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  1. Ben leaving was the best thing to happen to Giant Bomb in years.
  2. A lot of the amazing games mentioned here have been on the SNES, N64 etc. It doesn't make them any less amazing, but it isn't really relevant to games being released nowadays. Releasing a game now with a 30 fps lock (especially on next gen hardware) is a questionable choice and unacceptable imo if it isn't even a consistent 30 fps.
  3. Sounds like the PC versions not necessarily any better than the PS5 one then, that’s a shame. Especially since this is the most expensive Life is Strange game yet.
  4. And it’s still rough on the PS5. Ray tracing off by default and even then it’s still choppy. Not sure it’s even consistently hitting 30. Also just found out it was designed with a “cinematic 30 FPS” in mind, which is horse shit. The game looks nice but it should be able to do 60 FPS on a ps5. I debated going for the PC version but I wanted to just sit back and chill with it. That’s backfired
  5. The PS4 version was £34 from eBay via a code several times too. My copy arrived today but it doesn’t seem to let me play the PS5 version, is that just because it’s not officially out yet? I think 60 FPS because I tried the PS4 version and it definitely felt like 30 and I’m sure I read it was meant to be 60.
  6. Easy Allies aren't ashamed of being excited by something (nobody should be) but that doesn't mean they're hyped about everything. They frequently criticise stuff, a lot of it heavily, and not just games. The latest example being their reaction to the Ubisoft and Blizzard stuff, where they did rip into it. I think this was their initial coverage of it. The biggest thing that annoys me though is that they all do absolutely love Keighley. Presumably because they've all worked with him in the past, but I still don't get it.
  7. It's also about people who's Mum may have passed away and so may not want a reminder of that by receiving texts from their dead parent in a game. Not really sure why your reaction to such a simple option would be "this is over the top coddling".
  8. Pretty sure Stephen Fry would like a word with anyone correcting someone for saying chomping instead of champing.
  9. That's the problem then - you had to have made at least one purchase.
  10. Check your emails just in case - I kept getting error messages and it timing out but I do have a confirmation email (and it says on the Activity page that I've bought a Steam Deck Deposit)
  11. "On the software side of things, the Steam Deck runs what Valve is calling ‘a new version of SteamOS,’ that its optimized for the handheld’s mobile form factor. But the actual OS is based on Linux, and will utilize Proton as a compatibility layer to allow Windows-based games to run without requiring that developers specifically port them for the Steam Deck." The first 48 hours of preorders are only open to Steam accounts that have bought a game on Steam before June, so that's hopefully going to help a little.
  12. The initial price might appear slightly high (especially for ones with more storage) but given how cheap so many PC games are (especially indies), all other game launchers, ability to mod games, retro stuff... it starts to sound really appealing.
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