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  1. Er, ok. Good thing I wasn't talking to you then.
  2. To be fair they're saying it's a £5 increase, but nobody pays £60 for games at the moment. Even digital things like TLOU part 2 are "only" £55 digitally and £15 cheaper than that for physical.
  3. Honestly, while that may have been the case a few years ago (enthusiastic, yes, but genuine rather than exaggerated) it certainly isn't true now.
  4. That certainly used to work during Legion, not sure if it still does. I grabbed a couple of cheap copies of Legion back in the day, applied them to two different WoW accounts and could use those boosts on my main one. Apparently Shadowlands has its boost locked to the account that activated it. Someone said this worked today: You can create up to 8 accounts on your same Battlenet account. Those additional ones (wow2 through 8) can be free trial accounts. Once you log into one of them, you can choose on the character selection screen to “upgrade to BfA”, since free accounts only include up to Legion content. Which right now only costs $20. Once you do that, you will have a “free” 110 boost. The little Icon will appear visible on all your accounts. This boost can be used on any account on the same battlenet. Including your main one.
  5. Thanks for the impressions! Have you tried restarting it? Saw someone else say they did that and 1440p became available as an option. No clue why.
  6. My main disappointment I think was the lack of release dates on things - I thought for sure that if Demon's Souls was revealed it would have a release date. It looks amazing though:
  7. Really glad it's pre-recorded, no need for it to be cutting live to someones room.
  8. Also worth noting that this time the £10 voucher works on DLC too. You can get the Metro Exodus season pass for £5, Control's season pass for £10 etc.
  9. How do you unlock new skills in the adventure mode? Is it just via leveling up? That's my main complaint about the game so far: there's not enough variety in the exercises early on.
  10. Sounds like exactly the same problem I have! I'm trying to pick which class to main and tank with. I love Druids but find Guardian so boring and I'm amazed that it's largely going to be the same in SL as it is now. It's between DH and DK for me I think (monks look fun but I've never really been into the monk class fantasy and I think that's a big part of enjoying a class for me). The obvious answer is to just wait and play/level them all in the prepatch but given how much free time I currently have to think about pointless shit like this I'm not convinced I can wait that long
  11. Oh the hardship, how did you manage to suffer through that?
  12. Oh, it looks like I just confused myself looking at the order summary. Never mind!
  13. Maybe I’m misremembering but didn’t the voucher used to just take £10 off the final price? It now seems to take £10 off the base price then apply the discount from that new price, so things aren’t as cheap as they may seem.
  14. Yeah he says he's done that.
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