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  1. 1 hour ago, readonly said:

    Just branding. There's no way it's coming back. The story is complete.

    Sorry, my bad. Thought it was a weird coincidence that just as I'd decided to give this a watch, the updates appeared in my feed.


    Anyway, back to my orig question...is there a good place to get a synopsis of S1 or should I just re-watch it?

  2. 1 hour ago, DennyDifferent said:

    Has anyone got any recommendations for Game Pass games with quick achievements that I can use to farm the daily achievement quest? So far I've been going through Donut County, with it leaving Game Pass soon.

    I've been following this playlist from Rewards Hunter. Takes about 10 mins for 3 achievements each time



  3. 11 hours ago, Jamie John said:


    Do you load and reload the Game Pass streaming app each time you turn the Deck on? I was using mine to stream Xbox games a lot, but I found that part of it a bit of a faff and it's put me off. 

    Yes and it's the same on every platform it can be ran on. And I wouldn't exactly call if a faff esp on the Deck.

  4. Watched the first ep of this a couple of months ago before I was hit with a huge curveball and thought it seemed decent. Realised my ATV+ sub is up soon so thought I better check out the next couple of eps while I have time, ended up finishing S1 in one go lol. Reminded me of why I love Gary Oldman so much.


    Couple of nit-picks in the writing 



    Wee bit too many things just happened to occur at the perfect time eg the guy in the take away with the BMW leaving his keys on the counter among many others


    But yeah, roll on S2!



    And nice throw away shout out to George Smiley :)


  5. 2 hours ago, Nick R said:


    Where do you get 50 days for 15k?


    The offers I see through the Redeem menu are:


    1 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 12,000 pts

    3 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 35,000 pts


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    On the rewards web page, it says that those prices are normally 14k and 42k respectively, but are reduced because I have a "Level 2 discount".  (The MS Rewards app on Xbox shows the lower prices, but doesn't say anything about being on Level 2.)


    Assuming that MS's "month" means 30 days rather than 28, then 35k for 3 months is equivalent to 19,444 for 50 days. How are you getting that down to 15k for 50 days?


    You buy 3 months of XBLG at 15,000 (not 3 months of Game Pass Ultimate)which then converts to approx 50 days of GPU (sometimes it's 51 or 52 days but always a minimum of 50)


    Edited a typo

    3 months of GPU gets you approx 90 days for 35,000 (roughly 390 points/day)

    x3 3 months of XBLG gets you approx 150 days for 3 x 15,000 = 35,000 45,000 (roughly 300 points/day)


    Note that XBLG redeem option doesn't appear for everyone






  6. 19 minutes ago, Stanley said:

    I was asking in, ahem, another thread about playing Game Pass titles on the Deck, is this easy or does it require some workarounds?


    And as if my resolve wasn’t weakened enough I’ve just got into Vampire Survivors on Xbox. Jesus Christ that game is insane. I need it on a handheld. 


    You can easily play Cloud games via Edge




    Or you can install Windows if you want natively play PC Game Pass games


    You can also remote play/stream games directly from the XBox



  7. 5 hours ago, SuperCapes said:

    How much are people averaging every month? I think it's remarkable that you can essentially save up and get whatever next MS console releases. I am just banking mine until then, but curious to know how much people are making each month? 


    Emptied my rewards in April to top up GPU via XBLG 3 Month Codes (currently expires March 8, 2024) and now, 280 days later I'm at 86,052 points. I'm also lazy but works out I'm "earning" around 9.1k/month with the barest effort.


    Current balance is a shade under £75 MS Credit, roughly £50 in Amazon Credit or about 250 days of GPU via XBLG 3 Month Codes (takes me to Nov 2024)

  8. All I can say is that I never read any of that in his books nor did I interpret them in that way at the time. To me he was proposing that it was a lost human civilisation (Atlantis) that were advanced and spread the "technology". I was in my mid-20's when Fingerprints of the Gods came out and had also just gone through all the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail stuff by Henry Lincoln, Michael Baigent, and Richard Leigh so they fitted my narrative of "maybe there is an alternative history" that's being kept from us.  I also haven't kept up with what he does and was pleasantly surprised to see that he'd made the series. I'll get around to watching it eventually. I don't do Twitter so no idea what kind of folk follow him, I just thought that he had some good, if left-field ideas. Not a hill I'd die on though, I just found him interesting

  9. 3 hours ago, grounded_dreams said:

    I'm about four hours into the game, still in Limgrave, found and equipped the Lordsworn's Greatsword. Tried to take on the troll at the Gatefront Ruins but turned back, after at some point getting past while on torrent and ended up in a barren area with some huge circle thing on the floor which I could enter but got scared and went  back after not being able to find a Sites of Grace.  Just found the entrance to the Murkwater Catacombs.

    Playing as a Vagabond, going for a shield style character, but wouldn't mind having some distant weapon like a bow for some distance attacks when required.
    Looking for advice on what I should be scaling and aiming for to do within this starter area,  assume for a this type of build I should be going along the line of Vigor, Endurance, Strength and Dexerity? But not sure to which ratio between them.

    Shall I upgrade this Lordsworn's Greatsword sword? Having the Halberd as well, do like the reach it has, is making me too heavy still so removed it atm.



    Yeah the Lordsworn's Greatsword is a great starting weapon. And yes do upgrade it. See if you can find Limgrave Tunnels (NE of Agheel Lake). Enemies there should be fairly easy and they drop loads of Smithing Stone (1). x12 of those will take it to +3


    Vigour and Strength levels will work good for it also. Endurance will help with equip load so you can equip both weapons

  10. 1 hour ago, schmojo said:


    It's probably well-worn ground now, but non-white communities have decried a lot of his theories for years as Euro-centric and white supremacist.


    Ancient Astronaut theory is always such nasty stuff because of this. Superficially it's presented as the fantastical journey into unknown, unproven, zero-evidence 'advanced civilisations' of the distant past.


    In reality, it's utter denial that brown people could have achieved incredible things beyond the scope of their white European counterparts. I was really interested in this territory at one time, but man it feels negligent and best and violently mean spirited at worst.


    Is there any chance this new Netflix series doesn't do that? I've not seen it, but he tends to bang one drum.

    I don't have Netflix so I haven't watched the series but he didn't come across as white supremacist in his books or lectures. Just putting forward an alternative theory that happened to scratch the itch I had at the time. IIRC he gives even more credit to the indigenous people of the areas he was interested in rather than using the Ancient Astronaut theory. ie that they were more advanced than they the archeologists suspect. It is a long time since I read his books though (80's & 90's) so I may be mis-remembering

  11. 1 hour ago, NexivRed said:

    Ancient Apocalypse 




    This was one of the best things I have ever watched. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish I could go in blind and watch it all over again.  I’m going to have to go and do more reading. I absolutely recommend it, even if you’re not that into history. There is so much information that transcends so many different subjects, especially astronomy. It’s just amazing. 

    I've been a fan of Graham Hancock for years, I've even been to a few of his lectures (long time ago now). He has some really interesting theories.

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