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  1. I haven't spent anymore than £30 (if that) for a game in years, it just feels wrong spending that amount now. And I used to by collectors editions at £70 plus.
  2. Not to say all shmups are Japanese but theres been an explosion of Japanese games in general on Steam over the last few years with publishers falling over themselves to get back catalogues on Steam as they tend to sell well. I just wish I had the time to play everything.
  3. I think the developers at the time tried to anticipate future cpu and/or gpu iterations but that didn't quite work out so Crysis doesn't run quite so well on modern PC's. I guess this remaster is a way to optimise it for today's hardware. I probably explained this completely wrong so here's the experts:
  4. Thanks for this. Something to try at the weekend. What other VR mods are there for pancake games? List time.. I still haven't plucked up the courage to try Alien Isolation. I'm working up to it by playing Budget Cuts. To be fair the robots are terrifying.
  5. Ive got a similar specced machine. Exciting, essentially you're getting an Xbox series X in two weeks with backward compatibility to upres and framerate the shit out of everything with a few extras like RTX to try with supported software.
  6. wish I could say the same. I'm hoping for Sega to re-licenced with Ferrari or I'll settle for a change of cars
  7. I was just going to suggest GOG galaxy 2.0 if you want everything in one place. I also just pin all the launchers to the task bar so they are easily accessible.
  8. Tell me more!! Ar we taking about Outrun C2C or the original Outrun?
  9. I would love to be able to access Xbox 360 digital games. I had bought Outrun C2C on the 360 which I missed out on Steam due to delisting.
  10. I think so. If you're not a stealth gameplay fan then you're fun may vary and I find it's quite a physical game as you may have to duck behind desks, peak through holes & corners and crouch for low ceilings. You can get a refund if you don't like it sale stuff right?
  11. Indeed. My gpu is made by Palit which wouldn't of been my 1st choice of manufacturer. I'm usually a MSI or Asus guy. Also I always go with an Intel and Nvidia combo while it's not best bang for buck I found there have been less compatibility issues.
  12. I can build my own but went pre-built I didn’t see much of a price difference between building and just buying pre-built when I went parts picker.
  13. I think Switch Pro controllers are but not too sure about the joycons
  14. I've been playing Budget Cuts over the last couple of days. Such a wonderful VR game.
  15. indeed I went from a pc couch setup to a desk and gaming chair setup which provides better lumbar support and I think my back will thank me for it in the long run. Gone are my youthful days we’re I can sit slouched on the sofa as I’m used to leaning forwards when playing. The gaming chair can recline if I want a more laid back experience.
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