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  1. Is there a progression to this or a ‘gamey’ part? For instance can you hop straight into a commercial airliner or do start off in flight school with a single seater and work your way up. To be honest I’d rather just start off in small planes to get the basics first. I imagine going straight into a big plane would be overwhelming anyway* * Although I believe there is an option to ‘dumb’ down the controls
  2. Apparently this is being delisted at the end of September. The Ultimate version in £17.99 at the moment. Tempted to buy it. I have not played Forza Horizon since the first one on the 360. Only issue is that its doesn't seem to be well optimised for PC. I've got a 2070 super so I'm hoping it will brute force it. I'll only play at 1080p.
  3. I'm still hoping to get round to exploring in VR
  4. simms


    Can anyone suggest a nice gentle starter shmup? I sort of grew up in the coin-up shmup era and my ageing reflexes are not what they where It will have to be on PC
  5. i remember this, it was ridiculous . I think It was @Haribokart
  6. Latest Xbox series X screenshots shows the port is going well
  7. OMG i'm going to be spending some more money I already have the Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X I use for Elite Dangerous but the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Flight Pack is sexy. Only problem is I worry I maybe fumbling about with the controls when I inevitably play this in VR
  8. I'll be up for that. Let me know how to pay you
  9. This better come to PC VR. I'm still bitter about RE7
  10. Thats a shame, I was going to suggest Hellbound as it came up in my recommended games list on Steam
  11. Tyriel Wood is impressed with the HP Reverb G2.
  12. simms

    The Touryst

    I always liked the look of this and didn't realise its coming to Xbox and PC
  13. https://store.steampowered.com/app/621060/PC_Building_Simulator/ Anyone played this? Does it help with learning to build?
  14. One question regarding DLSS. Do the games developers need to implement it or can Nvidia implement it without their input. I’m hoping Nvidia implant it on all recent games.
  15. yeah I have my doubts we’ll see anything on the next gen consoles that will test a decent PC spec of today, at least not in the first couple of years then I’ll just sell my body to get a 3080ti to upgrade my 2070 super. The consoles are aiming for 4K everything which will restrict their performance, ray-tracing comes in various forms from heavy expensive to less expensive in terms of demand, if anything consoles will do raytracing lite just to get it on the feature list. On PC I really don’t think native 4K is necessary and 1440p is fine. Then add in DLSS 2.0 and we are golden. Not at all @amc hit the nail on the head when he says pc gaming is all about choice. Latest Steam survey says the GTX 1060 is the most popular GPU. Only mentals like me go for high spec then play jet set willy on an emulator.
  16. I remember a similar situation in PUBG where people would run low level detail graphics to see other players more easily within foliage. It's a tricky one. It may dilute the amount of players but I think they should keep a PC Vr players vs other PC Vr players playlist running the upgraded v1.7 version of the game until they can (if ever) make v1.8 as good. Maybe there are doing this already
  17. what were the developers thinking? Did they think no one would notice. I don't quite understand why they would need to downgrade PC VR versions.
  18. Hardest spot the difference game evar
  19. Not tried these mods for Fallout 4 VR yet which is supposed to improve performance and Qol improvements for Vr amougst other tweaks, maybe the all things VR knowing @papalazarou has tried it but there's a program called Wabbajack that supposed to make it easy to install loads of mods at once. Here the one for Fallout 4 Vr :
  20. Lol after buying a £1500+ pc (10700k and 2070 super) I've become hooked on FTL which is something that a zx spectrum could run.
  21. I thought this was a fair assessment on the graphics. Really interesting analysis on the lighting which I did not know about. As I suspected the cross gen aspect maybe not scaling up very well to the series X as evidenced by the bad pop in. If there's going to be a ray tracing patch down the line I may just wait for that before playing to get the best first time experience. Please let it be full on ray tracing for the PC at least, consoles be damned.
  22. I dont think there is any added benefit unless you have warehouse sized room as far as I know. 2 lighthouse provides more than enough coverage for the average user. I could be wrong however.
  23. Will Xbox first party games come out simultaneously on Steam with Xbox store versions?
  24. They really need to get VR running on this.
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