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  1. I think you might have needed to log into your DH first? I did with mine and it's now level 39. Presumably your monk is an allied race? I think they start at level 10 now. I logged onto a newly created character and suddenly the game recognized that my sub had expired, so for anyone else in that rare position... just stick to level 20+ characters and hopefully you won't need to sub
  2. The original video was shown in 4k - not sure why it was reuploaded by some random channel in 720p. There are a few cuts in the gameplay section so I'm guessing it's a multistage boss fight and you end up chasing him around part of the city.
  3. Servers are up. Weirdly enough my sub expired but I can still log into all my characters (even my level 50 ones), am I missing something or is that a bug?
  4. That's because it's using the tracking ID not the shipment ID (which should be in your text). Mine arrived today despite also initially getting the above error message.
  5. The new leveling system comes next week on the 14th in the expansion pre patch (along with all the class changes), so that would be an ideal time to start playing again. Shadowlands was delayed until later in 2020, no specific release date was given.
  6. Might explain why the game is so easy - I lucked out and have three of their best four in my party (Diluc, Fiscl and Qiqi). Can’t settle on a fourth, it seems almost redundant in all honesty. I actually quite like a Beidou for her damage counter ability. I also naturally ended up using the other three as elemental bots and then switching to an attack specced Diluc who just destroys everything, which seems be the suggested tactic. However, I have fallen off in the last few days because combat always seems to play out the same way and it’s lost it’s shine. Have only hit AR17
  7. Hard disagree there. I would much prefer them to be in a studio together doing group streams. That said I cancelled my premium membership a month or two ago so who cares what I think.
  8. Still available at John Lewis too. 10OFF70 or 10OFF120 would get you £10 off, 20OFF120 did get you £20 off but apparently doesn't work anymore. You need to sign up for a MyJohnLewis account if you haven't already though but it's free and easy.
  9. Great, thanks! I bought the longer one to go with the Quest 2.
  10. Could anyone provide a link to a cheap link cable? I know you don’t need the official one but obviously I’d like to spend as little as possible while getting something that still works.
  11. Yup, and this is why it always baffles me when I see someone claim that exclusives don’t matter anymore. The only thing holding me back from buying a series X instead of a PS5 are the likes of Demons Souls, God of War, Horizon, Ratchet and Clank, Miles Morales, Returnal etc all coming within the next year or so. Unfortunately though that’s enough for me to get a PS5 instead. Otherwise the Series X is definitely more appealing.
  12. I mean compared to current gen prices - only slightly more than PS4 and Xbox One controllers and cheaper than Joycons.
  13. Got mine too. Also grabbed an extra controller from Smyths for £50, seems a bit more reasonable.
  14. So I would imagine the proposed DLC was considered big enough to become a full game.
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