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  1. Looks like I'm wrong. Although I can't see them on the store yet. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/10/capcom-arcade-stadium-now-lets-you-buy-individual-titles-for-a-couple-of-bucks
  2. On the Switch at least you have to be the packs or the complete set – no individual titles except Ghosts & Goblins.
  3. This is now in a sale down to £22.49. Will probably buy it even though I have the beat-em-up and Street Fighter collections already. Individual collections also reduced.
  4. Knight Rider and Miami Vice could have both been brilliant. Such a waste.
  5. I don’t think people deny it has a sliding scale though. It’s that people say things made after a certain point don’t feel retro to them. I think many people (myself included) feel like what they personally think of as retro corresponds to a time in their life. I tend to think anything that came out after I graduated from university doesn’t feel retro to me. I think if it came out when I was an adult with a career it’s not that old. It is of course old but I don’t associate it with ‘the past’.
  6. They’d better add in some sweetener each year on a par with the AC upgrade.
  7. Frankly £12 for those 2 and the lesser Arcade Collection combined is outstanding.
  8. This forum is full of absolute arseholes but the people running the place generally don’t fit that description and for that we should we grateful frankly.
  9. I’m STUNNED that this isn’t coming bundled with every single game that everyone fondly remembers from that era. I hope someone gets fired for that blunder.
  10. The price is an absolute piss take, especially if you have the family sub and you're the only prick who will play the N64/MD games. I've also ordered the N64 controller so I am also part of the problem.
  11. And you can upgrade your existing sub. So you buy the expansion sub and they refund you for what you have left on your standard online sub.
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