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  1. Well as I kind of said earlier the fact is freestyled battles aren't popular. That may change but Don't Flop have tried doing freestyle battles both with and without beats (tournament format so you have to battle lots of people on one day). Any company that relied exclusively on them is now bankrupt: Scribblejam, Jump Off etc. Most battlers use it as a way of promoting their music so they're chasing numbers. Like the guy I was battling had a new mixtape out he was selling at this event. To be honest I think freestyle is best when it's a purely live component. It's meant to be in the moment and then gone. One of my friends can freestyle really heavy multisyllabic stuff all day. Seen him rap his way through the whole of 36 Chambers from start to finish, and then start it over again without stopping. Did a battle and choked the whole way through. If your put on a stage with 300 people and it's being recorded for thousands more to watch on Youtube most people can't freestyle. I did a Where's Wally? rebuttal but 99% of the time writtens > freestyles. You watch the best US competitors and they don't freestyle much of it either because if you do, you will lose. Freestyle battles get really repetitive as well. Freestyling coherently = hard. Freestyling insults coherently = really hard. Freestyling creative insults = really hard and very rare. Like if you're watching a freestyle battle at the top level you can expect a few excellent lines, a couple of rebuttals and 3 minutes of stuff that could apply to anyone. That's if they're awesome. I find that interesting to watch because I know how difficult it is but casual observers want punchline, punchline, punchline. Yeah a good DJ should be able to get the beats at the right level and stuff but I've been to a couple of the Don't Flop events and I couldn't hear shit. I've been to tons of rap gigs in general where I couldn't make out lyrics. Live rap is difficult to mix. Dynamic microphones carry melody well but they tend to be a bit indistinct. My favorite rappers to see live are always the ones with interesting flows, cadences and musicality because lyrics rarely have the clarity they have on a record. More skillful rappers than myself can showcase a range of flows and schemes without having a beat and pull it off in the accappella format. But like anything if it's not done well then it's not very convincing.
  2. I was sleeping on Danny Browns album for a long time as well. He's not the kind of rapper I'd be into normally (bit shouty) but when you get used to the hyperactivity he's class. Pretty sure Danny Brown has done a lot of tracks over Black Milk beats on his Detroit State Of Mind mixtapes. He released 4 of them before The Hybrid.
  3. It's all about Odd Future right now. Wrote an article about them for a music website earlier this week. http://www.drop-d.ie/this-month-in-hip-hop-march/13663 My other favorite at the moment is Danny Brown. He can do really hyped up stuff, as well as downbeat storytelling ish. His beats are always amazing. He's going doing a project with Lil B and Tony Yayo that I can't wait for. Lil B is king of really sloppy, off beat nonsense that drives hip hop purists crazy but I like his whole punk attitude. He calls himself princess and faggot just cos he knows it annoys the traditionally homophobic real rappers. Great beat choices most of the time as well.
  4. Pardon if this description is a bit long. The reason the battles have evolved into this kind of format is because the traditionally freestyled battles over beats were full of prewrittens as well, just some people were better at disguising them. Like one of the most popular freestyle battlers was an Asian guy called Jin and he'd just have a thousand Asian rebuttals written into his rounds. He tried doing written battles afterwards and got completely exposed by Iron Soloman who made a point at the start of mentioning he's not going to spit any Asian jokes. There are still some freestyle battles over beats in the UK, US and Canada every now and then but they generally get shit views on Youtube compared to the accapella battles. And half the time when people are rapping live on a microphone over beats the lyrics can be hard to make out so the accapella battles tend to work better live as well (this venue was an exception, usually have a small setup) You started rapping because you listen to Eminem seems to be a common theme everywhere I go. i absolute hate Eminem. His new stuff is horrendous. I got into listening to it when i was 12 through Sir Mix A Lot, Vanilla Ice and pop stuff, moved onto Cypress Hill and the usual stuff. Reason I started writing raps was listening to other Irish guys doing it. I made music before I started doing this battling stuff, and still do (www.soundcloud.com/shapeyfiend). It's not necessarily that good yet but then nobody ever told anybody to stop practicing the guitar because they weren't able to play like Eddie Van Halen. The reason battling came about to a large extent is because it's more popular than music. You can get 10 times as many people to watch a youtube video of a battle than will listen to a track you stick up there (there are exceptions of course, but 99% are doomed to obscurity). I've been going to Irish hip hop gigs for years and few of them had more than 40 people at them. 300 people are turning up to the rap battles, and buying lots of CD's. People who don't listen to hip hop but enjoy a slagging match seem to enjoy them. If you were aiming at hip hop purists you wouldn't have anyone at gigs and you'd never sell a CD. I've heard arguments against this but trust me I've been at more rap gigs than I can count. Certainly in this country you're up against it. Battling thing is starting to get pretty saturated, and I'm not the best at it by any means. But it's a bit of a laugh and I try and avoid calling the guy gay for 3 rounds and be a bit more creative.
  5. ..at least I can see the purists getting a bit pissed off. No beats, but that's the format I've been given to work with. Started doing these lately. Only my 3rd so I've a bit of practice to do but I'm starting to get there. Criticism welcomed, and expected more often than not! (Shapey Fiend is me)
  6. I just brought it up because people suggested I was an idiot for buying a XPS laptop because they cost so much. It retailed for 3,000 euro. I got it for 900. Hence it was sort of worth it, because an equivalent desktop at the time would have cost in the same ballpark. As would have a 360, Wifi dongle, Live Subscription for a couple of years and a HD Telly. The guy opens it up, takes all the serial numbers off and reformats it so you can't trace it back. Plus, you don't get all the preinstalled horseshit that comes with normal Dells. Of course you run the risk of exploding batteries but It's been going 12 months and hasn't burned down the house, yet.
  7. Infinite lives: pretty much every game made in the last 5 years. Because there's no really meaningful way to die that sets you back, the developer has to make 10 times more content so you don't finish it in an hour. Thus most of the game is dull repetitive shit because they have to make so fucking much of it, instead of making a small bit that's well tuned, designed and can be replayed many times and not get old. Of course most people nowadays don't want their films, books or television to challenge them either so it's no surprise they find any challenge in games deeply offensive. You're all special people. You're all winners.
  8. Yes. I'm typing from a satelite broadband connection aboard my pirate ship in international waters however so Michael Dell will never catch me.
  9. I don't think every mode in CoD4 was good. I only liked the bomb diffusal ones. Most of the other ones like Deathmatch were very mindless. The one thing I'd really like to see in most multiplayer PC FPS games is hardcoded player limits (pretty much the only one I know is Quake Wars). Maps are balanced for a particular number of players. If things get too crowded then it just turns into spawn, die, spawn, die, spawn, die. This doesn't effect games/modes with rounds that badly (although it still fucks up the balance) but it monumentally fucks anything up with continual spawning. People who setup servers always max out the potential number of players. They'd put 64 on every map if it didn't lag.
  10. Great to hear the drivers will be out next year. I don't care if I have to turn the settings to minimum, and it runs like a dog so long as it sort of runs. I played through Supreme Commander singleplayer on a 2ghz single core and 512mb ram (before I got this computer) and it looked horrible but I was able to play it at least. I wasn't saying I was a saint for buying a (factory) stolen laptop. But considering how much of a non-issue most people think stealing software is it is a bit rich to direct so much hostility at me. But then that's Rllmuk users for you. Alot of people think having the moral high ground entitles them to be cocks. Anyway, in my case we're talking receiving stolen goods, not theft. And downloading pirated software (despite the propaganda from the games publishers) is copyright enfringement, not theft because it doesn't deprive someone else of use of the software. Unless you own Dell shares, or you just got laid off from Dell and will be eating Tesco brand beans for your Christmas dinner, get over yourselves.
  11. They're not stolen out of peoples houses. They were nicked out of the factory. Half the people I know in college have one. Yeesh, people are very combatative on here. It's not like I never bought something legitimately in my life, I've had 3 of 4 dells already, and a few self built pc's, I just happen to have bought one thing that was robbed because it came up. I don't torrent my games off piratebay, like the vast majority of PC gamers. Thanks for any advice on the drivers.
  12. They don't manufacture Xboxes in Limerick, they do make Dells. Thus it's easier get stolen Dells. Hmm.. I have a desktop (not stolen) that's up to scratch (2.2 ghz dual core, 2 gig ram). Just needs a graphics card. Anybody got any recommendations for a cheap one? I'd love to buy an Xbox but I don't have 120 sterling, and my TV is a CRT so you'd have to factor in the cost of a new telly.
  13. My favourite genres are FPS and RTS. Both are shit on joypads. My main rationale for buying a new PC was playing Supreme Commander. I played (and still play) Total Annihilation obsessively online. Plus, Xbox doesn't have mods. All the most interesting FPS games are mods.
  14. I know a person who sells stolen laptops. I would have never in a million years considered paying full whack for one, as they're ridiculously bad value. I did however assume it would be able to play games released 12 months after I bought it, on low settings.
  15. Yes, Nvidia have told the manufacturers that they are the ones have to make the drivers for laptops. Which is ridiculous because they're never going to bother updating them. So in the case of the machine I have, a M1710 it's up the Dell/Alienware. I THINK Alienware may have released some upgraded drivers for my system, but it wasn't any time recently so they're not going to work. Nvidia have released fixed drivers specifically for GTAIV, but they're only for desktop cards. If you bought a 3 grand gaming laptop last month you still wouldn't be able to get the game to work. Because Nvidia are cunts.
  16. Topic title edited. I've got 4 gigs of ram, and 2ghz dual core. The graphics card should suffice. My comp can run Crysis and Supreme Commander on max detail a respectable framerate. Because NVidia won't provide drivers (other than the ones that came with the card) I can't even boot the game, nevermind play it at 10 fps.
  17. My laptops got a Geforce Go 7950 GTX card, which is pretty solid for a laptop but apparently Nvidia don't bother to provide any driver upgrades for non-desktop graphics cards. So I've got a computer that exceeds the minimum specs for GTA IV, and actually meets the recommended specs but I can't upgrade the drivers so I'm fucked. There's some sort of pre hacked third party drivers that are supposed to work, but don't work. I can supposedly download a load of hacked files, and go through a massively complicated 20 step process of replacing files that MIGHT make the desktop drivers work on my laptop, but after and hour and a half of stupid anti-piracy activation and registration for GTA, and 3 hours of faffing about looking through forums trying to find drivers that work.. I really don't give a fuck anymore. Of course Gamestop say I can't return a PC game. I'm fucking returning this one though. Last year I had to reinstall Bioshock 3 times and SecuROM still wouldn't let me play the game. I had to wait a month and a half for them to patch it out before the fucker would run at more than 5 frames per second. I've been a PC gamer for 15 years and typical amounts of faffing about don't bother me, but the sort of shit I've gone through with games in the past 2 years mean I'll never buy a gaming PC ever again. There's waaaay too much horseshit involved.
  18. I tend to subscribe to Ron Gilberts criticism that most games just have plots, and little or no story. I'd say the best way for most games to tell stories is through gameplay and environment rather than dialogue. Ico absolutely blew me away because you build a relationship with the characters through the game mechanics and music. It doesn't really need any elaborate enemies or bosses because the castle has so much character and that's really what you're up against.
  19. One thing that positively baffles me is the amount of reviewers that complain that games are too short. You'd think they'd be trying to encourage this sort of thing. It can't be fun to having to play so many average games. You'd think they'd be absolutely delighted every time they encounter an arcadey one.
  20. Rats, I was going to make a post about Ubisoft now but I see I've been beaten to it. Met a French fella there a couple of days ago who's a sound engineer for the company. He's working on Ravin Rabbids which is going to be a Wii Balance Board game. I was asking him what Ancel was doing and he said a new adventure game. Wouldn't tell me if it was BG&E though.
  21. Reminds me of those people who do covers of popular songs in Mario Paint. http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=EDWSeFvIP5s (Megaman 2 Dr. Wileys Stage) http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=vTMp8iepyb0 (Take On Me by A-Ha ) http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=0Lo6uXwi4M0 (Still Alive from Portal)
  22. Oh how I deeply hate hidden unlockables, achievements and collectables. Work of the devil. I think too few games let you go back and play the good parts as well. With Halo you can go back and play the better chapters again, avoiding the likes of the Library. You could do this in Goldeneye as well. I really can't understand why so many games only let you continue from the last point you saved. If you want to replay certain parts of the game you have to start all over again. You look at most online RTS games; they are also tuned to have matches of about 30 minutes to an hour long. That's as long as people can handle competitive play without getting tired and irritated. Anything longer and people just quit.
  23. As I see it MMOGs are going to have to get away from RPG gameplay. A singleplayer RPG is all about you being the most important thing. The chap with memory loss who's really the long lost prince of whatever and has the potential to change everything. Most MMORPGs are trying to trick you into feeling like the worlds revolving around you, when you're really just one of millions of pundits. That's why the more successful ones like WoW can be largely played like a singleplayer game.
  24. Well my point is why does completing something have to be a negative? Why can't it be short and replayable like a music CD. If you don't want to start over and play it again then maybe the gameplay isn't very good, well paced or varied and you've just been hoodwinked with fancy windowdressing.
  25. I have a suspicion the the numbers Linden Labs are claiming to have playing Second Life are vastly inflated. The majority of these new MMOGs are not doing very well. World of Warcraft still has the lions share of users. I think the main reason we're seeing so many new games is because of the ridiculous amount of money you're able to make if you have a huge hit like WoW. But there are only going to be one or two of those every 5 years so it's a very high risk business.
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