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  1. If there was some value to it - “Atari” doing it as a serious investment in preservation and game history - then it would be welcome. But it seems more like that recent online forum purchase, just a way to grab a pool of user data/traffic. And then annoy it with advertising.
  2. Brilliant from the Red Roses, 15 tries and 89-0 against the USA - and they left points on the field.
  3. I interviewed Steve Meretzky for the current issue of Retro Gamer (#227), he has fond memories of writing that game
  4. South Africa brought the big hits, but delightful to see that quick rugby England played. Steward finished that try so well, and Quirke must be on cloud nine after that debut. But it was so close, those two missed Pollard kicks and two blown breaks could have told a different story...
  5. Fair. I played it on the Five Star Games II compilation, and just found the keyboard controls too fiddly.
  6. “Hi, Mister Judge, sir. I want you to change your verdict.” ”Show me some new evidence.” And the wing still flexes...
  7. For me it will always be Jean Alesi that should have been F1 champion. After that amazing season at Tyrell, he was nearly a Williams driver in 1991 - but they got Senna.
  8. I interviewed Jon Ritman twice, so it’s straight from the source. As jdanddiet points out, it then got referred to as Prince Charles.
  9. I like the follow-up, but I adore the original. I remember Dad picking us up from school to drive us into Cambridge, getting into Boots and buying it. It still sends shivers down my spine when the scanning sound starts up. And to my mind the pace is part of the challenge - you need to work out the best way to turn, the best angle to line up, the next step up the ziggurat to reach the zenith. The key layout is course inherited from the BBC Micro.
  10. I did enjoy Street Surfer. Fist 2 - if anything, the map was too big and unfocused. Not enough clues/prompts to guide you to the temples.
  11. It’s not Prince Charles. It’s Plug from The Bash Street Kids.
  12. And Lewis didn’t get any help from the virtual/safety car periods? Yes, it was an outstanding drive from Lewis. Yes, he deserved to take the lead for a great pass on Max. But he had a lot of luck there.
  13. I feel sorry for Shaun Southern who got dragged into it, he made a decent update of Trailblazer but to no avail.
  14. That’s a real shame. Had the pleasure of interviewing Jon Ritman a couple of times and he was so full of praise for Bernie’s graphics. The oft-told story was of how Jon sat him down with the graphic editor, Bernie started plotting random pixels and out emerged an eyeball monster that appeared in Batman. There is is so much character in Head over Heels, and the distinctive background styles of the various planets/bases are so atmospheric.
  15. merman

    Cricket Thread

    Highest total to win a T20 final needed. That drop of Williamson could be crucial, but Warner has already pulled out a couple of big hits to keep the Aussies in the hunt.
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