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  1. I just spoke to Raymond and his response was just "Sorry I'm on a break". Never had that before
  2. Yeah, have you not seen that on my island? I have Kid Cat and my storage account both on the beach
  3. I have fossil on my house and a different wreath for each villager
  4. What!, need to craft and give to your villagers so that they display them on their doors. There are other non-flower door plates too. Makes the place look nicer
  5. Need a suitable door wreath, perhaps natural mum to ward it off and dark lily for anyone looking a bit plaguey
  6. I also have Redd in town today so have opened up. Unfortunately he only has the bass and horse mackerel of the art world left, fake jolly painting and fake academic painting. No ladder needed On a brighter note, Abels have Meme Shirt in 4 colours I also have a few spare recipes going for free in the usual spot
  7. I had the imperial bridge bug but it only impacted CJ. Once he left at the end of the day and stopped blocking the bridge I was able to cross without issue. I was actually happy to have it as it meant I didn't have to run around looking for him each time I wanted to sell fish!
  8. I caught 4 so that I could get a model later but its so low down my list to give to Flick that it will be a long time before I do I've had periods with no gold too, I just keep on bashing rocks and shooting down balloons and eventually they start coming. Can always do a few Nook Ticket islands too for extra rock bashing opportunities. Forgot to grab a pic on Monday night when I finally got the Lunar Rover so fixed that late last night. Moonscape is finally complete. Blaire decided to photobomb me!!
  9. Yes, with Amiibos you have to invite them to the campsite 3 times and complete their request for a crafted item each time. They provide a recipe card if you don't already know it. You can then ask them to stay and choose which current villager moves out. I have Camofrog arriving tomorrow to replace Leonardo. Little did he know that giving me his photo would seal his doom!!
  10. Evening visitors like Celeste and Wisp are in addition to day and all day visitors Got what I believe is the final Celeste recipe from her on @Daley Island. No more recipes from her other than new zodiac furniture
  11. I assume its possible for new rocks to not appear at all if there are no available spaces on the island. You would need to have an absolutely packed island for that to be the case though or to be doing the "move the rocks into a specific area" trick and have covered the place too effectively with other things
  12. Only 1 new rock "grows" each day so if you broke 3 yesterday you will still be 2 down today
  13. StumpyJohn


    That looks like a terrible grind, like its been roughly chopped with a blunt knife. Have a look at:
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