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  1. Your post reminded me to check this. Now, I'm not the best at keeping up with everything you need to do but I usually do manage the Daily Sets on the Rewards webpage and try to get the stuff that's on the console when I remember. As an active member it's best to get 3 months XBLG for 15k points which converts to 50 days of Ultimate. I last done this 191 days ago and I currently have 62,541 points. So that will get me x4 of 3 months XBLG = 200 days of Ultimate, so yes
  2. Baws, this arrived yesterday and today it's dropped in price. Only £6 but is it worth me getting on to Amazon?
  3. You could be right. I only ended up using Rune Arcs against EB so I died every time lol. Will test out later when I get around to beating Godrick
  4. There are 8 Great Runes. 6 of them can be equipped at a SoG and give an active stat boost when a Rune Arc is consumed that lasts until you either die, teleport or rest. The stat boost depends on which Great Rune is equipped and only 1 of these can be equipped at any time. One Great Rune is unique as it is passive and is the only one that you don't equip. Instead you take a Larval Tear to Rennala and she will allow you to re-spec. This does not work automatically. You have to "spend" the consumable. There is a reason but you'll have to read into the Lore as to why this is The 8th is a multi-player only one that you'll probably never use.
  5. Yeah fortunately Part 1 worked for me so I didn't have to go through all the other shenanigans
  6. Different Runes grant different abilities. Rennala's Rune is permanent and allows you to be "reborn"
  7. Edit: I'll add that I only had to do Part 1, steps 3-10 Got this working. If you installed via Heroic then used the built in Add to Steam within Heroic, then go into Steam in Gaming Mode and remove it. Go back to Desktop and then manually add via the Steam Client Should be /home/deck/Games/Heroic/Gloomhaven/GH.exe Still in Desktop Steam, find the game and use the Gear Icon to use Proton GE 7.29 Return to gaming mode and launch. You should then get a prompt to log in to Epic Games Store.Login as normal and do your 2FA, it should return to the game and finish loading Further instructions here but seems OK apart from very small text in game. No need to re-install, start from Step 3 after removing the game from Gaming Mode. Downside is you lose your icons etc
  8. The armour is Fashion Souls, only a very few items give any kind of stat boost. So just go for either what looks good or whatever may give a specific boost/defence for the area. The weapons OTH, oh yes there's some good ones. YMMV depending on your expectations, and they've mixed up traditional souls upgrade paths (in a good way IMHO) with the Ashes of War being transferable between most weapons.
  9. Will try to do a few screenshots tomorrow. It's a very troll way to play
  10. Nice one I did get to a point in one of my original runs where I needed 200k+ just for one level lol. And that was a run where I didn't farm them! Yeah you can play blind but without a lot of luck you'll probably miss a fuck ton of content. I have limited gaming time as it is so I have no qualms about using a guide if I feel I need one. I've already completed the game 3 times and I think it totals at nearly 400 hours over PS5 and SX. Without a guide and help from the community (including here) I'd still have completed the game (eventually) but it would have been much, much more difficult and could probably finish in under 40 hours due to what I'd have missed and there would also be a high chance that I'd hit a wall and give up. It's also one of the things I love about the series, the optional and sometime very obscure content can be as long as another Developers AAA game. My NG+ on SX was around 28 hours to complete as I was only playing (and rushing through) to get a couple of missed achievements but the main playthroughs on NG on PS5 & SX were both around 160-180 hours as I made sure I done every quest. One of the things I love most about all of the Soulsborne games is the community part. Yeah there's the folk that say Git Gud but those are in the minority. Everyone else loves helping others get the most out of the games.
  11. There's a fair amount of them and a couple are fairly long. There are two others that will affect the ending and Malenia is after the end of Millicent's Quest
  12. There's couple of ways but the guide I followed got me this...
  13. Yeah that's the idea. An example of how I was using it late game. I had Blasphemous Blade as my main weapon and Rivers of Blood as my 2nd weapon with Flame of Frenzy as an Incantation. I'd make sure RoB was active when summoning and as soon Mimic appeared, I'd switch to Blasphemous Blade. Mimic was running around proccing bleed and hitting them with FoF while I was sitting back and hammering them with BB then running in for the critical hit when they had their stance broken. It also pulls the aggro to them as they are constantly attacking so lets you get more hits in before they turn on you (Tiche is very good for that as they are very fast and constantly dodging) You can even equip the Talisman that forces aggro on you (Shabriri's Woe) then quickly un-equip after summoning so only Mimic has it.
  14. 4 hours in and lvl 40. Forgot how much there is to do in the starting area. Anyway Margit down. I'd like to say on first attempt but I rolled off the fucking edge first time lol
  15. Mimic is basically a copy of your character albeit weaker. Same armour, spells, equipment and weapons. Still fairly OP even after the nerf. I've had points in the game where Mimic has done a whole boss (or mini boss) fight on it's own with me just watching
  16. Yeah I did consider it but I've never been a fan of the touchpad and probably wouldn't use the media features
  17. Currently using a wired mouse as I don't want to spend too much in one go and it was lying around unused. But yeah will get a wireless one soon
  18. I'm happy with my Jsaux dock. An extra PSU would be handy but not essential and I have no use of the Display Port. Would have been good if either of them also included an SD Card slot but I bought one of these https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07G5JV2B5 Also looking at getting this https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B013SL1YXO I haven't bought the dock for use with games. I've been enjoying tinkering with the deck as much as playing on it and will be installing Windows hopefully at some point. Good to have a reasonably portable desktop (and handy for when you need to do stuff in Desktop mode)
  19. I've triple dipped on this now so I can play on my Steam Deck lol Decided to do something different and followed one of the many YT vids that get you OP early as I couldn't be arsed with the grind. So, now I'm an Astrologer with the Sword of Night & Flame. I did have that in a previous run but I didn't have the stats for it and by the time I did, I already had Blasphemous Blade! Will be interesting to see how it performs as it's been nerfed since I last tried it. Should still be OP for a good bit of the game hopefully
  20. Yeah, that's my go to music trivia item lol
  21. Only one I see on Amazon is this one? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0B9RBLBQS/
  22. Anyone got the JSAUX Dock? Would you recommend it? It's my birthday so I want to treat myself I currently have this one but it's a bit awkward to use as it hangs off the top/back of the Deck https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B09F9NXVHC
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