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  1. This person “lost” the day he got the tattoo not the the day Crash Bandicoot’s IP moved to Microsoft. If your choice of gaming platform is so important to you that you need to do this to yourself you have bigger problems than an out-of-date tattoo. If you love Crash Bandicoot enough to get a tattoo of the character you should be in a padded cell.
  2. Although we got our C64 on Boxing Day 1984 it was a few years before I would’ve ever picked up a magazine. One of the first I had was Christmas 87 I would guess and it was massive. I had no idea there was a gaming culture. I just thought there were games. Reading Zzap made you feel like you were part of a club.
  3. I think Zzap from 1987 onwards is what made me realise I wanted to make magazines for a living.
  4. Or games that came spread across multiple disks. Surely that's cheating, too?
  5. I don't think you're a troll but you've picked an incredibly odd hill to die on. And no, the hill wasn't made of polygons that could only exist through the use of an enhancement chip before you freak out.
  6. I was very much taking the piss. It sounds like they’ve had a nightmare making this.
  7. It was too expensive. Could do a lot more than the SNES chips and had a price tag to match.
  8. You can tell from the video that everyone involved in making this had so much fun and it was clearly a very relaxed place to work.
  9. I think it would've been crazy to exclude carts with extra chips. It's what games were meant to do. Have you ever done a feature just looking at enhancement chips? Obviously they were common on the NES and SNES but didn't seem to be used much elsewhere, which is why the SVP stands out on the Mega Drive.
  10. I’ve got no interest in buying a Next but something feels a bit off about saying you may as well use the core rather than buy the hardware that is going on sale. I know it’s a Spectrum at heart and thus an abandoned platform but it’s also not.
  11. You're thinking of Sega's SVP chip, as used in Virtua Racing. The Mega CD and 32X were separate pieces of hardware. HTH.
  12. So you're saying that in general the RLLMUK hive mind was desperate for Kinect? RLLMUK?
  13. "I personally don't watch football so I can only assume the fad will wear off for the rest of the world any day now and everyone gets into gaffelhangen instead."
  14. Hopefully your opinion will be that the SNES was clearly designed so that, like with NES carts, developers could add extra chips to enhance the games.
  15. I know overheads would be horrendous but is there a market for a big one in central London?
  16. I took "again" to mean "Can someone remind me again".
  17. Because toxic tribalism: https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/opinion/its-time-to-end-toxic-tribalism-198183/
  18. There’s a reason that political extremists in the US actively sought out and groomed gamers from partisan gaming sites. If you’re the sort of person who will froth at the mouth over your chosen platform and consider your choice of console to be part of your identity you’ll also be easily persuaded to be very invested in something else toxic such as far-right politics. All about identifying an “enemy” who is fundamentally different and is stopping you from getting what you deserve (be it a job, a girlfriend or a AAA exclusive).
  19. People watching and laughing at him are putting money in his pocket. He won.
  20. it’s mad this is how adults think. Looking for payback because someone rubbed their noses in it when their favourite electronic toy had a cool exclusive. Petty playground shit. And to make it worse it’s brought back to the previous generation. Grudges kept for the best part of a decade? Over consumer electronics? I’ve not paid money for a Sony or MS console for about 20 years so I don’t have the financial investment to get hung up on but from the outside this is really cringe-worthy.
  21. This thread makes for some depressing reading. I get that people want to pick sides – being tribal is part of human nature – and are excited to dance on Sony's grave or get their Xbox tattoo re-inked but overall I don't see that this is good for gamers.
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