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  1. Played this last night after receiving on Thursday. 2 player with the other half... really enjoyed it. Maybe just a couple things to clarify.. The ghost player ...when they have no dice left on the player board do you just skip their turn? Or is there another action to take... IE shake casket 1. Also for token playing ...often the caskets would be chosen and shaken by the time someone would want to use a token before that's meant to happen. Presume best way is for players just to declare what casket they are going for first... Excellent game....would think it would be massively entertaining with increased player count. Has been said plenty of times but the artwork and attention to detail in the theme is top tier. I'll have the Coco soundtrack in the background next time and swig from expensive tequila bottles.
  2. @Cosmic_Guru Still very much interested. Not sure who has first dibs. Maybe we roll for it
  3. If Too Many Bones becomes available I'll be interested.
  4. Not sure if xenogears -> xenosaga counts. Best I can think of is Koudelka. PS1 RPG. Then on PS2 the shadow hearts series of RPGs came out and the main character from Koudelka turns up in the first game.
  5. Instant Hotel is gold. The "characters" are amazing especially series 1.
  6. New phone wallpaper get
  7. Yes, taking the family on Sunday. Haba zone was a hit with toddler daughter last year so hopeful of a repeat.
  8. Forbidden sky is more of an evolved desert rather than island. It has really nice pieces and adds a layer of complexity to the game, which is welcome if you've progressed through island and desert, due to it requiring much more specific win conditions.
  9. I'm not a top player, far from it. I needed easily 50 attempts at GenA. By the time I was regularly getting to the lightning phase I could just about parry the entirety of the first part. Think of what progress you've made since attempt #1. You will have made a substantial amount I'm sure. Eventually it will come together...below is when it just fell into place for me. When you see the lightning...jump...attack. Huge posture damage.
  10. Forbidden Island is a good family co-op game. Then you can cycle through the other games in the series. (Desert and Sky) Colt Express is (thematically) another good one. Interesting turn mechanic...you try to plan a sequence of events for your character but it can go hilariously wrong.
  11. Also...galaxy truckers. But remove the time limit when crafting the space ships.
  12. Another vote for the following... Forbidden Island Forbidden Desert Ticket to ride
  13. Towerfall ascension is a riot in multiplayer with the younglings.
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