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  1. Elden Ring Binding of Isaac Erm, those are about the only games I play on the Deck lol
  2. Dark Souls map is a bit shit
  3. I was predominately a PC gamer but had most "modern" consoles since PS1 except XBone. The cost of GPU's has put me off upgrading my PC any further so I'd have to say 100% say Steam Deck. Still a PC and most exclusives are either PS5 & PC or XSX & PC. As much as I like the "older" stuff, I've either already played or can't be arsed with and SD is a console
  4. I'm at almost 1000 hours of Binding of Isaac lol Only the Souls games come close and only if I count the play time of all of them over all platforms!
  5. If you take the price of the bottom tier in the UK (£11, no ads) and presume it's roughly the same world wide (on average and for arguments sake) and see that they have 231 million subs then that's revenue of £2.5 billion per month or just under £30.5 billion per year* *back of fag packet sums
  6. Not opened mine yet. Tempted to keep it in the shrink wrap lol
  7. I just lost 80 hours of gameplay due to my Steam save corrupting. Tried about a dozen methods of recovering the file but every one of then ends up with Start New Game instead of Continue. Gah!!!!!!!
  8. I had the privilege and honour of not only meeting Dame Viv but also getting rat arsed with her. Was on a work trip at the time to Munich in the mid 90s and was early for my flight home. Obviously I went to the bar to drink as many German wheat beers that I could manage on the company credit card before the flight. Back then you could still smoke in airports and I was still a smoker. She was at the bar being served along with a couple of other folk (assistants rather than entourage) and asked me if she could have a cig which I happily provided (everyone she was with were non smokers). She then proceeded to have a rant about German bureaucracy and bought me a couple of shorts while basically chain smoking all my cigs lol. Turned out we ended up sitting across the aisle from each other on the flight and she kept ordering me drinks. Was hammered by the time we got to Stansted. Even offered to have me dropped off at my hotel but I already had a taxi booked and paid for. What a lovely absolute nutter of a woman.
  9. Managed to get Death Stranding from Epic running via Heroic. Had to update Proton to 7.43 (I think, will check if anyone wants to know). Set it to 40fps and runs perfectly. Then I remembered it's not the Director's Cut (got that on PS5) and I couldn't face those opening hours again so I've uninstalled lol I think this is my Steam ID? 3654179 (Stormbringer) Profile is in my sig as well And there's also the RLLMUK Group https://steamcommunity.com/groups/rllmuk
  10. I use this but also keep an eye on whatever is cooking as it can sometimes be ready sooner https://lovefoodnotcooking.com/air-fryer-calculator/
  11. I fucking love my SD Sorry cross posted but still appropriate. The Deck has been a bit of a lifesaver this year for me
  12. I've never shared my password but I also don't have 4 devices that need 4K streams so I cancelled when they upped the price. Give me a reasonable price for one 4k stream and i'll re-subscribe
  13. Not been a great month has it? Maxi Jazz from Faithless, aged 65 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-64087315
  14. This years IMDb list (so far). Everything else I watched was a re-watch. Sorted by rating
  15. Nice one. There's a Scotmid round the corner from my mum's, will have to check
  16. 100% these @memories did you ever manage to find any locally? Was in my local corner shop just now and spotted them at £1.24 for a small pack (55g) so had to stock up on a few lol.
  17. Hawklord


    Finally got a chance yesterday to visit the roastery that opened nearby last year. Turns out they are actually closed on a Friday as it's roasting day and they forgot to put the shutters down! The owner was happy to sell me a few bags of beans though and chat away while he was working his "magic" with the roaster. Sneaked a photo of the roaster (I probably could have got a better one if I'd just asked lol). This was the final batch of his Xmas "special", a whisky infused Guatemalan. https://www.fowercoffee.com/product/scotch-whisky-infused-guatemalan Didn't buy any as it still had to rest but smelled amazing. Roaster was plugged into a laptop showing various settings & timings. At one point he looked at the screen and said you'll hear the first crack any second and sure enough it started to sound like popcorn. Glad I can support a local business and get good coffee at the same time
  18. Played an hour or so. I can't handle the 30fps in RT mode on the SX, seems kind of stuttery. 60fps Performance Mode looks visually identical to my old eyes (and my new telly*) so I'll be using that and it's very smooth *
  19. As previously posted No surprise. Had about the same amount on SX as well lol (got Platinum/100% on both)
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