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  1. I LOL'd. Episode 3 with the Mexican Wrestlers was hilarious!
  2. Asda are doing a special on Badger Ales at the moment. 2 x 4 pack for £9. Contains 4 different beers including Tanglefoot & Champion. Good value and good beer!
  3. I'll add my tuppence. Normally I wouldn't have watched this type of series but as I'm a huge fan of The Wire I had to. And I wasn't disappointed. Nice slow tension building ep. Can't wait till next one
  4. Ta. Didn't spot that thread earlier Yep. I was pissed off when the ep finished. Need more now!
  5. Anyone watched Generation Kill yet? Caught the 1st ep last night. Seems to have the slow build up that might just be another superb series.
  6. I'll throw in my tuppence of........ Blue Cheer - Vincebus Eruptum and Orange Sunshine - Love=Acid, Space=Hell Both fairly old but possibly the original stoner rock bands
  7. Hawklord


    Sweet! Last time I saw them they were supporting Ozric Tentacles @ The Tunnel!
  8. Be careful that BigLime doesn't get all WiiFit on you!
  9. You ain't seen nothing yet Wait until the Armenian mob gets involved lol
  10. I haven't seen part 2 yet and it's been quite a few years since I read CoM but I thoroughly enjoyed it so far
  11. Now that's how you tie up a series. Great end to a great show. I'm sad it's gone but happy that I watched
  12. If Life on Mars was The Sweeny then Ashes to Ashes is The Professionals I think they've done well with this. Ah shadupa ya face lol
  13. I screwed up I watched S5 1 & 2 and I had 5, 6 & 7. Finally I got eps 3 & 4 at the weekend and spent Sunday watching them all. Ep5 confused the shit out of me, until I got to episode 7 and realised the ep 5 I watched was a misnamed ep 7. [clay]shiiiiiiiiiiiit[/clay] Ah well, it gave me an excuse to watch them again in the right order lol
  14. Must. Not. Watch. Must. Not. Watch. Damn, I'm trying to wait until all eps of S5 are available but I'm struglling
  15. McNulty, WTF are you up to? LOL and I knew I should have waited until I had all 10 before watching
  16. Hawklord

    Iron Maiden

    NWOBHMFTW! I think the first 2 Maiden albums are under rated. They have a sound that is much more raw than the rest. But I don't think they would be where they are today if Bruce hadn't joined. Live After Death is still one of the best live albums/videos ever Just my 2p
  17. Cheddar cheese, strawberry jam, salad cream and maple syrup sandwich
  18. Some more previews of S5 and some "prequels" http://www.tvsquad.com/2007/12/05/the-wire...requels-videos/
  19. Series 5 will premier on Dec 31st http://www.tvsquad.com/2007/11/27/hbo-to-a...nd-first-again/
  20. Harry Hill's voice overs make that show
  21. Since I was with him.....wot he said Did actually duck a few times during the movie lol Now my missus has thrown me out the bedroom cause I wont shut up about it
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