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  1. If Lewis was sailing close to the wind with his T-shirt, his criticisms about the restarts not being safe were even closer to something that WILL upset the authorities.
  2. Finally managed to catch up with the documentary, enjoyed it. The bit about the conventions was brilliant, and also interesting to hear more about the special effects and the American pilot. (There are ways to watch it, but don't let it spoil your appetite for the real thing). Also enjoyed the talking heads, especially Dallas Campbell on the science in the last episode.
  3. merman

    Cricket Thread

    Impressive from England, they keep finding the way to win. And without Stokes.
  4. "I like to make notes as I watch Line of Duty" "He's regained consciousness" I am enjoying it, not quite as good as Burp but filled with clever moments.
  5. Picked this up on Switch yesterday and had a quick few goes, looks really colourful and seems ideal for a quick gaming session. Will be interesting to see what happens with the updates/DLC.
  6. @Riven - yeah, the US Gold ports are very different to the arcade game.
  7. Pre-season going well for Ipswich then. Predictable defeats to Spurs and West Ham, but worrying when the assistant manager says the players weren't putting the effort in leading to a 1-0 defeat at Cambridge United...
  8. Relax and watch a mini-series to get away from the global pandemic. It's a mini-series about a global pandemic. Oh.
  9. Well, the fact it's a *sequel* tends to suggest it wasn't the first of anything, doesn't it? It refined and established some of the modern conventions, but it built upon: Karate Champ / Way of the Exploding Fist - winning rounds Yie Ar Kung-Fu - different opponents, energy bars Uchi Mata - rotational command inputs and there were other fighting games between Street Fighter (1988) and Street Fighter II (1991/2). Agreed on the in-show graphics though. I do like that sort of "environmental" use of graphic elements, such as rebuilding landmarks on
  10. Mixed feelings. Mistakes and glaring errors, poor narrative flow (why end on Nolan Bushnell's first encounter with Spacewar, for example) and baffling to interview Becky Heinemann without mentioning The Bard's Tale. Still, the more gaming documentaries out there the more the mainstream will take notice. Loved the pixel art animations though.
  11. So I binge-watched this - and have mixed feelings. It is great that it's out there, we need more coverage of gaming on TV beyond sensationalist news slots on eSports and loot boxes. I loved the pixel art and seeing some different names in front of the camera (especially Dylan Cuthbert). But... We also need respectful, well-researched and insightful documentaries, not junk-food for the eyes that skims the surface. I mean, Becky Heinemann did so much for the RPG genre as designer on The Bard's Tale Series - and the games don't even get mentioned. Gla
  12. merman

    Cricket Thread

    The issue of bad light was talked about a lot over these last two Tests, but this tradition where you get into the last hour and agree a draw needs looking at too. Particularly now we have the Test Championship points to worry about.
  13. The away end at Cambridge United used to back onto allotments. On more than one occasion fans from either side have been known to chuck produce over the wall and into the stadium. There was one cup match where the away fans were demanding a roof, and when they finally built a new stand that end the cabbage-throwing stopped.
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