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  1. Fantastic suggestion. I’d like all of the Arkham games to be given this treatment.
  2. I thought Assassin Creed and Watchdogs performed solidly on next gen machines?
  3. Im not sure but is that game the same game on PS4? I’m referring to an open world game built for next gen from the ground up. These cross gen games will always perform well on PS5 and Xbox series S/x
  4. The true test for pushing these next gen consoles will be the next gen open world game I think. Last gen games getting high res and frame rates are an easy win right now.
  5. I keep meaning to go back to this. The voice packs sound perfect for a VR and Hotas setup. Are they free and easy to install?
  6. This thread will compare all formats regardless. It’s interesting to see what graphic settings the consoles come in at for a particular game.
  7. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SteamClientBeta/announcements/detail/2896339990496271925
  8. I'm hoping IO do for Bond like what Rocksteady did for Batman.
  9. My PC is downloading a 6.3GB update for MCC. Anyone know what this is? The steam update page doesn't have anything on it. edit: Actually 12.6 GB Edit: Its Halo 4 Doh!!!
  10. I heard the online play via Steam Retroarch works quite well
  11. Why not? shrugs I love the choice PC affords. Super Mario 64 pc port, the Fan made Metroid 2 remake and countless other mods or reverse engineered project’s. I had a quick play last night and the driving model is actually still quite fun. I’ll keep an eye on how this project develops. EDiT: the nightmare of the Driver 1 training level had come flooding back.
  12. Not sure if it needs to be in retro A team of indie developers have created an unofficial PC port of the Playstation exclusive game, Driver 2. PC gamers can now enjoy this classic Driver game on modern-day PC systems and with 60fps. The team have basically reversed engineered the whole game so this isn’t an emulated version of Driver 2; this is a native PC port, similar to the unofficial PC port of Super Mario 64.
  13. When we start to get proper next gen exclusives, something has to give. Multiplatform software may potentially be hamstrung by the Xbox series S.
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