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  1. On 26/01/2023 at 17:02, Unofficial Who said:

    Another also ran Gothik is yet another Gauntlet clone which purports to be a sequel to Druid.


    In terms of look and feel it reminds me of Ranarama although not as good. Yet again a case of the field being so competitive by 1988 that you really need to be special if you're cloning something. This isn't bad, it just feels dull and derivative.




    Worth booting up once though to witness some of the cleanest speech sampling on the C64. How did they get "Welcome to Gothik!" to sound so crisp?


    In Gothik you are trying to find the bones of Hasrinaax, the player character from Druid/Druid II: Enlightenment. The original Druid was then remade/reworked as Warlock: The Avenger.

    As for samples, it’s down to the sample rate and playback routine. There are some amazing demos using more complex techniques, but this one in Gothik definitely sounds like an 8-bit sample where many are 4-bit.

  2. 38 minutes ago, HOW said:


    I'm hoping L9 article's not a one pager. Loved L9 adventures on my C64


    It’s six pages on the later HUGE development system (although it does mention some of the earlier games in a boxout)

  3. On 15/01/2023 at 09:32, fat flatulent git said:

    What’s in the mag besides SOTB?

    Defining Amiga 500 games (OCS and ECS)

    Ultimate Guides to Turrican and Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja

    The RG Guide to Imagine Software

    So You Want To Collect Atari Lynx

    Level 9’s HUGE Adventures

    Back to the Noughties, Classic Moments, Retrorevivals, My Retro Life, Hot Topic: Achievement Hunters, Collector’s Corner

    Moai.games - interview with @matt! about his website tracking Moai 🗿 in games


    Homebrewer’s Kit: Feature on 3D Monster Max for the C64 (and other first-person maze games), News Bytes, Champion Coder Jonas Hultén (HERO for VIC-20), Databurst reviews of Tynesoft C16 Classics (Game Boy Color), Amiga Blitz Basic Jam and CPC Jewels (Amstrad CPC), and how Martyn Carroll recreated Tournament Arkanoid for ZX Spectrum...


  4. 4 hours ago, Rex Grossman said:

    I probably wouldn't do what I do today if not for Zzap.


    Same here. Roger gave me my first regular writing job on Commodore Force, and in recent years I worked with him on books, Annuals and the revived ZZAP. I was also lucky enough to meet him and Oli at retro events. Roger was a genuinely wonderful person that I will miss deeply.

  5. 18 hours ago, strider said:

    Jason would be proud of the fantastic work you are doing with it. I know I am 👌


    Thanks boss, that’s what I wanted to do - live up to what Jason did with the column, covering a wide range of machines and competitions/jams.

  6. 22 hours ago, AceGrace said:

    Apparently an announcement coming next week about the stolen limited editions.


    Got my email from Funstock today, there will be another email to those who missed out on the Limited Edition in the New Year to add their name to the Heroes list.

  7. Homebrew - Robocop is returning to Amiga (a new AGA version) and arriving on Mega Drive, the Champion Coder is Alastair Low (Flea, Tapeworm Disco Puzzle) and there’s a preview of Terrestrial on C64 (released this week). Plus a review of Devil’s Temple - Return of the Kung Fu Master on Amiga...

  8. Foakes back and young spinner Reham in. Will be interesting to see if we can get that third win.


    (Rawalpindi pitch for the First Test rated “inadequate” by the ICC assessor - for not offering help to the bowlers. Makes it even more impressive we took 20 wickets on it.)

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