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  1. Just backed this... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1663969903/masters-of-gettown-a-full-contact-dice-battling-bo/description I played a prototype of this at the UKGE last year and was really impressed with it (and have been waiting for an age for the Kickstarter campaign)...it's a full contact dice game.
  2. ...Oh my, they are a pyramid scheme. And a quick search reveals someone writing about how SC is a ponzi scheme in 2014.
  3. Maybe they should just say 'sod it' and go full pyramid scheme? "Hey backers...introduce new backers and receive these digital assets! Remember the more backers you sign up and the more backers they sign up means your digital assets can increase exponentially! ...and can I interest you in a monorail?'
  4. Oh I don't know...Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell match anything the US has produced in terms of production. And while it may be branded as 'BBC', I'm sure it will have plenty of foreign cash behind it as well.
  5. Legend of Hell House An early 70's haunted house movie starring Roddy McDowell. It's always been a favourite of mine.
  6. Ooo...I've just seen this post. I saw the game was being advertised at last year's UKGE but didn't pay any attention to it. I then played it a couple of months later at my local games group and really enjoyed it, so much so picked up a copy to play with my nephews over Christmas. It was a big hit, even my brother in law got involved. Cracking game, simple enough to teach in 10 minutes, with a nice mix of random chance and tactical play.
  7. Hmm Russell Crowe looking like John Goodman these days.
  8. Ahhh Roguelike games, the king of game genres. I remember my first encounter with them in a midnight visit to the Computer lab at university to play Nethack and Moria on an ancient Sequent machine. With regards to the pros and cons between the Angband variants and the Nethacks of the world, they are two very different games which have to be played in completely different ways. I enjoy them both and celebrate their different strengths. Now excuse me I think I'll give this Dwarf Fortress a whirl.
  9. Of course you all know this is a machieavellian wheeze to make the lads look good compared to the rest of the sallow faced, lumpen mass of gaming humanity?
  10. I thought this weeks episode was the best yet. I'm now well and truly hooked by this now. The idea of duelling serial killers is an intriguing one. I hope they can keep this up (let's face it heroes has some flat ones), each episode has been a cracker. ...oh and had Julie Benz in the nuddie, so smashing all round.
  11. To be fair to Sony (which is unusual for me) a quick once over of the list shows that the main problem is BGM and intermittent freezes. I could probably live with it (especially as Tekken 5 is the only game in the list that I own), not that I'm going to buy one anyway.
  12. Hmmm...finishing games eh? What an intersting idea. Dragon Quest 8: Probably not even close to completing this but it comes out every couple of days for boomerang practice Ring of Red: Had this for three years and have only recently given it any significant playing time, I can see it's simplistic structure boring me in a while FFX: Well I've had it since I bought my PS2 in 2001...and I've either lost the memory card / accidently deleted my saves on two separate occasions which means I'm currently just on the first real boss fight...hopefully I'll finish it before it's 10th anniversary. Shadow of The Collosus: I get too easily distracted and start just wandering about on my horse...must persevere. XCOM Apocalypse: I've finished this a number of times but I've just got it to work on my laptop and I shall complete it...becasue once you pop you can't stop
  13. It's somewhat ironic coming from a company that have proved again and again that it can't organise a cocktail party in a brewery.
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