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  1. simms


    As a massive martial art movie fan I'm quite interested to see how this turns out.
  2. only rumours of being timed exclusive
  3. I'm eagerly awaiting a Knack PC port announcement any day now then we will really see the Sony tears
  4. This is coming to PC this Spring. More PlayStation exclusives are on the way
  5. I remember being disappointed with Sega Rally on the Dreamcast. The framerate was all over the place. I vaguely remember an unlock framerate code you had to enter on the title screen to get 60fps but the framerate was still shit
  6. There is a Taito Legend collection as well, if you are going back that far
  7. Mega Man Legacy Collections Mega Man X Collections Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Disney Afternoon Collection Sega Genesis Classics and also
  8. I remember the forum raving about Apple Jack but I never saw the brilliance of it
  9. OMG I loved that little game EDIT - its in my Steam library as well. Bonus
  10. Wishlisted Thanks! That looks amazing. Reminds me of Geometry Wars I imagine a lot of these XBLIG are on PC on some form? EDIT Doh @earlymodernsteve answered this in his following post Gosh, I remember the days of MS moon points.
  11. The reason 60fps feel common so far is that most games have been last gen games or boosting backward compatible games. Let see what happens when games made exclusively for this generation of hardware starts to roll out properly.
  12. I was going to post about this. Love the fact these curios are being released to give an insight into what could of been, but never happened.
  13. Just started Halo 2. Its fantastic. I remember being quite disappointed with it after camping out at a store to pick it up at midnight years back. Maybe this remaster does it justice and is more true to Bungie's original vision. The cutscenes are brilliant as well.
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