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  1. I’ve been flirting with trying this in VR but the flirting didn’t last long once I saw videos. I’d need to have a fresh pair of pants on hand every time I fired it up
  2. I really need to pick this up again as I started it two years ago. Its probably had so many updates since
  3. Death Stranding is £16.49 on Steam at the moment
  4. I’m happy if most of the game is in the environment shown as we know there will be inside areas, probably dungeons of sorts. There’s surely a snowy area. This pleases me, maybe the Halo gods have listened
  5. This made a massive difference to me and my VR experience. I was initially against getting an Oculus headset as I was against Oculus exclusivity policy but I buckled primarily because of the ability to play PCVR games wirelessly. The HTC wireless adapter I have for my Vive headset does not work as well as Virtual Desktop or Airlink.
  6. Although many of us have played Resi 4 multiple times on different systems this version absolutely nails it in VR. I’ve noticed things I’ve never noticed before. I’ve just stood in the middle of the village taking in the atmosphere. It’s really is a special version of the game. We know Sam Andreas is coming. Whoever does the VR version I just hope it’s going to be treated better than the definitive version . I hope more classic games get the kind of VR treatment RE 4 has.
  7. simms

    Oculus Quest

    Basically Left 4 Dead in VR from the makers of Arizona Sunshine
  8. Would be nice if a DLSS patch was added and modders managed to get RT working in game. DF are going to cover the RT mod in detail in a follow up video
  9. This is quite cool, showing what RE4 would look like in the format of the original Resident evil games
  10. Jesus, I'm reading a lot of impressions around the interweb and it sounds like the game has been released in a shocking state in all formats. I think I'll just mod the originals. I found these mods just in case anyone is interested https://www.definitive-edition-project.com/
  11. Not sure what to say other than maybe 343 are 'lazy devs' Maybe comparing Forza 5 with Halo Infinite is an oranges to apple comparison as Halo may possibly be more demanding under the hood? Maybe 343 had more time constraints with having to go back to the drawing board with their infamous presentation last year? I can only give my opinion on what I see.
  12. Hmm, so the map is not open initially. Wonder how they limit you from just taking off in an flying vehicle ? Not sure I like the idea of the scanner flagging up where all the enemy are While I don't mind the graphics, I can see how the xbox one has hamstrung them
  13. Looking at the gameplay videos, I'm still not liking the way the horseback stuff is handled although I'm glad its in there. Navigating the open world on horse back seems janky almost because it was an afterthought. Also the horse seems to turn direction in an instant. I'm going to compare it to BOTW's horseback riding as the horse in that wonderfully reacts to its environment i.e. refuses to jump over some obstacles and has inertia to its riding* *I know that Elden Ring horseback riding is probably purposely more tighter and gamey to account for combat on horseback
  14. simms

    Oculus Quest

    This is a PC VR title so needs a PC you can Airlink, link cable to Virtual Desktop to. Apparently all of the cockpit buttons are interactive so, this may appeal to those that had the Steel Battalion controller years back (I still have mine) WHAT IS IRON REBELLION? Iron Rebellion is all about the immersive experience of being a mech pilot. We want players to feel truly locked and loaded inside a mechanical titan and give them all of the buttons, levers, and ammunition they need to dominate the battlefield. CURRENT FEATURES Immersive Virtual game controls https://store.steampowered.com/app/1192900/IRON_REBELLION/
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