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  1. 2 hours ago, memories said:

    I second this, absolutely fantastic.


    I did find some more locally, a few weeks back I nipped into a small Scotmid shop beside my work for some lunch and headed round to the crisps section to find a shelf of giant 180g bags for £2.50 each, absolute bargain compared to the sweet import shop in Aberdeen.


    I now currently have 4 giant bags of them in the house for over Xmas.


    Seems like they might now have a UK distribution deal, the packaging is different from the import versions and sounds like folk are able to source them a bit easier now.

    Nice one. There's a Scotmid round the corner from my mum's, will have to check :) 

  2. Finally got a chance yesterday to visit the roastery that opened nearby last year. Turns out they are actually closed on a Friday as it's roasting day and they forgot to put the shutters down! The owner was happy to sell me a few bags of beans though and chat away while he was working his "magic" with the roaster. Sneaked a photo of the roaster (I probably could have got a better one if I'd just asked lol). This was the final batch of his Xmas "special", a whisky infused Guatemalan.






    Didn't buy any as it still had to rest but smelled amazing. Roaster was plugged into a laptop showing various settings & timings. At one point he looked at the screen and said you'll hear the first crack any second and sure enough it started to sound like popcorn. Glad I can support a local business and get good coffee at the same time



  3. Played an hour or so. I can't handle the 30fps in RT mode on the SX, seems kind of stuttery. 60fps Performance Mode looks visually identical to my old eyes (and my new telly*) so I'll be using that and it's very smooth




    Did I mention my new telly 😛 


  4. 6 minutes ago, Alan Stock said:

    I got a Gamepass Ultimate trial with my new laptop. My old laptop wasn't very good and I don't have an Xbox. I have been loving it! I hadn't even thought about Gamepass for PC until a friend reminded me it existed (I'd really just been associating Gamepass with Xbox).


    I immediately added about 15 games to my 'to play' list and installed about 5, including epics like Valheim and Grounded. I get to try Gears Tactics for basically free, I was able to try out Pentiment, and I played hours of Power Wash Simulator which I normally wouldn't bother paying for. The games on my list will keep me going for months so even when I keep up my subscription it will be more than paying for itself even at its fairly high cost of 11 quid a month. When it reaches a point where I've exhausted the games on my list I can just cancel.


    Its funny because I had kind of dismissed GamePass as having a lot of 8/10 games without too many big hitters. But the PC line-up is surprisingly good, with a nice mix of AAA, Xbox exclusives and top grade Indie titles. It is pricey as a sub service but if there are enough games on the list you want to play it seems worth it. I'm curious what other people's thoughts on Ultimate are who have just been using it for PC games. Do they add enough new titles to make it worth it in the long run? Do they add older games to the catalogue, is there a decent cycle rate on it? I'll definitely sub for at least a few months whilst I get through the must-haves.

    Gamepass for PC can be subbed to separately at £7.99/month or you can wait for the trial to expire and load up using the instructions on Page 1 to keep Ultimate

  5. 55 minutes ago, rgraves said:


    Ta - does it just automatically convert or do I have to do something special to force it? I don't need to let my existing sub run out or anything like that right?

    Shouldn't need to do anything. It will automatically convert if you have an existing Ultimate sub.


    You will get more if you allow your sub to expire though ie the 3 months will convert 1:1. Instructions for that are in the Game Pass thread, 1st post

  6. 7 minutes ago, rgraves said:


    What's the current most efficient way to add more months using points for an existing subscriber? I have a year left, but it feels like now is the time to add another to that before the prices goes north.....

    Buy 3 months of XBLG for 15k points. It varies but each of these equates to between 50-52 days of Ultimate (x7 of these is approx 1 year for 105,000 points)


    If you buy GPU with points you would need 140,000 (4 x 3 months @ 35,000)

  7. 1 hour ago, Gotters said:

    PSA from over in the emulation thread, the Steam version of Just Cause 2 (one of the greatest open world sandbox games which is far superior to it's sequels) is on sale for 99p, but shows as Deck unsupported.


    A quick hop to desktop mode to install the experimental Proton GE (piece of piss, 2 min job), which you then assign to JC2 and do an initial boot in desktop mode. After that you'll have a game that works perfectly in the normal Steam OS game environment and which you can max all the graphical settings on and it still runs at 60fps. 


    It remains a brilliant game and is a bit of a marvel on a handheld, time to relieve the glory of Panau and the legendary Bolo Santosi. 

    I went to buy this and it's already in my library :facepalm:

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