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  1. Wow! Did not see that coming. Shame that it’s not coming to the original Quest but I can appreciate why.
  2. Played this last night to see what the it's now like on the Series X. It does look pretty stunning now and the reduced load times are amazing. I've put hundreds of hours into it previously however I don't think I've played it in a couple of years now, and my goodness is it impenetrable. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing, they have obviously made a load of QoL changes and all the menu screens etc look a lot nicer but it's just so dense. I'm just not sure I can be bothered to do all the necessary internet research to work out what the hell I need to do. I did go to Demios and start th
  3. As if by magic. Interested in getting back into this now that the Series X upgrades are live.
  4. The only issue I’ve had on Series X was on launch day when it kicked me at the end of the prologue and then I couldn’t log back in. Since then I’ve played exclusively single player and haven’t had an issue. I had a rando join at one point which surprised me, but I then turned off allowing randoms to join. Probably played about 10 to 15 hours I think. Must be a nightmare to debug when people are having such different experiences.
  5. On a different note my son has been playing a lot of Star Wars: Battlefront 2, it really is a stunning looking game on the series X, the lighting is very impressive.
  6. I tried Shadow of War and really wanted to like it after loving Shadow of Mordor but there was just too much bloat to it and I just had to concede I couldn’t be bothered after a good few hours. I keep considering going back to it as I know that Mordor started slowly until you unlocked a load of the combat options, but having done that power fantasy it just seems a slog to get there again.
  7. I really enjoyed Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the original Xbox. Used the license really well and played well too. Alias also on the OG Xbox was very true to the TV show but wasn’t that great a game unfortunately. More recently Spider-man on PS4 is probably the best licensed game I’ve played.
  8. I ended up getting the Top 10 thing with Minecraft Dungeons, popped as soon as I got an acheivement. MCC certainly seems like it doesn't work.
  9. That top 10 reward is feeling a bit buggy. Wouldn't accept that I had started it, then yesterday it suddenly went to a tick. So I then went off to Halo and got an acheivement for killing 1000 jackels (which I was already very close to). Accepted that in the daily acheivement reward, and for another quest, but refused to pop in the top 10 rewards thing.
  10. I played with no issue for the last couple of hours on SeriesX, enjoying the actually gameplay a lot, but my goodness the tone of the whole thing is dire.
  11. Completed the first altered boss now and after the dreadful first impression I yesterday I'm actually really really enjoying it now. It's a weird hybrid of a load shooters but it plays really nicely especially once you start using you powers.
  12. Playing on the series X and I have to say that first impressions are poor. All the cut scenes have terrible screen tearing, and the dialogue is awful. Then after 10 mins it kicked me out saying I had no internet connection (which I did) and now it can't reconnect.
  13. Does anyone know what the audio latency on the new Xbox headphones is? The latency over HDMI makes Rocksmith unplayable on the Series X, just wondering if the headphones would make it playable.
  14. Definitely Pistol Whip and Superhot as mentioned above but also: Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners And if we are including sideloading then Return To Castle Wolfestein Half Life Doom 3
  15. Yeah to a point yesterday where my character just seemingly got stuck and couldn’t move. Nothing I could do but quit out. As with others I think it’s a interesting idea but it’s not very much fun to actually play.
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