyway, back to my orig question...is there a good place to get a synopsis of S1 or should I just re-watch it?
  2. Not seen anything announced so I may be wrong but they just updated their FB profile & cover pics which is their first post since 2019
  3. Looks like this is getting another season. I've only seen S1, is there anywhere I can get synopsis of the season so I can continue with S2 onwards? Been a while since I watched it
  4. I've been following this playlist from Rewards Hunter. Takes about 10 mins for 3 achievements each time
  5. Everything Everywhere All at Once Aye, that was erm? 4 wtf's/5
  6. Fairly easy if you are willing to mess around a little. YMMV depending on the individual game though. Plenty of guides out there
  7. Fuck! To be fair, he should be dead 10 times over. CS&N and/or Y have been a huge part of my life
  8. This happens to me sometimes, usually after a Steam update and I have to manually re-install. After that it's fine and the plugins and settings are still there
  9. I literally just finished playing Part1 + Left Behind last week. Thought this was excellent. Not enough rummaging through drawers and cupboards for tape, cloth and scrap through 😛
  10. Yes and it's the same on every platform it can be ran on. And I wouldn't exactly call if a faff esp on the Deck.
  11. Watched the first ep of this a couple of months ago before I was hit with a huge curveball and thought it seemed decent. Realised my ATV+ sub is up soon so thought I better check out the next couple of eps while I have time, ended up finishing S1 in one go lol. Reminded me of why I love Gary Oldman so much. Couple of nit-picks in the writing But yeah, roll on S2!
  12. I find it easier to press this part My fingers sit naturally on there
  13. You buy 3 months of XBLG at 15,000 (not 3 months of Game Pass Ultimate)which then converts to approx 50 days of GPU (sometimes it's 51 or 52 days but always a minimum of 50) Edited a typo 3 months of GPU gets you approx 90 days for 35,000 (roughly 390 points/day) x3 3 months of XBLG gets you approx 150 days for 3 x 15,000 = 35,000 45,000 (roughly 300 points/day) Note that XBLG redeem option doesn't appear for everyone https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/help/subscriptions-billing/manage-subscriptions/xbox-game-pass-ultimate-faq
  14. You can easily play Cloud games via Edge https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/topic/xbox-cloud-gaming-in-microsoft-edge-with-steam-deck-43dd011b-0ce8-4810-8302-965be6d53296 Or you can install Windows if you want natively play PC Game Pass games You can also remote play/stream games directly from the XBox
  15. Emptied my rewards in April to top up GPU via XBLG 3 Month Codes (currently expires March 8, 2024) and now, 280 days later I'm at 86,052 points. I'm also lazy but works out I'm "earning" around 9.1k/month with the barest effort. Current balance is a shade under £75 MS Credit, roughly £50 in Amazon Credit or about 250 days of GPU via XBLG 3 Month Codes (takes me to Nov 2024)
  16. All I can say is that I never read any of that in his books nor did I interpret them in that way at the time. To me he was proposing that it was a lost human civilisation (Atlantis) that were advanced and spread the "technology". I was in my mid-20's when Fingerprints of the Gods came out and had also just gone through all the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail stuff by Henry Lincoln, Michael Baigent, and Richard Leigh so they fitted my narrative of "maybe there is an alternative history" that's being kept from us. I also haven't kept up with what he does and was pleasantly surprised to see that he'd made the series. I'll get around to watching it eventually. I don't do Twitter so no idea what kind of folk follow him, I just thought that he had some good, if left-field ideas. Not a hill I'd die on though, I just found him interesting
  17. Yeah the Lordsworn's Greatsword is a great starting weapon. And yes do upgrade it. See if you can find Limgrave Tunnels (NE of Agheel Lake). Enemies there should be fairly easy and they drop loads of Smithing Stone (1). x12 of those will take it to +3 Vigour and Strength levels will work good for it also. Endurance will help with equip load so you can equip both weapons
  18. I don't have Netflix so I haven't watched the series but he didn't come across as white supremacist in his books or lectures. Just putting forward an alternative theory that happened to scratch the itch I had at the time. IIRC he gives even more credit to the indigenous people of the areas he was interested in rather than using the Ancient Astronaut theory. ie that they were more advanced than they the archeologists suspect. It is a long time since I read his books though (80's & 90's) so I may be mis-remembering
  19. Full Metal Jacket 4.25/5 I haven't watched this since I went to the cinema when it was released. Birth of so many meme phrases as well lol
  20. I've been a fan of Graham Hancock for years, I've even been to a few of his lectures (long time ago now). He has some really interesting theories.
  21. Literally popped in to post that lol
  22. Kelly Monteith at 80 from a stroke. Used to love him. He was one of the first American comedians to get his own show in the UK https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-64152056
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