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  1. Spent the last few days helping test a new C64 game, The Isle of the Cursed Prophet...
  2. That was superb, especially the bit with the malfunctioning lights...
  3. Jack Whitehall was ok. Ironically I found it more jarring to see him as the Witchfinder Adultery Pulsifer than I did as the descendant Newton...
  4. Well, binged on it this week and it was fantastic. I am a huge fan of the book and this mini-series did it justice. Sheen and Tenant were outstanding, the strutting Crowley being exactly how I imagined him.
  5. Finally had some time to catch up with season five and it was ace. But about halfway through episode three I burst out laughing. All those car bonnet shots, they are just aching to be edited together with the theme tune to Police Squad...
  6. If the charity were the only ones selling these type of cards, I could see the issue. I have two different sets from retro Kickstarters. There are others out there. I genuinely believe this is all a misunderstanding. And then the RG haters stepped in and used it as an opportunity to attack.
  7. And you know what? If the mag had used the museum's cards, people would have been complaining that they already have them
  8. There is extra stuff in this version apparently... Collecting certain items and going to the attic unlocks an extra quest.
  9. So you are just going to ignore the multiple occasions Wales cleared out beyond the ruck?
  10. Just catching up Episode 4 - enjoyed that Episode 5 - very good Episode 6 - loved the repeat of the opening dialogue
  11. Why and when? Ref didn't warn England earlier, Wales had a couple of high tackles too.
  12. Been playing it. Very clever, makes you think before you move.
  13. F1 is at its best when the best drivers are racing in closely matched cars on interesting circuits. With the exception of Austin and possibly Kazakhstan, the new tracks are increasingly boring. Loopholes are not exciting racing.
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