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  1. @evil pThanks for the hospitality. Tip left with the others.
  2. As you as you rejoin the queue for each trip you're golden.
  3. My tiny white PC Engine arrived from Amazon Japan today.
  4. Is this the best second controller? Has anyone else tried others?
  5. Maybe each month someone who is passionate about a particular game leads the thread to keep it going?
  6. Isn’t it said that it makes the plastic go brittle?
  7. The one I ordered from Amazon Japan arrived at Heathrow less than 48 hours after I clicked ‘buy’. Wow. it will now take until Tuesday to travel across London to my house.
  8. Yes for it be of interest it would need a true vector CRT and same form factor. i don’t know enough about the technology to know if it’s feasible let alone cost-efficient. My guess is the price would make it a non starter.
  9. Is there anything stopping a reproduction Vectrex being created with built in games to follow the retro minis craze? Edit: I know it would need a specialised display etc, but COULD it be done?
  10. They'll always have the Beano and Dandy at least. Oh, wait.
  11. I support all Dundee football clubs equally.
  12. Don't they wear dark blue?
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