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  1. There should be a fancy physical edition too. Collectors would snap it up.
  2. I’ve always wanted to get stuck into this but since I stopped commuting in March I never get enough time.
  3. Anyone know why it was never released outside Japan? In my head the arcade version was a global hit but am I just assuming that because of the popularity of the the computer ports in Europe?
  4. Ordered this on the strength of the demo too. Played with my daughter and she loved it although she was almost in tears the first time we had to leave some Pikmin to die.
  5. There's a Pandora box in the Prime Day deals: https://www.amazon.co.uk/SeeKool-Pandoras-Multiplayer-Customized-Compatible/dp/B07DJ9Q625
  6. Just looked at a long play and I can see what you mean. Some really effective little tricks there.
  7. Power Eleven is indeed a football game and it's not very good.
  8. Syndicate wasn't really a PC port, was it? It came out on both platforms at once, but Bullfrog were still an Amiga-first developer at the time, I believe.
  9. Pang can’t count. Surely you can’t include arcade conversion.
  10. The difference is the stamps people collect are either no longer valid for postage or created purely for collectors. Games were made to be played. If someone buys them with the express intent of never playing them that’s fundamentally different to stamp collecting.
  11. I did like Robocod at the time (not played it in ages so I can't say for sure I'll still like it), I think the stretching mechanic made it a lot of fun. Although I wouldn't necessarily treat those reviews as reliable. However so many platformers from Europe from the 80s onwards were full of blind jumps and enemies spawning right in front of you. Very few of these developers managed to learn anything from Mario etc. The main lesson they took away was a need for cute characters.
  12. This is correct, I also had vouchers I would've liked to use. But yeah, it arrived super-quick from Amazon Japan. Was very easy.
  13. It does not play like a Euro-platformer. Nintendo would never have allowed that and the Japanese public would’ve turned their nose up.
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