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  1. Looks cute, interesting to have a couple of games that never had a home release on there. Maybe not an instant buy for me, but worth considering.
  2. Vega and Vega+, or Elite Software's app, were a grift. This is a good product from a company trying to do things the right way, licensing games properly.
  3. I love this sort of discovery. But it holds a warning for the future of game development history - we need to start preserving more.
  4. Playing through the 37! games released in Reset's Craptastic 2020 4K Game Competition - make a C64 game in 4K. And there's some very clever games in there, including Blockheads 4K from @carleton https://reset64-magazine.itch.io/2020-reset64-4kb-craptastic-game-compo
  5. Hmm, my THEC64 stick is much better than the Mini one so far. I did have the left fire button stick once but it was soon free. There are more VIC-20 games on this VIC version than the THEC64 incarnation. But I personally don't think I will order one myself. Although my friend in Germany is pre-ordering one sent to my address so he can get it sent on...
  6. They did polls on social media, and 1-2 carts a month proved the most popular options. Double-dipped on the Dizzy cart, got a signed one coming from the Fusion annual Kickstarter.
  7. Carts #11 and #12 - Tanglewood/Xeno Crisis and the Dizzy Collection (the latter with profits going to the National Videogame Museum) - up for pre-order tomorrow.
  8. For The Love Of Spock - brilliant documentary by Adam Nimoy on his father Leonard's role as Spock.
  9. Been enjoying Robin's recent Easter Egg videos, and there are more to come. This one is particularly nerdy, especially patching the code to make it appear.
  10. Desert Falcon 7800 is on Atari Collection 2...
  11. Six-page Making of Plok feature, including sidebars on the comic and vinyl soundtrack album...
  12. It was in the same parcel. Three carts included in with my Premium console, the other seven in the parcel.
  13. Got mine yesterday, only had a brief play but it's great. (Limited Edition All-In for me, ordered day one.)
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