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  1. It’s pretty impressive in VR to be honest. I’ve played a bit when it came out and it’s as obtuse as ever, but the place is lovely. I stopped playing however to wait for the implementation of an in game notepad.
  2. It’s going to be all about the structure. Halo 5 looked amazing and the MP sandbox is incredible, but the campaign structure on that really wasn’t well received, so I don’t think we will know anything about the game until we actually have reviews coming in. They could show all kinds of little encounters in the footage at 2pm but we then have to hope it’s not broken up by fights with a boss like Warden Eternal at the end of every section.
  3. With regards to @Gabe’s experience the first try I had with VR was on the original rift playing Richie’s Plank experience and it did nothing for me. However getting a PSVR and going straight to Rez blew my mind. After that Superhot with moves and Beat Saber totally sold me on VR. Wipeout on PSVR is still the most amazing technical achievement I think I’ve played, just pure witchcraft to get that running on a PS4(pro for me). The Quest really takes the concept up another level though as while it’s not got the graphical grunt the PS4 had (and obviously not what PCs can do), the first time I played that completely wire free and with proper hand tracking I couldn’t believe it was actually a real consumer level priced product. It was just like magic. And that was at launch without all the improvements that have been made since.
  4. We seriously aren’t, one person has said it’s a 6/10. Most people are still claiming it’s a really good game. However, amazingly for a discussion forum, they are discussing the issues they had with it. Just because every post isn’t OMG GOTY, doesn’t mean people are shitting on it.
  5. Well you could say the same about any exclusive. Why make PS5 exclusive games when you could have it on the PS4 and PC? Also I (and I assume you) have literally no idea how easy it is to just make a PC version of this. It's obviously been built from the ground up to run natively on the Quest 2 hardware.
  6. The attention to detail is insane!
  7. But that's not in anyway a fair comparison. HL:A is reliant on the processing power of your PC, whereas RE:4VR is native so requires the extra processing power of the Quest 2 headset. It would like me being miffed that I can't play HL:A on my Quest 1 because my laptop isn't powerful enough to run it.
  8. Yes that does all feel a bit strange. I do wonder as you say if he would have ended up in Crusade had that got past 13 episodes. I also wonder if something more was supposed to be done with it in B5 but didn't end up fitting with the schedule once it was changed, but JMS still needed to do it as it had been foretold in an earlier episode. It's certainly the poorest of the payoffs in that sense.
  9. Still absolutely blows my mind every time I boot this up. A game shouldn’t look this good.
  10. It’s still great but it’s obvious that there are filler episodes and the need to introduce Lochley. After the sheer pace of 4 it’s slightly jarring, The second half is top tier again though.
  11. To my mind it's still the greatest TV series ever. While it has its dodgy moments and an obvious lack of budget at times, and the technology at the time leave some bits wanting now, the overaching story is just incredible. You also have to consider that while there are some poor episodes this was a show that for the vast majority of its run was written by one man, not a huge writers room. Then you add the effects of running a show had on the ploting, with people leaving (the actress that played Talia at the end of season 1, Ivanova at the end of season 4 and obviously the health issues that lead to Sinclair leaving), however through all of that you still get an incredible tale, that holds up on second watch because you see all the foreshadowing. And once again you need to put that into context, nothing like this was on TV, we were only just getting into the idea that you could do an arc for a series, this was 5 years of story right off the bat, fucking incredible. Yes season 5 is a bit of a let down and is very slow to get going, and season 4 ends up being rushed but that's because they didn't know that season 5 would be made and had to try and potentially end a 5 year project in 4 years. The last episode, filmed at the end of season 4 but moved once they got the green light for 5, is probably the greatest payoff, and send off to a show there has ever been.
  12. I find Hollow Knight too hard, but honestly from what I played of it and having watched bits of my son playing through it twice, I honestly don't think this holds a candle to Hollow Knight.
  13. The bosses in HK are much much harder I'd say and there is practically next to no actually platforming skill in this. The main bosses in this (bar the very last one) are actually quite easy once you learn the patterns of which in general there aren't very many, and they all throw health at you (quite literally). There are some mini bosses that are harder as they are a bit more free form but as long as you use the powers available for you they go down pretty easy.
  14. Learn the patterns. On the scale of video game bosses Kraid is pretty easy.
  15. Playing AI: Somnuim Files at the moment. I'm liking the premise but I do find some of it rather embarassing, pretty much all the women seem to be highly sexualised, his boss for example has a plunging neck line with ample cleavage on display and a skirt that almost leaves nothing to the imagination. There is even one point where you are in the lobby of an entertaiment company and you can highlight things, it has a very well endowed receptionist, if you click on the reception is says 'A receptionist with huge breasts is sitting there'.
  16. I need to go back to it, am stuck on the electicity boss in the water arena.
  17. As a note on the above, just be aware the list isn't in chronological order. I made that mistake until I got one wrong. Yes I know I didn't pay attention to the actual dates otherwise it would have been obvious, or even the fact it would have been a bit weird that chronologically they were also in alphabetical order!
  18. The fights with some mini bosses later on are actually harder than the main bosses, as they are a lot more freeform I thought. Then there is the last boss fight which is on another level to the rest of the game, primiarly because the amount of damage that it can take, and therfore the length of time the fight goes on for, and again it's more freeform nature.
  19. I know you aren’t going this way, but it’s better to use 15k to get the three months of gold, this converts to 50 days GPU if you have a running subscription. (300 points per day vs 400 points per day)
  20. Red Matter is excellent, and I enjoyed Journey of the Gods.
  21. I think it's clear in the context of the bug which is: The game crashes if you destory a door that you have placed a map marker on.
  22. I assume it means if you have placed a marker over the door, clear it (highlight it and press a)
  23. Still stuck on the final boss but there's a couple of things that I'm not liking about it
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