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  1. I got the gift from mom on my second character yesterday and on my main character today. Have had them appear on different days in the past too.
  2. I tried 3 warp pipes this morning hoping it would move me in an A - B - C - A triangle but it doesn't do that.
  3. I have major shooting stars so have opened up for the evening. Celeste is in her usual spot in the far north of the island on the raised section with money trees, ladder is available in the area. I'll be around some of the time but also cooking and doing other bits Help yourself to anything in Nooks and the recipe cards on the beach, you are also welcome to a gold coin, if you dare!!
  4. Yes, you can't request models for the sea creatures
  5. You could almost say that the work done pre-Harrison i.e. the tech all works and the work done by Harrison i.e. the business model, the rollout, the external and internal development/ publishing engagement has all not worked!
  6. Thanks @Tet for the 'tash, goes well with my lockdown fleece PJs look:
  7. Sorry for the delay, both paintings now sent As usual nobody wants the Sinking Painting
  8. In December I stopped playing the game due to being blocked by 2 main quest bugs that completely prevented me from progressing the story, I had more than had my fill of doing side missions, raids, exploration etc. One of those bugs had first been notified to them 1 day after release (11 Nov), the other was long known too; it wasn't until the 16 Feb patch that I could progress the game again. Look at their support pages and there are/ were similarly major bugs in many other main quests too. I'm not giving ubi my money again, if they release a game and I really want it then I will
  9. Poor Snowboy I actually got a recipe I needed today! blue rose wreath If anyone wants a genuine Sinking, Moody or Solemn painting then just ask
  10. Yep, I have the blossom lamp today. Also Gaston gave me his photo today, that's 2 of my 3 new villagers now
  11. I'd like a blossom lamp too please, I have the japanese stairs with figure on thing if anyone doesn't already have one from Steve
  12. The grass is a funny dull green colour, I want the snow back, everything looks nicer with a little snow on it!
  13. Bangle is a tiger, I had her in my New Leaf town for quite a while
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