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  1. Looking forward to @bradigor reading this whole thread back and translating it to himself.
  2. In case it's of use: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/evercade-vs-starter-pack-incl-technos-arcade-collection-1-ps7652-delivered-at-amazon-spain-3796453
  3. As someone who has never been interested in fruit machines this is all fascinating. The possibility of winning money was never an enticement. Even as a kid I always assumed they were some sort of scam (probably because my dad ran a bar so I saw them from the other side). As I got older and had friends who played them it felt like even if you were “winning” the profit you got in an hour was comparable with what you’d take home after working an hour on a minimum wage job. Seemed so bleak.
  4. Proof – as if we really needed it – that the Amiga is the one true gaming computer.
  5. Are your team back in an office or still working remotely?
  6. He should've inflated the price of a coin to $1.2M and paid the fine with that.
  7. It's easy to forget now but it seemed that arcade conversions were always the most hyped and anticipated releases back then. And were almost always dross.
  8. The urge to collect old video games is very often totally different to the urge to play old video games. It’s generally more about collecting than gaming. They could be collecting anything, frankly. The worst are those collectors (not gamers) who say they are collecting all the games they didn’t have access to in their youth. The games they saw on shop shelves but couldn’t play because they were financially out of reach. So they buy them (often sealed) so they can… put them on a shelf to not be played.
  9. They didn’t expect anyone to be playing them once the PS2 arrived.
  10. I felt like the characters in V were meant to be how Rockstar imagined the game’s 3 main type of players to be.
  11. Is that really the most iconic version of the Amiga?
  12. Can I make Babylon 5 with one of these?
  13. It's got the best controller ever made and the best FPS ever made. This thing can't fail. EDIT: Also the best 2D platformer of the 16-bit era.
  14. I no longer have Sky or have an aerial on my house so I don’t see such horrors.
  15. What’s the definition of homebrew? I felt like Xeno Crisis was a pretty significant multiformat commercial release.
  16. Has Retro Gamer ever done a big feature on Mercenary or Woakes?
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