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  1. I find the games industry almost aggressively boring personally. The games and the cultural significance interests me but everything else I find as dull as dishwater.
  2. I’ve backed the new issue and have the others. As pleased as I am to see a new print product doing well there are some things that drive me a bit crazy. There are widows everywhere and too many paragraphs start or end one line from the top or bottom of a column which looks really messy and rushed to me. I also don’t know what to make of some of the longer features. The SNES one in the most recent issue was just odd. I expected it to be about the SNES scene in Brazil (which I know nothing about) but it basically boiled down to someone saying they got a SNES as a kid but only really got games on birthdays and Christmas. Which I would guess is the experience 90% of all kids who had 16-bit consoles in the early 90s. I’m not sure what I gained from reading someone say they really liked Mario World. We all did. The reviews are perhaps the best written (or perhaps it’s the editing) part of the mag but I don’t really need these myself. It’s not what the mag needs to be about because we can get reviews of these games earlier and more in-depth elsewhere. Overall the editing could still be really tightened I think. I kept mentally editing things as I read them and that just feels like work. What I’d like to see is more of a focus features about Nintendo’s cultural influence, how the brand has developed in other parts of the world etc. At the moment it’s a bit too surface level for me. I didn’t get very far in the Pokémon special in part because the first couple of paragraphs kept repeating the words resonate and resonance. I might be in a minority but I’m just not that interested in fans’ personal relationships with games unless those fans are a very big deal and have something really interesting to say. I’m much more interested in the games than the gamers I guess.
  3. I loved this game. The Amiga version came with a poster of the cover art too.
  4. I’m after a spare charger for my Switch now we can ‘travel’ again. Anyone got any recommendations or models to avoid?
  5. I had the same thought but you need someone else filming as a fly on the wall type of thing.
  6. So they felt a search for "Civilization" might be someone looking up human civilization, but that if someone searched for the word "pandemonium" then they could be pretty confident they were looking for a 1996 PS1 platformer.
  7. Show some respect for the UK's most popular retro game by a mile.
  8. Maybe it's just people Googling how to spell a tricky word rather than looking for a forgotten game from the 90s.
  9. If you almost always play docked and have a PS5, XSX and presumably a high-end PC why on Earth would you buy the Switch version of multiformat games ever? The Switch version will look worse and be more expensive.
  10. This ad was so early it didn't have the right name of the console. And ALL of Nintendo's ads back then reeked of desperation. The first SNES ones in the UK relied on the idea that you couldn't actually buy it yet. https://twitter.com/ads_retro/status/1304028140570914817?s=20
  11. I also want the speed of a silicon cartridge.
  12. EMAP was fine before this era. The likes of Mean Machines, C+VG and The One were glorious in their heyday.
  13. Like I say though, I don't have anything to play it on right now so I might change my mind by the time I can buy it.
  14. I wish Capcom would hurry up and reduce the Arcade Stadium packs. I didn't get them at the start so I've decided I may as well wait for a sale.
  15. I'll be honest: when I went through the review (which I enjoyed) on Readly to see what the fuss was about I cringed as soon as I started reading the hand stuff because I knew it was going to crowbarred into the final sentence. It's a lazy device that is overused in magazine writing. The rest was entertaining though and didn't feel like an Edge review (for better or worse, depending on your perspective). It's put me off the game but seeing as I'd probably need to get Stadia to play it I don't think that changes much.
  16. Anyone getting the Famicom Detective Club pack?
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