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  1. Homebrew Extras for you at my (unofficial) site: https://andrewrfisher.wixsite.com/retro-gamer-homebrew/post/homebrew-extra-retro-gamer-241
  2. Homebrew - Robocop is returning to Amiga (a new AGA version) and arriving on Mega Drive, the Champion Coder is Alastair Low (Flea, Tapeworm Disco Puzzle) and there’s a preview of Terrestrial on C64 (released this week). Plus a review of Devil’s Temple - Return of the Kung Fu Master on Amiga...
  3. 55, but yeah, incredible work from England to get the win clearly in their sights.
  4. Best refereeing performance of the tournament. Incredible match all round.
  5. Terramex is one of those best played with a map/solution to hand. I did like the fact there were different things to do for different characters, and it got a decent Archimedes port.
  6. Foakes back and young spinner Reham in. Will be interesting to see if we can get that third win. (Rawalpindi pitch for the First Test rated “inadequate” by the ICC assessor - for not offering help to the bowlers. Makes it even more impressive we took 20 wickets on it.)
  7. Impact reviewed badly, but it’s not that bad. Yes, there are better games on the C64 in that genre but it is fun to pick up and play for a few minutes - or even design a few screens.
  8. Their captain dropping Duckett has helped us no end. Well played to England ladies, 3-0 whitewash of the West Indies in the ODIs.
  9. Binged the first series this week, and really enjoyed it. Clever twists. And then ironically for a program about time travel they left themselves a lot of work to do in that final act of episode 8 - and made things even more complex!
  10. I’d concur with @squirtleon The Corporation* - interesting but tricky to get into. Pac-Land - it is well made on C64 but I hate them springboards... *Footnote: Yes, it is The Corporation, artwork was changed at the last minute. And ironically it helps distinguish it from Core Design’s early FPS Corporation...
  11. In the most recent firmware
  12. Fleetwood scored a 94th minute equaliser against Ipswich, thanks to deflections off two defenders. Incredibly bad/good luck depending on your perspective.
  13. Australia declared TWICE in their First Test against the West Indies, winning by 164 runs. Test Cricket is definitely much better when sides don’t play for the draw.
  14. I couldn’t find an issue 239 thread either. So I’m going to post the Homebrew Extras for #239 https://andrewrfisher.wixsite.com/retro-gamer-homebrew/post/homebrew-extra-retro-gamer-239 And #240 in here: https://andrewrfisher.wixsite.com/retro-gamer-homebrew/post/homebrew-extra-retro-gamer-240
  15. The music in Card Sharks is by Ed Bogas, who did the earlier Accolade games you mention and composed music for the Snoopy TV cartoons.
  16. Pro BMX wasn’t a budget price, though. It also had more than one set of courses.
  17. What always surprised me was how Lola chassis was dominating in Indycar but stuck at the back of the F1 grid.
  18. I put a lot of time into Frightmare and made progress, but it is a flawed piece despite the interesting atmosphere.
  19. What is interesting about it is the fact it plays differently on the C128...
  20. See, I always preferred the atmosphere of Paradroid to Quazatron. I did play a lot of Magnetron though, best run saw me clear a couple of satellites. While it can be frustrating, the various systems can be learned.
  21. There’s a conversion of Windjammers on the way, been playing the latest alpha
  22. I own an original of Soko-Ban on C64 disk. I remember reading the review at the time, but I didn’t get it until I first got a disk drive in 1989. It was a bargain too, five quid from a mail order company.
  23. Gutted for England’s women, losing in the final again
  24. Maddison off with a hamstring injury...
  25. Tournament Arkanoid - an updated version of the Spectrum conversion, with the levels from 1987’s updated arcade variant (made by Taito USA) featuring new, tougher levels. https://bit.ly/tourark
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