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  1. I've had hot toasted baguette or pitta sandwiches from my breville for lunch every day this week so far
  2. The dodge roll that comes with dualies is super annoying to play against
  3. That appears to be such a blatant copy that Nintendo lawyers will be very interested. I am so disappointed that the Advance Wars remake has still not been released
  4. Forgot to mention that this worked fine. Enter the code in the Replay Code section Replay downloads in a couple of seconds Go to View Replays and it will be at the top of the list You are a lot better than me at Clam Blitz!!
  5. One of the weapons in the ???? salmon run is a new "rare Grizzco" one, the Grizzco Brella and it is really great!. Also, not rare, have had it in 2 of the 3 waves a couple of times already
  6. Thanks @smac, will look at those after work. Tried a few matches during lunch with Special Charge up as I already had a suitable gear item. Wasn't convinced by it but I did get several Comms errors so not able to really tell. Did coincidentally get a lovely ultra stamp splat on a trizooka player who was desperately trying to zooka me though Created a new gear set with Ninja Squid at the end of that but not had time to try it out yet. Mains: Ink Saver Main, Ink Recovery Up, Ninja Squid Subs: 3x Swim Speed Up, 3x Run Speed Up, 3x Ink Resistance Up
  7. Think I've played enough turf war with the sploosh-o-matic/ curling bombs/ ultra stamp over the last few days to get into the groove with it now that I'm approaching 4* for the weapon. Verdict is: ffffFFFFFF!!! should have swapped to it from the Aerospray sooner as am having loads of fun with it and, at the moment at least, my win rate is way up after an initial 'learning it' dip. My recent battles was 30-11 when I looked at it late yesterday evening! Am playing in a more aggressive style too which is helping I think Still need to make more use of the "following a curling bomb in its ink trail" technique. Am totally underusing that. Also need to change up one of my mains; have ink saver main, ink recovery up and quick respawn at the mo but only really need the quick respawn in ranked matches so need to swap that out. Was thinking Ninja Squid or perhaps Special Charge Up to replace it
  8. There are tables of the stacking effects for some of the perks on inkipedia, was looking at the ink saver (main) one last night as contemplating setting up a new lot of gear that is mostly it. https://splatoonwiki.org/wiki/Ink_Saver_(Main) 2 main and 6 subs would knock my ink usage down to 61%
  9. Had a couple of matches against this player tonight, think they might need a bit more swim speed up!
  10. I don't think 17-27 in favour of losses is really that bad, it's still 39% wins so closer to parity than it at first appears. One weakness of the aerospray build is that it's almost impossible to get a kill with the fizzy bomb where as other guns have splat or suction bombs as secondaries that are much more likely to add to your kills. Am sure a greater variety of loadouts will appear in the weapon shop over time. Forgot to mention it earlier but having ink saver (main) and ideally also ink recovery up are pretty much essential with aerospray Can't see me ever getting anywhere near high enough rank wise to reach X. Have they said where it will sit? IIRC in Splatoon 2 it was slotted in at what had previously been S+10?
  11. Stupid work meeting got in the way of my regular quick mid day blast on Splatoon 3 today
  12. Thanks for looking. Hopefully I can use the month trial via Prime video, by default that offers a week and I just know that it wont let me have both trials!
  13. I've got a month free trial from a bag of crisps but looks like there is no Paramount plus app available on my LG CX. P+ support page claims their app is available on all 2018 and later LGs running WebOS 4 or later which is clearly a fat lie as my TV is a 2020 model and is running the latest 4.40.20 version. Does the xbox app actually exist and work I wonder? I guess I could also try casting to the TV from android or use airplay from my mac. Not a good start Paramount!
  14. 78% is nothing! 84% win 89.6% win (have been on the wrong end with a few really big defeats too) On Sunday there were 3 types of splatfest available in the lobby and you only get tricolour matches in one of them and even then only some of your matches will be tricolour. If you are in the Pro lobby then yes, that's 100% turfwar Turfwar (open) - available Saturday and Sunday - turfwar only Turfwar (Pro) - available Saturday and Sunday - turfwar only Tricolour - available Sunday - turfwar and tricolour mix, apparently tends to be more tricolour when you are a defender (water) than an attacker (fire, grass) Whatever fixes they applied since the previous splatfest they did at least partially work as this time I got a reasonable number of actual tricolour matches when I was in that lobby, maybe about 20-25% of them. They need to get working on more fixes for the comms errors though!! There was a period late yesterday afternoon when I was getting loads of comms errors and 'a player has disconnected early in the match' messages too. Including 2 comms errors at the actual end of the match, both victories that turned into draws Took a break for a few hours and it was better again later in the evening Can't remember that far back for sure but dont think I had many issues in Salmon Run early on. Perhaps its the time of day I play it but I seem to get far fewer comms type issues in general in Salmon Run as compared to turfwar. Get the odd comms error in between matches while waiting in Grizzco but almost never any issues within the runs themselves
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