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  1. merman

    Cricket Thread

    Going to miss the NZ tests, but he can cuddle his second consecutive Wisden Cricketer of the Year award instead...
  2. Binged this over the last week and it’s fantastic. I guess I was predisposed to liking it, being a fan of Flight of the Conchords and What We Do In The Shadows - but it works so well. Not only does it nail the police ride-along documentary feel, it consistently comes up with funny paranormal ideas. I love the fact they referenced The x-Files in the first episode, and O’Leary’s flippant comment “Stop that, it’s a bit scary” made me laugh so much.
  3. A new era of soccer starting at Ipswich. American owners, and a 0-0 draw with MK Dons
  4. England Roses through to the Six Nations final
  5. Oh man, such a narrow defeat for Wasps yesterday - but they left a few points on the field Inc that attacking first half. And Northampton Saints pulled off a cracking comeback in the Challenge Cup, beating the Dragons 43-39.
  6. Yeah, I spotted that group pretty quickly. Two very challenging walls though - recent series have made an impressive job of scaling the difficulty as the teams make progress through the rounds.
  7. Please order a large mountain of salt to take with those Mark Cale sales figures. I I did play this one a lot, controls are really awkward but I got better at it with perseverance.
  8. That was a fantastic final, two incredibly devious walls and such a great battle between two top teams.
  9. The Farrell/Ford axis has run its course.
  10. Shaun Williamson on Celebrity Beat The Chasers this weekend should be worth a watch...
  11. I have long said I would love to see a special Eggheads vs Chasers, playing both formats. Shaun Williamson was part of Al Murray’s Fact Hunt that went out on satellite a couple of years ago. There was a round where it was one contestant against Shaun.
  12. See, Free Radical were radical when they set out to make Goldeneye. New to the industry, trying to do things in their own way. Then they just revived the formula for Perfect Dark and tweaked it to become Timesplitters, and that’s when the hubris kicked in. It’s the only way to explain the mess that is Haze...
  13. Working our way through season 2 of The Bay (ITV) and the second set of McDonald & Dodds (also ITV). The latter is basically Death in Paradise moved to Somerset and gender swapped, so you have the lead detective as the good-looking young woman (but still have the angst of having to move somewhere new) and a quirky older sidekick. A bit Odd Couple, a bit Columbo. Episode 1 with Rob Brydon and the 1980s throwbacks was fun. Episode 2 they managed to spoil with the title. D’oh!
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