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  1. 5 hours ago, Gotters said:

    interesting page on Steam showing this years most played on Deck, shows the legs some games have with things like Binding of Isaac (which I've never got the appeal of) still placing so highly.



    I'm at almost 1000 hours of Binding of Isaac lol




    Only the Souls games come close and only if I count the play time of all of them over all platforms!

  2. Managed to get Death Stranding from Epic running via Heroic. Had to update Proton to 7.43 (I think, will check if anyone wants to know). Set it to 40fps and runs perfectly. Then I remembered it's not the Director's Cut (got that on PS5) and I couldn't face those opening hours again so I've uninstalled lol


    I think this is my Steam ID? 3654179 (Stormbringer)


    Profile is in my sig as well


    And there's also the RLLMUK Group





  3. 2 hours ago, memories said:

    I second this, absolutely fantastic.


    I did find some more locally, a few weeks back I nipped into a small Scotmid shop beside my work for some lunch and headed round to the crisps section to find a shelf of giant 180g bags for £2.50 each, absolute bargain compared to the sweet import shop in Aberdeen.


    I now currently have 4 giant bags of them in the house for over Xmas.


    Seems like they might now have a UK distribution deal, the packaging is different from the import versions and sounds like folk are able to source them a bit easier now.

    Nice one. There's a Scotmid round the corner from my mum's, will have to check :) 

  4. Finally got a chance yesterday to visit the roastery that opened nearby last year. Turns out they are actually closed on a Friday as it's roasting day and they forgot to put the shutters down! The owner was happy to sell me a few bags of beans though and chat away while he was working his "magic" with the roaster. Sneaked a photo of the roaster (I probably could have got a better one if I'd just asked lol). This was the final batch of his Xmas "special", a whisky infused Guatemalan.






    Didn't buy any as it still had to rest but smelled amazing. Roaster was plugged into a laptop showing various settings & timings. At one point he looked at the screen and said you'll hear the first crack any second and sure enough it started to sound like popcorn. Glad I can support a local business and get good coffee at the same time



  5. Played an hour or so. I can't handle the 30fps in RT mode on the SX, seems kind of stuttery. 60fps Performance Mode looks visually identical to my old eyes (and my new telly*) so I'll be using that and it's very smooth




    Did I mention my new telly 😛 


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