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  1. I didn’t play World Games until Commodore Force gave it away on the cover disk. I didn’t find the events as compelling as the previous Games, personally. Bull Riding is probably the best, the others don’t reward repeated play as much. Looks good, sounds great and I love the presentation (especially the travelogue screens), but the gameplay marks the point where Epyx started to lose their magic.
  2. Articles include In Memory of Sir Clive Sinclair Evercade Levels Up - looking at the new cartridges and VS console The Evolution of Boulder Dash Making of Microprose Soccer, First Samurai and Future Cop L.A.P.D. DMA Design: The N64 Years In The Chair: Steve Golson (programmer at GCC on Ms Pac-Man and the Atari 7800 console) Minority Report - BBC Master From The Archives - Nu Wave Software* Whatever Happened To Maui Mallard 2 Retro Inspired - Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water plus lots more... * this is my feature, will be posting some extra content on the RG forum and some video content on YouTube I will share here
  3. It’s also a budgetary thing - the mags were paying for the cover tape games (or in a few instances gifting advertising space), so that had to come out of the pot of money to make each issue. Now, it may have been only a few hundred pounds a game, but that’s significant in terms of freelancer budget and turnover. Plus there’s the duplication costs. There’s also the time factor - the magazine staff would have to chase games and demos, write up instruction pages and check how things worked.
  4. There’s a piece on DMA Design in the new Retro Gamer (#226, in the shops on Thursday) and how its N64 games led up to GTA III. There was definitely hype for GTA III.
  5. There’s also Star Clash for the BBC from Gremlin, which was found to have substantial amounts of code from Elite.
  6. Amanda was so lucky with her showpiece there. And everyone seems to be forgetting how much messing around Mel & Sue did as hosts. (I do miss the history/re-enactment/explanations they did - Prue & Paul just discussing what the technical is while tasting it just isn’t the same)
  7. Funny you should mention Amazon Warrior by New Generation. It was programmed by Geoff Sumner... he went on to program Arcana. Now, there are some who believe Amazon Warrior is just a reworked/cloned Forbidden Forest. So did Geoff try the same trick with Staff of Karnath?
  8. Hot Wheels, Barbie and G.I. Joe from Epyx are not “games” they are toy tie-ins. They were designed to be interactive rather than a gaming experience. There is no real way to die/lose.
  9. Hacker II was a really clever idea for the follow-up, but I ultimately found it too tricky to achieve the camera bypass consistently.
  10. The same people who tweet Billie Joe from Green Day at the end of September telling him to wake up* *Wake Me Up When September Ends was written in memory of his dad who had died that month.
  11. Worth pointing out that the tape version has fewer options. I played it from tape and enjoyed it, but International Basketball and Fast Break are better classic ballers - and Jam It! is the modern alternative.
  12. https://snescentral.com is one I use regularly
  13. Maggi just hanging in there thanks to Rachica’s mistakes. Chigs had a better week.
  14. Yes, The Daily Llama covered the creation of Iridis Alpha in ZZAP. Personally, I love Trap. But then I tended to play it with extra Orbs (type SHIFT + RATT on the title screen to enter the custom menu) and the best ship on level 1, which makes it easier to get into. The original Alligata tape of Trap came with a stereo mix of the music, created using two C64s linked together. A joystick button was wired so that pressing it started the music in sync on both machines for the recording.
  15. The Terrible Old... books from Ashens
  16. Already talking to Johan, and fellow PICO-8 developer Paul Nicholls It is on my list of things to cover, and McGeezer has agreed to an interview... Keep the suggestions coming guys!
  17. Jason did cover that, but links to other things would be appreciated. I have already secured an interview about a forthcoming NES game and am delving deep into Electron homebrew too.
  18. I interviewed Mark Greenshields (C64 programmer of Split Personalities)* for Retro Gamer, he had a couple of attempts at doing a mobile/touchscreen version but he felt that it didn’t turn out right. Ironically the renewed interest in Spitting Image almost makes a new version viable with that name/license. *I also tracked down Ernest Peske of Ernieware, who created the original Spectrum version.
  19. So, the homebrew column was a key part of Retro Gamer - and it was brilliantly put together for years by the sadly missed Jason Kelk who passed away earlier this year. With demand from the readers, it will be coming back in a new form in issue 228. I will be taking over the writing & compiling of the column. So if there is anything you want featured, any games or developers that deserve to be in the spotlight then let me know - either in this thread or via DM. And the developers themselves are welcome to get in touch. We always needs reviews and previews, and there’s will be interviews too. We plan to cover a wide range of subjects, computers and consoles, game jams and competitions, and the publishers putting out great homebrew. New ideas include mini “making of” articles explaining how it is done, and guides to the best homebrew for various formats since the end of their “commercial” life.
  20. RG haven’t done a company feature on Software Projects (yet), there was a Collector’s Guide about three years ago. The main thing is getting access to key people, and that would have to include co-founder Matthew Smith. (Short version - Matthew Smith was unhappy with Bug Byte’s speed of paying royalties, he left to form Software Projects. And he took the rights to Manic Miner with him. Software Projects relied heavily on Smith for interest in its games, but he was slow to finish up new projects. A vain attempt at launching games at a mid-range price - including the excellent chase game Star Paws - ultimately drained money out of the company and it shut down. Smith disappeared off to Holland and wasn’t seen for years). I loved the Software Projects logo, the “impossible” shape known as a Penrose Triangle. As for Dragon’s Lair, it was an interesting approach and it nearly worked, the biggest problem was how much the controls changed between screens. The tape loader was an impressive bit of tech though, loading the next screen while you played...
  21. Unless things pick up before Christmas, we could get dragged down into it. Just need some consistency because the players are talented enough, it’s gelling as a team.
  22. Accrington Stanley, who are they? oh, the team that have beaten us. 2 shots on target from the Tractor Boys, one goal.
  23. Perhaps it’s because I never played it much in the arcade I don’t have as fond a memory of it. Played quite a few of the home conversions. A personal favourite was Double Dragon III on C64 - the shop is an interesting addition. And I have been playing a couple more on Evercade recently.
  24. And there’s a MEGA65 development competition ongoing
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