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  1. My understanding is that Kiriko is an instant unlock from the premium battle pass, which is included in the Watchpoint Pack. I don’t think there’s any benefit to already owning OW1 beyond your unlocks carrying over.
  2. I thought Zero Dawn was great, the sequel was quite disappointing though. I recently got the 64gb Deck and I’m running into space issues (what a surprise), what SSD do people recommend buying? I know one was mentioned here a while back but I can’t find it now.
  3. Bit of a long shot maybe, but does anyone have a Miyoo mini V2 they’d be willing to part with? Figured I’d have more luck asking here than in the trading forum.
  4. Ring Fit Adventure is £16 preowned at Game at the moment. I know what you’re thinking, but I’d bet a lot of traded in copies were barely used. Especially as I’ve just got round to opening up the one I bought today and the games still sealed!
  5. Is this still working for you? I did the same a few days ago but it won’t let me watch anything unless I keep my region set to Turkey via the VPN. I’ve seen a few people posting on Reddit saying similar things.
  6. I still can’t stand Frenchie honestly, there’s just nothing interesting there. Annoys me every time we have a scene with him in it taking up screen time.
  7. Nah he’s right, it’s painfully unfunny. There are barely any scenes in it where two people actually have a conversation with each other, it’s just joke after joke. Hardin’s post above is spot on.
  8. Back in stock at Amazon if anyone needs one still. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08H95Y452?tag=partalert-21&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE
  9. I don't think so no. There are a lot of tasks that I just found quite time consuming on my own honestly, it got a bit tedious.
  10. I was talking about someone else, not you. It just felt a bit unnecessary to call anyone out by name so I left it vague, which perhaps wasn’t the best idea. The retro selection is pretty shit, but there are over 800 games in total available so I thought that persons rants about how rubbish the overall selection was (not just of retro games) to be a bit weird. There’s a hell of a lot of good games there. The middle, PS Now style tier is great. The tier on top of that doesn’t seem worth it.
  11. Just to counter balance the weird chat about the service having no games Sony exceeds number of promised PlayStation Plus catalogue Games. Up to 740 expected, though more available via direct searches.
  12. It definitely feels a lot tighter this season. The only thing I don’t really like are the scenes with Frenchie - he just doesn’t seem to have anything beyond his accent.
  13. I mean, Nintendo don't develop the Pokemon games, Bayonetta 3 has been in development hell for years and Kirby seemed like a decent family game. The other game you mentioned was also pushed out of the year due to development hell. Hardly a ringing endorsement for managing their games division well. If you have a point you should probably try making it.
  14. This is shit so far. These things are always just advertising but Geoff is shit at finding the right balance.
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