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  1. Yeah they obviously didn’t plan it to come out this way. My guess would be the next show they do would have shown multiplayer and then dropped this at the end.
  2. I don’t think they need it to have the same mass popularity.
  3. As heads up this is now available for PSVR at £23.99 https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0168-CUSA19230_00-CHGVPIWHPSEU0001
  4. It’s been delayed till....... today ,so fortunately not too long to wait, just whenever the PS store updates.
  5. That looks incredible, wonder what it will look like visually on PSVR.
  6. Splitscreen is something that is frustratingly missing from Halo 5 both in SP and MP so I'm glad that they have suggested we will be seeing it in Infinite.
  7. They were almost exclusively in the partner section of the show, we know it’s only first party titles that have to have cross gen support.
  8. It wasn't in the conference but the developers put out a decent length gameplay trailer with explanation of what was going on. Linked to via the thread we have in Discussion. Look pretty impressive and far along, it's certainly no proof or concept. I'm assuming though that it's running on a PC at this point.
  9. That’s a massive fuck up if that is the case.
  10. I thought the might drop a demo, otherwise it seemed really weird to proceed it with a Demo title screen complete with press [button] to start. Not convinced by the open world nature.
  11. A people think 343i’s story ideas are hard to follow...
  12. I have an idea in my head, just need to find the time to write it down.
  13. No, the point is that you aren't likely to remember the story as well if you haven't played through it as many times, so you can't make a point about the story being easier to remember if you aren't on an even footing. Why you might not have played it as many times is a moot point in that case. EDIT: Obviously Alex W. has now indicated that he has both played the games the same amount of times so his comparison is of value.
  14. And things that unfortunately fell by the wayside like proximity chat.
  15. And how many times have you played Halo 1 vs Halo 2?
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