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  1. Thanks, I did wonder if they were more of a 'tasting' glass rather than a 'drinking' one. Can't be doing with the full bottle/ can not fitting in
  2. Not as daft as some of the nonsense in your post Since when does any game sell the same numbers each week over a year, even "long fat tail" stuff like some of the nintendo franchises are heavily front loaded around the launch period. Such titles are massively an exception too. The attach rates of games also differs as the generation progresses. Early on when there is a smaller, more dedicated install base the typical attach rates are a lot higher than late into the generation Ask 4 questions: Is it shit - No Is it poorly reviewed - No Is it
  3. How are the teku glasses out of interest, was looking at them last week and wondering if they are any good. I have some Spiegelau ones currently
  4. Using the Story Point functionality to reset and run through sections again is a good way to build up your WT, it can get a bit boring though. I was using First City as there are no hard bosses. The "cross the river" section is particularly good/ easy for it but obviously gets even more tedious if just replaying a single section over and over.
  5. The game does get better once you are a little further advanced than that point There is no jump which is something that bugs me in a lot of 1st and 3rd person games. You can mantle over low cover, with B IIRC
  6. So not at £70 then, thanks for confirming that! This is just a load of shit and at most applies to 1 or 2 people in this thread I don't have a PS5 (or a Series X ), but have all the previous PlayStations including VR and the portables. I'll get a PS5 when it has 2 or 3 exclusives that I'm really interested in, the next Horizon game is probably the first that falls into that category. If they are £70 then that interest has just gone down.
  7. I'd say that the people most actively promoting Returnal's demise are Sony by sacrificing it to their pricing experiment! It's Sony's attempt to make £70 the new RRP that I want to fail. Returnal is unfortunately collateral damage.
  8. Games have secondary routes too. Platinum/ Best Of re-release, appearing on gamepass/ PSN+ I really hope the market does not bear £70 and Sony's experiment to raise the base price fails bigtime. This price has nothing to do with next gen games being "more premium", they aren't, that is just mental gymnastics to justify being charged more for the same. As some here understand, items are typically priced primarily at the level the market will bear and psychological price points such as £9.99, £199.99 etc are important too. I'm not buying a game at £70 and
  9. After the internal dev studio shutting down and its head Jade Raymond leaving a couple of months ago there is now another senior departure from the Google Stadia team: https://www.engadget.com/stadia-product-head-john-justice-leaves-google-121048599.html?guccounter=1
  10. My Tom Nook has arrived, some of the sound effects in the "5 in 1" are really cool, it has a proper nook talk one which is especially good (I am way too old to be buying myself stuff from build-a-bear though )
  11. Sales taxes in the US are a mix of state and local/ city taxes with no federal sales tax. Most states have both state and local ones, a handful have neither and some have just one out of state and local. They max out at just over 10% and are not included in the 'sticker price'
  12. Can't wait to be battling hordes of giant ants, spiders, robots and single figure framerates
  13. Only one that I still need is the Great Statue
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