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  1. Depends on what limitation it is you are trying to overcome. If the limit is x size of textures held in memory and they can be retrieved from storage in y time. And you have smashed those figures than you don’t have the same limitations. What Sony suggest they have done is change the paradigm.
  2. They no doubt have, but possibly in the sense that it allows you to do things in a way we have traditionally seen. So you can load these massive textures into memory in the same time that you would have loaded those smaller textures in the last gen, so you still get the same kind of loading issues potentially that you had before, and therefore the same restrictions on world building that you did previously. Sony are suggesting their architecture is designed to be so fast that you now don't even have to worry about loading in those textures to memory, you can just access them at the instant(ish) from storage that you actually need them. How much of that actually comes to fruition is another matter.
  3. Enjoying The Room at the moment. Very interesting puzzle game with some excellent graphics and a creepy atmosphere. I can imagine some people might not like the fixed position warping to points in the room, but I think it works well in context. I’ve done the first couple of sections and have been stuck a couple of times (once because I didn’t realise that I could pick something up) but it’s been pleasantly taxing so far. Third section seems to be ramping up the complexity. Lies Beneath release today for £22.99 with positive reviews suggesting a 6 to 8 hour play time. I noticed @boybrown was playing it earlier, so the question I have is how scary is it?
  4. Ah now that is interesting, I'm trying to think when I got my Garmin and whether that coincides with getting Firewall.... Hmmm. As I say I found it fine for Farpoint.
  5. I've spent ages trying to get my setup right and still get a lot of Aim contoller drift. It wasn't too bad with Farpoint to be honest, but it's really bad in Firewall Zero Hour, and not great in Borderlands 2. It's such a shame as I really like it as a controller.
  6. Update 15 is currently rolling out to headsets at the moment which adds this functionality (instant access to the passthrough video feed), I believe you have to tap the side of the headset twice. As Lofarius mentions above there seems to have been a bug and a hotfix is being rolled in or something. It's a rolling update so you will just get it when you get it, I haven't had it yet. You can 'try' and force the update by going into settings and sometimes you will see a button that says update now next to where it tells you what OS version you are on. However the best way to get the update is just to leave it on and charging when you are not using it.
  7. Do you have it modded for adding custom songs because it won’t update if you do?
  8. Not big discounts but they are fairly regular. There have been quite a few this week. Although they tend to discount things in bundles (they are also quite good in that if you already have one of the games in a bundle the bundle is reduced by the cost of that game). They also follow steams lead on returning games. So withIn 7 days or 2 hours of play time you can return for a full no questions asked discount. Just realised in my list of top recommendations I missed mentioning Pistol Whip which is amazing.
  9. I believe pretty much all the social features such as joining parties, voice chat, sending invites etc requires a facebook account. I've had mine linked right from the start so to be honest I don't know 100% what is missing. I believe when you first create an account you can just say login with facebook and it just sets everything up in that you don't really appreciate that you have a separate oculus account. At least that is what I think I did!?! I already have a facebook account and I'd have signed up to oculus (owned by facebook) with the same email account so from my perspective it wasn't like I was giving them any more information. The other thing you get from linking to your facebook account is that you can then pretty much instantly live stream to facebook if you so desire as it's built right into the OS.
  10. Down The Rabbit Hole is absolutely fantastic, just a great overall package with wonderful music, and it looks oh so lovely. Won't necessarily tax you overly from a puzzle perspective but it's got a wonderful toy box feel (almost like you are in a huge dolls house). It does a lovely thing when the character is involved in a dialoge tree where it suddenly goes first person and you get the view that the player character has and it's just wonderful to look around from that perspective. It's also got a lovely mechanic for moving the world around you where you grab onto vines that are hanging down and physically pull and rotate the world.
  11. 1) You can create a profile although to be honest it takes no time at all. Remember though that to use the social features you need to link this to a facebook account. You can also download the Oculus app to your phone as you will need that to set the headset up. 2) Depends on what you have on PSVR. The essential apps to my mind are Beat Saber and SuperHot VR. Beyond that I'd highly recommend Shadow Point and Red Matter (both excellent first person adventrure/puzzle games) and Moss (a third person platformer). There are a number of other great games but those are the ones I think are pretty much must haves. 3) This will be game by game dependent. Stuff like Moss which is more fixed perspective is not an issue, and in Beat Saber and SuperHot VR you move 1:1 in the world so again should be no problem. Shadow Point and Red Matter both allow for multiple movement options from smooth locomotion and turn to teleport style movement with blinkers. 4) I have the official oculus case and think it's great. 5) Sorry can't help you here as I haven't got a powerful enough PC to have tried it.
  12. Couple of big releases today for Quest. Down The Rabbit Hole is available for download already (just set it to start on my Quest but won't be able to try it until later). The Room VR is also supposed to be out today but doesn't seem to be on the store yet. I guessing it will be there at about 6pm.
  13. You will want to buy Beat Saber on the Oculus store, and specifically the Oculus Quest store as I'm assuming that you will want to play it untethered (I don't think it's cross buy). You'll have to then mess around a bit with sideloading to get custom songs running. Any PCVR game that you buy (So anything from the SteamVR store) will require you to be linked to the PC in some way (either via Oculus Link or Virtual desktop). Those games are running on the PC and are just sending the image data to the Oculus Quest. The only games that run natively on the Quest are those that you buy from the Oculus Quest Store (or sideload through SideQuest). You can't just stick any old PC game on there as, 1) they aren't the APK file the android OS running on Quest requires and 2) the Quest has nowhere near the required grunt to run them.
  14. I don't think the Cosmos has reviewed very well at all. At least initially the tracking was supposedly pretty poor. Yeah stock seems to be very limited, the Oculus store had some Quests in stock yesterday but they are all gone now it seems
  15. If you don't want basestations then you are looking at headsets with Inside-Out tracking, so your best options are Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest or HTC Vive Cosmos. The Oculus products are about £400, whereas the Cosomos is £700 quid.
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