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  1. Are you going to publish the lot when done. Looks amazing
  2. I had to visit the church if vows as I think I completed the next part without triggering the dialogue and it was then kaput. I really think they should add a quest menu with at least a list of NPC’s that develops with key dialogue. Nothing too hand holdy though ie go there, do that etc. The game; now open world, is so huge that you cannot follow ‘a quest’ from a character you met 4 days ago who gave out an obscure dialogue line you can’t track except by resorting to Google,
  3. I did it! 25 attempts but final boss is done. Over 200 hours played Still finding new stuff. Amazing game.
  4. I’m now going back in helping my mate with some jolly coop, he’s a mere 50% in and his first souls game. It’s now his GOTY after getting over the hurdle of the first few days. and also some advice on fine cheese Bub bye Juno Hounslow. Also love the screen share on PS5. I’m mostly an Xbox player but the social stuff on PS is great now.
  5. I’m level 157 and don’t want it to end. Stuff in the Was still kicking my arse till I got the veterans armour couple with my blasphemous blade. Went down easy to me and my mimic. Going back to clear the sewers; lost 170,000 runes there
  6. It was too try hard odd for me with characters just speaking unreal dialogue just out of nowhere. Binned it in a hole.
  7. I found that area the hardest one to keep a mental map of.
  8. My OCD is I kicking in, I’m currently in Altus but I’m sure I passed on an early dungeon soldier Ish enemy and didn’t put a marker down - all I remember was a brown cave maybe in Limgrave and he just races/scuttles at you really fast. Not the ball and chain guy. Any have any memory re ideas / location ?
  9. macosx

    Foo Fighters

    Couldn’t believe the news. The friendship and laughter was obvious in that band who were at the top of their game. Shocked.
  10. Never heard the phrase. I’m just glad George Lucas has kept his trap shut and Tolkien is dead.
  11. Not even played it and got that platinum email. I did it in 1.21.
  12. thanks. Yes, love the movies and the theme park despite JK Rowling.
  13. Looks really a detailed recreation of the HP word, I’m in.
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