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  1. Someone asked if Celeste appears in the group stretching a while ago. She is visiting tonight and I remembered to check it and she does:
  2. Same here, I ordered the individual basket from Wendell's catalogue last night but didn't see the stack in there which made me think it is probably a crafted item. Just googled it and I'm right. I dont have the DIY card yet though https://nookipedia.com/wiki/Item:Stacked_Shopping_Baskets_(New_Horizons) Note it needs 5 baskets in order to craft.
  3. My Minor annoyance is the order of the car types in the filter list. It seems to be totally random, it's not alphabetic, it doesn't group similar types or use any other type of meaningful order so you have to scroll through it each time trying to find the ones you want. Even just having the filters as a grid (like the manufacturers) would be a help as it would remove the need to scroll. Oh and there should be filters for "new" and "duplicate" cars too; both are super obvious to include and would help loads
  4. You can't change cars from the collection or the autoshow, you need to go to "My Cars"
  5. I'll stop bombing the thread with display case pics after this but there are a load of customisation options with Cyrus, lots of set graphics for the panel at the back plus you can use custom designs in it:
  6. I think the answer here is Nintendoh! I tried a few things out and while you can put some 1x2 items in it there seems to be a height related limit as I couldn't put the Sunfish model in but could with the Arapaima Also it unfortunately does not turn into a large aquarium or insectarium if you put live critters into it. That would have been most excellent if it did!
  7. I've done between 20 and 25 now. I think the catalogue unlocked after about 15 but not 100% sure Earlier on, after maybe 5 homes, Wendell offers to help you buy an item if you don't have enough Poki. Then, if you go to buy an item from the shop that you can't afford he offers to pay for it and you then owe him the whole of the cost of it. You pay him back by chatting to him in a similar way you would pay off the Nook mortgages. If you have enough Poki you can still buy other items from the shop and later from his catalogue too while you have the debt which is nice. You can only have 1 item on Wendell credit though and I wanted to pay him back before going on a big catalogue spree. I think I'll be doing the max exchange of Bells into Poki each day for a while to fund that No problem, I don't have any more farm themed items but if I come across any I'll ping you a copy too Not trying to 1-up you honest!! but I had a "wide display case" in the HHP shop today which is huge and can display 2 items side by side. Happy to post them out to anyone that wants one, it lights up too as shown below. I also got "paint pots" and "safety barrier" which could both be useful for anyone doing a construction site or similar
  8. New great item for me today too, I'd used it in vacation home designing previously but today Tommy and Timmy had the crane machine in the cranny so was able to actually buy it Also Lottie installed the ABD machine today so I can finally convert bells into poki My debt to Wendell should finally be paid off tomorrow and then I'll be able to focus on buying some more of the great items I've used in the designs
  9. You probably have the silo recipe too, that is a really old one. Also there is a windmill in the nook miles shop and nook mile recipes for various fences I have sent you a Greenhouse box and a Potted starter plants Recipe wise I don't have any farm related ones atm but you are welcome to any of my spares: DIY: glowing moss hood x3 glowing moss dress Food: Pear smoothie Peach smoothie Veggie crepe
  10. Got to half a million accolade points last night which puts me up to about 80,000th in the hall of fame. If only my skill level was as high as my participation level I might actually be good too!
  11. Maybe the 250 GTO. This silver version is the most expensive car ever at auction and other 250 GTOs are right up there too
  12. I owe Wendell about 85,000 poki from using his credit facility so am a bit limited on ordering stuff atm as only get 15,000 per design. I had to buy that stupid science pod though
  13. Thanks, have posted the statue now. If anyone has a spare Great Statue then I am still looking for one to complete my museum
  14. @shirubagan can you remind me who you are in game so that I can send the Motherly Statue across. Are you Kerumba/ San Dimas or anyone else who knows!
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