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  1. I’ve not been a day 1 person for years. I get that people want to play it when it’s fresh and discuss the game at launch but for me I’d rather play when it’s fixed and cheap and enjoy it.
  2. yes the ivolver dock is really nice for cradling a deck with cases as it’s well supported. Make sure she gets the pro version which gives you the Ethernet port unless they release a better version before Christmas.
  3. yep I’ve been waiting for RDR2 to dip in price for ages on Steam, finally bought it
  4. Ultimate Ghouls and ghost on the PSP is pretty good but rock hard as to be expected from the series.
  5. simms

    Oculus Quest

    There’s been three Half life VR mods recently, Half life VR, Half life 2 and Half life Alyx: Levitation. Only tried Half life 1 so far which made me feel a bit dizzy. I think I have to tweak the settings.
  6. I got Burning Rangers up and working. Didn’t do anything special as far as I’m aware. Snap, just looking to get PS3 stuff working later today. I think I’ve got all major systems up and working up to GameCube. I hoping to get Red Dead Redemption working. Still gutted in never got a PC release. I completed it on my Xbox360 on its release. Hopefully it runs ok on Deck.
  7. Thanks All, Warpinator transferred upon second attempt. Trying to dump all 380Gb at once was always going to sketchy I guess. I look forward to running out of room on my 1TB in the coming weeks. I planning on getting a NAS setup. Between my desktop and Deck emulation setup with box art etc, is not something I want to have to setup again if I encounter hardware failure.
  8. I'm having a real frustrating time trying to transfer content of a 512GB sd card to a drive to then copy back over to my 1TB sd card. I'm trying to transfer 380GB of data. I've tried connecting an spare external drive to my dock and copying over but I seem to get an application has unexpectedly closed during transfer twice. I then tried warpinator to another internal drive on my PC and it got 300GB across before saying an error occurred. EDIT: I wonder if when the deck goes to sleep is causing issue. I'm going to turn off the automatic sleep function
  9. @Flub Is Soulstones survivors more skill based than Vampire Survivors? I.e. more to the gameplay than just running and avoiding.
  10. Picked up a 1TB SD card on Amazon for £95 in Black Friday deal for my deck as running out of space on my 512GB card from all the awesome emulation I’ve been dabbling in lately. Seems like a good deal https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08HCPTMJG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 If I want to transfer my Emudeck files over to the new SD card are there any quirks or will a copy and paste job just work? Thinking of copying to my windows PC then moving back over to the new SD card
  11. True, I just find the timing strange as some artworks for for Switch games have been up on Steam Grid DB for years. Maybe its due to the release of the new Pokemon. Steam deck is never going to do Nintendo switch numbers
  12. I think it’s for specific games on the switch only. Most artwork will stay on Steam Grid. There’s other sources for artwork besides unless the get DMCA’s from Nintendo as well. Shows Nintendo are slightly fearful of the Steamdeck.
  13. I’ve got the BIOS files duplicated in the root and sub folders but no joy. I’ll maybe try another set from another source EDIT: yesss, got it working. Scrubbed everything in the Dreamcast folders and obtained from another source and just got RE:CV working i love this machine
  14. Anyone been able to get Dreamcast stuff running via Emudeck? Ive installed BIOS files and games in right places but just get a spinning valve logo when i try to launch anything in game mode
  15. Ive sorted AM2R. The path to the shortcut needed to be redone after an update
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