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  1. Ended up going back to this and despite what the game says, I still got the stealth takedown challenge. I then went on and finished the game. I enjoyed it but nowhere near as much as I enjoyed SE4
  2. The last out of left field recommendation that I watched was Mr Inbetween and that turned out to be excellent. Watched this over the last 2 nights and yup, another excellent series that was nowhere on my radar
  3. I done this around 20 years ago with audio. All CD's got ripped and put into storage. These MP3's & FLAC's have now been replaced by streaming. I was predominately a PC Gamer although due to GPU prices I'm now a console gamer Last PC game that I bought physically...? I still buy physical on console but only so I can sell them on. But I'm also a lazy bastard and they usually end up sitting on my shelf gathering dust. I'm more likely to buy digital but also happy to wait for a sale and play games a few years later at a huge discount. There have been a few exceptions eg Returnal I picked up digitally for £50 at launch and Elden Ring digitally for about £35. Thanks to Game Pass and to a lesser extent whatever PS+ has become, I'm more than happy. It also means it's a fixed cost over the year. So yeah, digital is the way forward but only if they sort out the ridiculous prices
  4. North of where Margit warped in. There's a path that takes you up to a graveyard with a SoG & a Merchant. Further North of here there's some trolls. Beyond here is where you want (on the upper level not down at the moat). There's also an Erdtree
  5. Just worked for me a few minutes ago
  6. You get it from a sort of hidden optional side quest area
  7. I don't mind Joe Lycett but he's not a patch on Richard Ayoade (Adam Buxton passed me by so I don't "get" his popularity)
  8. Have you tried clearing some space?
  9. Watched this when it was on C4. Some hits, and some misses but enjoyed most of it. Richard Ayoade has now left the show and been replaced by Joe Lycett
  10. I'll hopefully get a good listen to it tomorrow as my other half will be out for the day
  11. Do you know if the disc version save of Death Stranding is compatible? I don't fancy having to replay even the few hours I've already done.
  12. Are you on XSX? If so it's probably caused by Quick Resume. Fully quitting the game then restarting restored access when it happened to me. Same thing happened in Valhalla
  13. Are wallet top-ups from CD-Keys the cheapest way to sign up? 1 Year of Extra is £83.99 and I can pick up £85 of top-ups for £74.78
  14. Yes, was implied though Victor is 100% dead
  15. Hawklord

    The Mars Volta

    Hmmmm. Very Latin. Could do without the 7 minutes of drums
  16. Hawklord

    The Mars Volta

    Somethings rumbling 🤔
  17. He's the Faith Incantation merchant that you initially meet in Roundtable Hold. He then moves to various locations trying to track down Goldmask. The statue is pretty much the end of his quest
  18. This DLC ties Odyssey to Valhalla. It's short but decent
  19. Installed Heroic Launcher which turned out to be very straightforward. But, the 2 games I wanted to play aren't showing up in my library! Anno 1800 & Disco Elysium. Anyone got a clue as to why? They both show in my PC version 😕
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