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  1. Fuck Ellie, Abby had a sense of redemption #teamabby
  2. I’m wearing his t shirt now. Hope he’s not a rapist.
  3. There’s a funny whiteboard discussing a campaign using cats in that office that made me laugh.
  4. yeah, I liked Owen too. I think Ellie being pissed at her special purpose Of saving humanity being denied is just a retro fit story plot in this second game isn’t it? I found that jarring throughout, especially as Joel was painted in such a likeable and stoic light throughout.
  5. I’ve only played the first game once to completion, but I didn’t see Joel’s act as selfish or horrible, he was just protecting someone when he had lost a daughter. Did they both know that the procedure would kill Ellie or have her skull sawed when they went in the hospital? I can’t remember her having the welfare of mankind as her driving force either, but maybe I’m remembering it wrong. Thing is with the cure they’d still have to eradicate/kill all the infected anyway as you aren’t going to be cured with a head like a cauliflower It was a very bold move to have Abby established with that brutal act and then let the narrative earn the trust of the player. I wonder what the interim years between catching up with Joel and the death of her father had molded her into being so jacked and so vicious at that moment.
  6. I never understood Ellie’s anger at Joel, it just didn’t ring true or have enough weight that you would be so pissed at someone that they loved you enough to save you from death having your skull opened up. It just felt contrived to me. I surprised myself by liking Abby more than Ellie by the end of the game as her arc was more rounded than than Ellie’s which felt artificially stretched.
  7. Just finished and it was just fantastic. Was even a bit of dust in my eye at the end. Masterful game. When I started it, I couldn’t wait to finish it, the the end, I did t want it to stop. So many moments of beauty and spectacle.
  8. Was up to 1.30 last night, just keeps getting better and better. The story beats felt deserved and earned. Not finished yet
  9. Well I really disliked the first few hours of this in regard to the slow pace and the feeling of being led by the nose, but the second full day RL Of play has turned it around for me. It has been superb. You are right @Talk Show Host , they are winning me around with the narrative. There’s been some stunning locations and fights .
  10. It’s not split into days. If you are that sensitive just don’t read spoilers.
  11. I think I’m into the second half.
  12. Played for a few hours and although it’s a absolute technical beauty, it’s bored me to switch it off. Feels very slow & dated gameplay wise.
  13. Build it and they will come. It’s on!
  14. Agree totally @pinholestar the scavenging and survival are really good in this. Hope for the sequel But even so it’s a world that I know I’ll dip back into as it’s so well realised.
  15. Well the series X design is still going to look good in five years; the PS5 doesn’t even look good and it’s not even out yet.
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