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  1. I've got that one. It's great but wish it was larger internally. Top tip, line the inner base with tinfoil for easier cleaning. The whole basket and "tray" are suitable for the dishwasher but a fuck ton of oil collects underneath.
  2. As I mentioned Mausoleum, not Coliseum. Yesterday was a very long day You'll hear them before you see them
  3. I'd guestimate that you're not even a 1/4 through it yet then, possibly even less lol. And that needle is part of another long side quest that can affect the other (not Ranni) main side quest. Gotta love From with their interconnected stuff lol Took me 160+ hours for each of my 100% runs and that was only because I done the save scum on both. But I had to do NG+ on SX as I missed part of that very quest with the needle. Rushed through it in about 30 hours (on top of the 160). I think in total (including my current Steam Deck run) I've played just under 400 hours. I may have a problem And sorry, I meant Walking Mausoleums, not coliseums. You'll know when you find one, or rather you'll hear it first
  4. I'll spoiler just in case and try not to give too much away Also, don't forget that you can use certain Walking Colosseums to duplicate his Remembrance but also these Colosseums are limited in number i.e. there are more Remembrances than there are Colosseums and each can only be used once per playthrough
  5. I used to work in a factory making PCB's The vent smell is from the material in the PCB when it heats up (usually layers of FR4).
  6. Yes, unless you're doing Ranni's quest
  7. Did you find Fort Gael? One of the best Incantation Buffs is found in that area as well as one of the best Dragon Incantations can be unlocked nearby. And also one of the best Ashes of War!
  8. Noticed this thread was being bumped so eventually so had to have a nosy. Oh fuck yes! 75 minutes of deleted and extended scenes is worth buying this, let alone a 4k version. Polka, polka, polka!
  9. Got me tempted for these now. I have a pair of Sennheiser Momentum 3's and although the sound quality is excellent it's a bit of a faff finding the cable and having to plug them into the controller. Currently have enough rewards points to knock £50 off the price
  10. Not sure if my controller is borked or if it's a bug in the game. About 40% of the time, my backswing totally fails and acts as if I've cancelled the shot. This will happen 3-4 times in a row and when it does eventually work my shot is all over the place. Still, managed to qualify for the PGA rounds and on my first round with my first "rival", Bubba, he finished -1, I finished -17 so GIRUPY
  11. Good to see the Rune farming hasn't been patched out Now to choose a build
  12. Hawklord


    @Indy @ S.E. This guy's vids helped me set up my Magnifica. He's recently done some vids on the Sage https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ8SVN2eg7v82-1qr2eNO6A/videos You can also use this chart to see if there's something you can adjust/tweak to improve the taste to your liking. Although with B2C, your options are limited
  13. Didn't think I'd get the time to watch this tonight but just finished it and
  14. Yeah, Caelid next. You'll need to go there as part of Ranni's quest anyway if you're doing that
  15. Nah was pure cheeze-o-trope. Fitted with the story & visuals. I did appreciate the ostentatiousness as it fitted with the narrative and the era
  16. The musical equivalent of a visual novel I enjoyed it, but I missed one achievement. I didn't enjoy it enough to replay it to get the achievement. Def and one and done but was good as a Sunday afternoon hangover game
  17. Your post reminded me to check this. Now, I'm not the best at keeping up with everything you need to do but I usually do manage the Daily Sets on the Rewards webpage and try to get the stuff that's on the console when I remember. As an active member it's best to get 3 months XBLG for 15k points which converts to 50 days of Ultimate. I last done this 191 days ago and I currently have 62,541 points. So that will get me x4 of 3 months XBLG = 200 days of Ultimate, so yes
  18. Baws, this arrived yesterday and today it's dropped in price. Only £6 but is it worth me getting on to Amazon?
  19. You could be right. I only ended up using Rune Arcs against EB so I died every time lol. Will test out later when I get around to beating Godrick
  20. There are 8 Great Runes. 6 of them can be equipped at a SoG and give an active stat boost when a Rune Arc is consumed that lasts until you either die, teleport or rest. The stat boost depends on which Great Rune is equipped and only 1 of these can be equipped at any time. One Great Rune is unique as it is passive and is the only one that you don't equip. Instead you take a Larval Tear to Rennala and she will allow you to re-spec. This does not work automatically. You have to "spend" the consumable. There is a reason but you'll have to read into the Lore as to why this is The 8th is a multi-player only one that you'll probably never use.
  21. Yeah fortunately Part 1 worked for me so I didn't have to go through all the other shenanigans
  22. Different Runes grant different abilities. Rennala's Rune is permanent and allows you to be "reborn"
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