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  1. Ive pre-ordered one. That £299 price point is too tempting.
  2. Facebook Connect Keynote Livestream happening at 17.50 today
  3. Watchdogs Legion PC recommended specs: https://news.ubisoft.com/en-us/article/WCiLJPAN9QHWwb9JBc1Wj/watch-dogs-legion-pc-specs-revealed Have your 3 series Nvidia cards ready
  4. Nice trailer. Just wish there was some in game stuff shown
  5. Just seen the below video. Its tempting me to get a Quest 2. Potentially better or as good as resolution than the upcoming HP Reverb G2, the powerfrul XR2 chip and 6gb of ram. I like the idea of Oculus/Facebook realising a more official version of Virtual Desktop so wireless PC VR play does not feel like a hack. I await the price and if its £300 like this video says for a base model then this is going to sell like hotcakes this christmas. Between this and GTX 3070 it going to be an expensive Christmas.
  6. Yes this, I'm eagerly awaiting the first company to release a wireless PC headset with good wireless performance. I've got a Vive + Wireless Adapter setup but I do get pixellation or a grey screen now and again in graphically intensive VR game scenes for games like Alyx and Fallout 4 VR.
  7. simms

    Sinden Lightgun

    Maybe try EmuVR or New Retro Arcade: Neon to recreate VR light gun games (I've played Time Crisis 2):
  8. I'm intrigued by this. Hopefully with more power to play with they can build on the BOTW formula*. I wait for the reviews *Hopefully they got rid of the weapon degradation
  9. When are reviews/benchmarks going to come out? I want to see real world tests to see how the 3070 and 3080 compares to my 3 month old 2070super.
  10. Not sure but maybe if you set the Epic game as a non-steam game shortcut in Steam and launch in BPM the DS4 may just work. I could be talking rubbish.
  11. Is DS4windows needed these days as the Steam client supports all console controllers?
  12. simms

    Steam Controller

    Make sure the Steam controller is switched on then, go to the game in your Steam library ->Controller configuration -> Browse configs -> Community -> Select the profile you want then Apply configuration, the good thing is that you can then make small changes to your liking to that config. That's what I usually do. More than likely there will be a community configuration that has done most of the work for you then you can make changes or no further changes as you see fit. I've been out of the console game for a while but do MS or Sony offer a similar functionality? Some games offer Official/Developer configs. No mans sky has one off the top of my head but it was a bit borked last time I tried it. The Steam controller is not perfect but in principle I love what there were trying to achieve. Its a shame if Valve do not build on that.
  13. If everygame game on Xbox series S hits this standard consistently for the price they are offering, I'm throwing my PC in the bin
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