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  1. If Nintendo keeps putting out commercial flops such as Splatoon 3 they'll go the way of Sega soon enough.
  2. You can actually see Captain Falcon in the stained glass window so at the very least we'll get F-Zero: Neo-GP revealed during this direct. Out summer 2023.
  3. Gun(Brussels)griffon
  4. F-15 Strike Beagle
  5. Ready 2 Rumble Boxer
  6. That £250,000 is nigh-on £500,000 in today's money as well.
  7. Been out for 18 months and still never been reduced as far as I’m aware. Scandal.
  8. It's just something I've noticed before. It feels like when they put a load in the sale they don't include Out Run.
  9. Started playing this on iOS. Did save and quit but now I’ve gone back to it ‘continue’ takes me back to the first clip with no other clips showing. Ugh.
  10. This is an incredible humblebrag.
  11. Take your censorship elsewhere.
  12. I’m not watching these videos. What has happened now?
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