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  1. This won't help @gunrock or @Dudley (or, to be honest, @strider), but nowadays I read RG via a Readly subscription and it's great.
  2. Sonic Mania is the best Sonic game ever.
  3. It might need quite sensitive translation. The staff probably need to do a lot to knock it into shape once it's in German.
  4. I actually think giving him that is passive aggressive. He lives in a one-room shack. It would blind him because he's never going to be more than a metre away from the screen. It's like you're telling him, "Oh, sorry – I thought you lived in a three-storey palace like I do." FOR SHAME!
  5. From looking through an issue all the features and interviews seem to be reprints (but translated obviously). The designs are identical. And there's 4 pages on the new PS and Xbox launches. Which is weird. Perhaps because the German editor got the freebies he's pictured clutching with glee.
  6. This was my first thought too.
  7. My daughter loves the Layton game on the Switch so I've now bought her Agent A because of this thread while it's 99p.
  8. I find it weird that the German edition of RG uses the Zzap 64-inspired portraits.
  9. Everyone know exactly when and where retro begins and ends. It just varies from person to person. There are bits of RG that i just skim straight past because it doesn't pass my own personal smell test for retro but it doesn't bother me. If I was doing that for most of the issue then I'd have a problem but I don't see that happening.
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