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  1. Yeah, that's my go to music trivia item lol
  2. Only one I see on Amazon is this one? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0B9RBLBQS/
  3. Anyone got the JSAUX Dock? Would you recommend it? It's my birthday so I want to treat myself I currently have this one but it's a bit awkward to use as it hangs off the top/back of the Deck https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B09F9NXVHC
  4. Yeah, Deek and Boozer definitely grow as characters through the game. Glad more folk are enjoying this. I dismissed it as yet another open world zombie game until I played it. I might have to give the game a re-visit to finish off the hoards and infestations
  5. Hawklord

    The Mars Volta

    Still not listened to the album (due to family emergency stuff) but this popped up on my FB memories. Went to see the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group 10 years ago today in a tiny club in Glasgow (Stereo, holds about 300). Turned out it wasn't ORLG, it was Bosnian Rainbows! Apologies for the potato cam (and I was right at the back!) One of the best gigs I've ever been to. Very rare that I leave a gig actually buzzing Setlist
  6. I made a decision not to go this time. £126 for a ticket with a decent view is more than I'm willing to pay. I don't doubt that it will be a good show (saw him on the In The Flesh Tour, twice on The Wall Tour and on the Us + Them Tour) but I want to get baked and watch a show, not listen to his political ranting and pay through the nose for the privilege
  7. Hawklord

    The Mars Volta

    Not had a chance yet, hopefully give it a listen at the weekend...but I was underwhelmed by the single
  8. I'll be a while as I'm going on holiday in a few weeks so don't want to chance breaking anything before then lol. But yeah I will be trying soon
  9. For those wanting to try dual booting there's a handy guide here Includes installing a custom bootloader so you can switch between installs without manually going into the boot menu using the power+ vol down buttons I'll be giving it a go at some point but need to clear some space
  10. I don't think you're doing it wrong. Most of my kills in the campaign were either by a stealthly knife to the throat or by machine gun as I was running away after being spotted. Running at an enemy as they spot you and knifing them before they can fire a shot works well The AI is also so dumb that if you can see the enemies from far off, you can spend time sniping away at them until they are all dead before you even get to the area
  11. Yeah, there's only a handful of spawn points for the invader so as soon as your "radar" shows which direction they are relative to you, you can usually race down and take them by surprise. If you invade me however, as I said a few posts back, I'm a total troll on this level due to how I've got things set up Also agree about being able to choose which map you invade, I hate Rubble and Ruin lol
  12. Enjoying this but it's getting out of hand lol
  13. Motorhead by Motorhead is a cover of Motorhead by Hawkwind Although, to be fair, it was written by Lemmy when he was in Hawkwind
  14. I've became an invasion troll lol.
  15. Find the workbenches so you can install various suppressors and use subsonic ammo. Creep about and headshot nazi's with your silenced pistol
  16. Already got Plat on PS5 but I hit a wall with Radagon/EB on NG+ on the SX. After taking a break for a few months I went for it this afternoon
  17. Enjoyed that more than I thought I would. Glad it was a lightweight, ffwd, no angst, origin story. Now looking forward to the rest
  18. Regarding that "outro"...I watched the High Seas version which started with that but the shot ended differently
  19. Hawklord


    Gotcha, let me know if they sort it out
  20. Hawklord


    Strange, copied direct from the rewards page. I can try the email version if you like?
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