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  1. So after a few weeks with no new game releases for the Quest there are at least two great looking games coming on Thursday. OhShape which has been out on PC VR for a few months now and is currently sat on 9/10 on Steam reviews, and Ghost Giant which was previously a PSVR exclusive. Personally I loved Ghost Giant and will definitely be double dipping. Here's the thread with my thoughts on Ghost Giant In further game news, although it's still a month away, Down the Rabbit Hole is now available for pre-order with a release date of 23rd of March. Seems like a third person platformer with puzzle elements set in the Alice in Wonderland universe. I'm a complete sucker for anything Alice related so are really interested in this.
  2. Really need to actually have a go at this. I bought it in early access and never actually got round to trying it. I think it's something my son my like so seeing as he's on half term this week I may get him to try it out (assuming he can get over his dislike of the PS4 pad).
  3. It’s fantastically charted especially on Expert, the flow is brilliant.
  4. I wonder how the launch is going to be affected by the shortage of pretty of VR headsets at the moment.
  5. Yeah I played through this around the time it game to gwg and also thought it was a lot of fun. It did seem to get rather overlooked but it's got a nice atmosphere and the puzzles are fun if not overly taxing.
  6. They use that language though to inform you of your rights under EU law. That is just informing you that your purchase means that you do not have the 14 day right of withdrawal for digital purchases as it is an exception. https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/shopping/guarantees-returns/index_en.htm Steam are pretty explicit if you look up their returns policy though about what they will refund as are Oculus and Epic which have pretty much the same rule (14 days and no longer than 2 hours play). Origin are slightly different but are 14 days or 24 hours after you first launch the game. MS aren't explicit but suggest that you aren't likely to get anything back after 14 days, although they don't confirm that you will get it back before that. They do at least give you a list of your purchases if you go on the website and click through to requesting a refund. Sony still currently make no promise on a refund (although you do get 14 days if you haven't started to download it). Additionally you have to fill in the whole form yourself including the 12 digit purchase ID so it's not as streamlined as it could be. Having a decent well advertised refund policy can actually be of benefit to a company I think. I've certainly bought games I wouldn't have otherwise because I knew that if I don't like them in 2 hours I can just get my money back. It's kind of like having a decent length demo.
  7. This is changing though, Oculus as an example have a 2 hour playtime or 2 week ownership, in which you can refund automatically with no questions asked. I believe this is the same for Steam.
  8. Picked up Gageteer the other day which is quite nice, still techincally in early access (so I have no idea how it's allowed on the store considering the other things they have rejected). Very relaxing, to the point where I started standing up but then ended up basically sat on the floor to get down to the level of one of the things I was building. I also just bought Audica. It's a strange one to be sure, I really can't decide what I think of it (to the point that I'm considering refunding it). It just seems so lacking (not helped by the fact that the first arena design is really really lackluster). It's pretty boring on easy, so I tried some songs on medium (or normal whatever it's called) and they were a little more involved, then thought I'd have a go at Advanced and that is really really hard. What it has going for it is a pretty big tracklist, however the game itself just doesn't seem that much fun, it lacks the physicality of Beat Saber, and the danger of Pistol Whip, and the act of pulling the trigger in time to the music just isn't very exciting. I think I played through 10 tracks and nothing really got me moving in the way that Beat Saber has me boogying along, or Pistol Whip has me bobbing and weaving. As a kind of test case I played the track Pop Stars which is also on Beat Saber and one that I absolutely love playing, and I just felt nothing for the interaction on either easy or medium, and hard was just too hard. It just all seems a bit clinical. Looking at the leaderboards I see that @spatular and @sbrandon111 have it. What are your feelings, is it worth persevering with or should I refund it now if I feel this way about it?
  9. The new level is very nicely designed with some real verticality to the enemy positions, it’s just a shame for me that I really don’t like the music. With regards to the gif it might just be speeded up a bit.
  10. There are a few third party ones, along with other haptic feedback wear but as they aren’t standard they aren’t well supported. I’d say current issue is it’s not really solving a huge problem and tech is currently too expensive to put the kind of resistance mechanisms in it that would really transform the experience.
  11. Both Rift S and Quest have multiple front facing cameras, it’s how they track the position of the headset and the controllers ( and for quest position of your hands for hand tracking). Both have pass through, essentially allowing you to see (in black and white) you surroundings (it’s how you set up the play boundary). The Rift has pass through on demand (so you can instantly switch to the external view if you want), this is coming to the Quest in a future update. The real problem with having a drink is the headset getting in the way of your glass, but if you don’t mind drinking wine through a straw (non plastic please ) you are golden
  12. A new scene has been released as part of the free Akuma update. What's really exciting abou this is the fact that it is the first of a set of free monthly updates that will each add a new scene until E3 2020 in June https://www.androidcentral.com/pistol-whip-akuma-update-hits-floor-scheduled-monthly-updates
  13. I think there is a lot of reading into posts in this thread if that's what you are taking from it. People who like VR are going to be positive about it, we don't have to suddenly be negative about it because others don't like it. People giving their opinion of how VR feels to them isn't degrading others' opinion, it's just stating how they feel. Personally I'd love it to become more mainstream as I unappologetically love playing games in VR, and the more units that are sold the more games will be made for it, and the scope of those games will increase. It just seems there are a lot of misconceptions about the state of VR as a technology. You yourself have said "won’t VR always look shit compared to a TV games?" and "Most of the VR games I’ve played are super Low Poly and look more like a section where someone gets sucked into a computer in a 90’s TV show" That already isn't the case, especially if you throw a top end PC at it. Here's Stormlands as an example In this thread I've commented on the issues that will always be there for VR such as the total disconnect from the real world. Nausea is also a problem, although that is game dependent. With regards to your point about people burning money on things, I could counter with the fact that the opposite can also be true. That people who can't afford to spend the money on VR have to dismiss it as they don't want to feel that they are missing out, but that would be just as ad hominem as your claim.
  14. That was a rebuttal to your comment that it’s a long long way off to it being cheap, wireless, etc, and not in our lifetime. I was just pointing out how fast tech moves on. Also there is a reasonably priced (if not cheap) and wireless solution already on the market. I don’t disagree that people don’t like having things on their head, or more specifically been locked away from the outside world, but that wasn’t your original reasoning. Also 3D glasses may have been cheap but the TV that worked with them wasn’t so that argument doesn’t really hold weight.
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