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  1. They should be there. If you log into oculus.com with your facebook account and search for a game you know you own, it will say purchased where the buy button should be. Or install the Meta Quest app on your phone log into that and go to menu > library and they will be listed.
  2. My son is approaching 15 and he’s still excited about Pokémon. Saved up to get Scarlet on release. Obviously all kids are different but it’s not going to be specifically related to age if he went off Pokémon.
  3. I found that the hardest thing to work out in the entire game
  4. Another one, amazing. Although my regular golfing partner @Mystacon has moved to the states so our lunchtime rounds don't really work now! I still haven't played the last DLC course.
  5. I'm quite torn in my feelings about the game. I completed it over 2 sittings and it took me 3.5 hours in total. I'm not sure that I enjoyed a single bit of it though, it past the time and I was vaguely interested to see how it ended. I'm with @BadgerFarmerin that I had no emotional connection to any of the characters at all, and I didn't think it gave me any reason to. Contrast this with Inside which somehow managed to make me care about the player character almost from the off. As has been noted it felt really unpolished with awful screen tearing in the early stages.Twice the mother picked up the toddler and for two frames each time the baby just disappeared before reappearing in her grip. The control is also really woolly and I can't count the amount of times that a little bit of scenary of tiny rock out crop would stop your progress. Also I found the fact that you moved at random different speeds really annoying. I appreciate that when you were getting sick it made sense, but at earlier points it just seemed to decide, okay we are going to restrict your movement speed at this point for no reason. The dog is weird as well, there for some of it then just disappears then reappears etc. Seemed like they thought it was a good idea and helpful at times to show you where to go/what to do, but then didn't really bother trying to stop the thing constantly clipping with the environment. It also felt really really videogamey, in that the only reason to do anything you did the entire game was because that is all you could do. I mean I appreciate in general that is how a lot of games work but maybe because I wasn't invested in it at all I just felt like I was mostly pushing left* because that is all there was to the game. The 'puzzles' don't really even deserve to be called that as basically most of the time they involved doing the only thing you could actually do in that paticular area. What made them difficult was the environmental design that at points made it really difficult to see what you were supposed to press on (I think I spent more time trying to get an elevator to go up than any of the puzzles because I couldn't find the button once in it). Also sometimes it was very prescriptive about where you had to stand to interact with objects, (I actually had to look up how to get out of the basement at the very begining because I didn't think I could interact with anything. it wasn't till I looked it up and knew exactly what to do that I finally shimmied around enough for it to move a plank). This also extended to the fact that you would climb up on shoulder high rocks, but could climb over a five bar gate, or at times an angle high steep. The insta deaths were annoying, although fortunately the reload was pretty quick. Also as @CrichStand suggests above the final third just seems to peater out. You get the impression that the puzzles are going to ramp up and all of a sudden, no, it's push forwards (rather than left) to the end of the 'story' *I know this is personal but it really irritated me that it was left most of the time! If you are going to go in one direction it should be right, if videogames have taught me anything it's that hahaha. But seriously constantly pushing right is much more comfortable for the hand than pushing left I find.
  6. I got 10 months with the Gold conversion trick about 3 years ago and I've been topping it up with Reward points since then and still have over a year left on my sub (and enough reward points to stack another year if I wanted to). I had to put I got GamePass with the Gold Conversion trick as there is no option to say that I am currently paying for it with reward points. Having said that I'd definitely pay the full price for it if that was the only way as for me as there is an awful lot that I play on there, as does my son.
  7. I seem to have fallen down a hole where I simply have to have the Garlic and the Bible, once you have those maxed it seems to be fairly easy. Every time I have failed to get one of those I die (this is over level 1, 2 and 3). Makes it a bit frustrating if it takes a while to pick them up however. Are there any decent builds that don't use either of those? I mean I don't mind getting them every time.
  8. Yeah, that is the most fucking annoying and pointless thing in the game. As with most metroidvanias the start can be a bit frustrating as you are restricted movement wise, I think once you have a few of the upgrades (and I don't think it's much of a spoiler to say that you will get a dash and double jump) it's much more fun to move around. On the melee It's a game with some weird difficulty spikes as well.
  9. Have you only been doing that at save points then? To be honest it took me a while to understand what it meant when I saw that press down on the D-pad in game when I was looking at the module inventory section.
  10. It is a curious bird this. As pointed out above so many system borrowed from other games. It's got its claws into me but I think my play time is equally split between enjoyment and frustration. I think my main issue is there are just too many long sections with nothing in them that just seem to have been added to make the map bigger. Also while some areas look nice, some are really drab (although I appreciate this a personal take). The save points also seem to be just randomly spread about the map with some quite close together and then big sections with none. I'm also not a fan of only being able to upgrade, and therefore use your nano gel at very specific points as opposed to every save point (a la Elden Ring).
  11. I agree, ultimately people might not like the game but not giving it a go if you have GamePass because of the interpretation of Shelob is doing yourself a disservice.
  12. What you've got to remember is that they are saying revenue there not profit. I would imagine most of their revenue comes from selling the boxes themselves, every £450 quid box is going to equate to to be a few years of GP* revenue per person even if you are paying full wack. Profit per pound though you'd have to image that GP is going to be higher. * Don't now how many exactly as I don't know the wholesale price of the Series X for MS.
  13. I need to go back to Luna Nights. I really enjoyed Deedlit but Luna Lights left me pretty cold and I just stopped playing a couple of hours in (maybe less).
  14. New longer trailer for this is out. Release date is the 17th of November. The wife and I are just at the end of the first season of Dark which we are loving, brilliant stuff. So hopefully we can finish of the next two seasons and be ready for this.
  15. Outland is fantastic but quite mechanically complex, what with all the colour switching. I eventually gave up as my brain and fingers just weren’t up to it later on.
  16. Deedlit in Wonder Labryinth is fantastic. Played through it on Series X via Gamepass and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is fairly easy though, and to be honest the boss rush at the end isn’t hard either. I mean it’s a no brainier to play if you like Metroidvanias and have GP.
  17. The demo is pretty generous, at around 10 hours long I seem to remember. The main thing being that if you do decide to get the full game it carries over your progress from the demo. I'd also echo the comments saying that it is fantastic. It's got a great cast of characters and a fun story, and while much of it is old fashioned and quite traditional from a gameplay perspective there are so many improvements to quality of life that have been added that really elevate it.
  18. Yep Friday Night Dinner is fantastic pretty much from start to finish, we are watching it through for the second time, this time with our 14yo son and are all loving it. If this is from the same writer then we'll give it a go once we have finished with FND.
  19. The Forgotten City is a fantastic game, and won't take you too long so well worth giving it a go before it leaves if you haven't already.
  20. There is actually quite a weird sterility to it, for all it’s seemingly organic nature it doesn’t feel that grimy. It also feels very Unreal Engine if that makes sense. It does feel very AA as well (which isn’t necessarily a slight) just some areas do feel like they have been skimped on a bit. Looking down at your feet and then moving being a classic example.
  21. Played about 2 hours of it and into the 3rd area. Not sure what I think of it, it’s definitely a puzzle game but the puzzles so far haven’t been massively difficult, they seem more like press things until you find the one that is the start of the process. But then it is early in the game I suppose. The 3rd part is the first time I’ve been attacked, however I get the feeling based on the combat being absolutely awful that in reality you are supposed to be avoiding combat and only using it as a very last resort. At least after dying for the first time I treated it that way and very easily avoided the two fights I had gotten into.
  22. Quest Pro announced, it’s eye wateringly expensive at £1,500. Tech looks amazing though. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-63200153
  23. Frances the Mute is an incredible album! De-loused is obviously their best album, but Frances the Mute is a very close second.
  24. I’m not sure I’m getting an underproduced vibe. I think the production is wonderful, lets everything breath and works to beautifully support Cedric’s incredible vocals.
  25. Listening to the new album at the moment and so far so amazing. Very different to their earlier stuff. Probably closest to Octahedron (which I adore). Just so good to have another MV album, especially one that for me is so strong. Just so dreamy.
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