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  1. That's the problem then - you had to have made at least one purchase.
  2. Check your emails just in case - I kept getting error messages and it timing out but I do have a confirmation email (and it says on the Activity page that I've bought a Steam Deck Deposit)
  3. "On the software side of things, the Steam Deck runs what Valve is calling ‘a new version of SteamOS,’ that its optimized for the handheld’s mobile form factor. But the actual OS is based on Linux, and will utilize Proton as a compatibility layer to allow Windows-based games to run without requiring that developers specifically port them for the Steam Deck." The first 48 hours of preorders are only open to Steam accounts that have bought a game on Steam before June, so that's hopefully going to help a little.
  4. The initial price might appear slightly high (especially for ones with more storage) but given how cheap so many PC games are (especially indies), all other game launchers, ability to mod games, retro stuff... it starts to sound really appealing.
  5. What’s the hook for that show? Two people replaying games they’ve played loads of times already isn’t especially exciting.
  6. More likely because Bioshock 4 is one game whereas the Bethesda buyout impacts multiple.
  7. I’m going to give TBC a bash (and probably quit again in a few weeks time), what’s a good server to roll on now? Having heard the world buff horror stories on pvp servers I’m thinking of Pve.
  8. A pretty reasonable assessment I think, although I don’t know why you thought she was an assassin given the early plot point about her having never killed anyone before. I’ve actually read the books and they have stripped a lot of the nuance out of the characters to go for more broad strokes, which is a shame. There’s more focus on female empowerment which is good, but it comes at a cost of some character development, such as taking away things that other characters did with specific motives and giving it to Alina instead. There wasn’t a lot to begin with in all fairness but I don’t think the adaption has been entirely successful (based on the first five episodes). All of the heist stuff and the characters involved are a new addition and as a result they’ve rushed through Alina’s storyline too quickly.
  9. The developers confirmed back in November that a next gen version was coming, don’t think we’ve heard anything about it since then Been waiting for ages.
  10. Not bad for a console released during a pandemic. Probably won’t stop some people still having a strop about how Sony clearly have fucked up because they can’t meet demand though.
  11. Cex have dropped their prices again, now only paying £450 so that should help a bit. Think the time for big bundles may be over soon.
  12. Which is probably why Disney were deliberately misleading in a weekly program that is heavily pushing their streaming service. They wanted engagement, they got it. The fact that it’s a multi episode tease that sets up a boner joke is honestly a bit shit. Not because I expected or wanted the x-men, just because it’s a shit pay off.
  13. I’ve never been a fan of Danny either. He’s always been weirdly supportive of both publishers and game companies in general, which I guess served him well for his noclip videos which are at best borderline marketing. He did well to leverage the connections he made from sucking up to them over all those years at Gamespot. I still remember him having a go at “whiny” and “entitled” gamers who were upset because they thought Halo MCC should work properly, and he wrote a long post about it on his website explaining why we should be thankful to Microsoft for even allowing us to buy it.
  14. Couldn’t you just turn the dialogue audio option down to zero?
  15. I think they all got a resolution bump to go with it (Days Gone, God of War, Ghosts of Tsushima are all 4K/60). What have Microsoft done beyond that? As far as I can tell the only difference between Microsoft and Sony’s approach to BC is Microsoft advertised theirs a lot more (and obviously going back to older generations). Oh and the 60 FPS boost for games that only run at 30, but isn’t that just for the five games mentioned in the DF article?
  16. Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page cast in Dungeons & Dragons movie He seemed decent enough in Bridgerton as the Duke. He’ll be the lead apparently.
  17. I think that's where people are going wrong - like Triple A said, don't just add it to the basket from the product page (as silly as that may sound). Try searching for it and add it there through the results page instead, or try the app, or try using the smile website. Just because it doesn't work from the product page that doesn't mean it won't work with other methods. It sounds dumb but it's true.
  18. Well, Steam still has my Alien Swarm save which I last played ten years ago and that’s always a free service, so at least that long. Didn’t even occur to me that Nintendo would delete them but maybe that’s just my PC gaming background.
  19. Bought another Switch after a year or so of not owning one, activated the 7 day Nintendo Online trial to redownload my saves only to find out Nintendo kindly delete them all unless you resubscribe within six months. Guess I’m starting again on literally everything.
  20. I drifted away after a couple of weeks and just haven’t gone back. It’s pretty telling that I’m furloughed, bored out of my mind and still have zero interest in installing it again. I can’t really put a finger on exactly why, just lots of little things that all add up I guess. I hate how disconnected the zones are, the story and lore are absolute shite and I have zero interest in the covenant time gating. My mate that I’ve been playing WoW with since early TBC still loves it though and will happily do every single WQ every day for a bit of extra Anima and I just can’t do it anymore. It’s just there to pad out the minimal amount of actual content in the game. If you think about what is actually there in the game it’s very little. The zones are pretty bland, have probably the worst stories in any expansion and you can do each of them in a couple of hours. We basically finished it on the day the expansion came out and then if you want anymore lore you have to wait and get another hour or two every week (in between doing world quests and mythic+, which I hate because of the emphasis on doing it quickly). Covenant powers are the shit show everyone predicted they’d be too. I’d give it a meh/10. Not as offensively bad as BFA at least, just dull and unimaginative.
  21. Is there a fix or anything that can be done for the controller randomly d-syncing? Is is a fault with the controller or the Xbox itself?
  22. I think I’d rather have Ben back
  23. Right, so the games should all be on there by now. Instead we're still missing several and existing ones are now being taken off. I'm just a bit surprised that nobody really cares given they announced all this during xo19 and it turned out to just be a lie.
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