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  1. "This is a no-tie zone" You just get the feeling that things are really like that, in Government and Opposition, right now... Very funny.
  2. MJ Hibbett - Things Will Be Different (When I'm In Charge)
  3. There's a repeat on ITV1 Wednesday 3rd January, 11pm
  4. (There's a Commodore 64 version of Castlevania, too...)
  5. Seconded! Award for the best parody of another programme
  6. Mitch Benn - Broadband (from the Best of the Now Show, listen again on the BBC Radio 4 website)
  7. It's happening both ways, which is annoying when you read both magazines... Loved the Nights and Puyo Puyo features, not too sure about the arcade one though - didn't have a lot to say.
  8. C64 Take-away episode #34 (podcast dedicated to C64 music and remixes)
  9. Loved it, Charlie telling it like it is... the Ghost of Christmas TV Present saying the past was better in some ways, the present is (mostly) ghastly and the future is going to be worse...
  10. Due in shops December 28th (next Thursday in other words) Arrival at subscribers subject to the vagaries of the Christmas post...
  11. On a large metal spit? Let's hope so.
  12. If you took the best bits from all three games and put them together you would have an amazing game...
  13. Personally, I thought it was just a little fast in places (like glossing over the Violet/Bilious subplot). And the wardrobe was missing. But overall an excellent production and I agree with others saying Sky should do more Discworld.
  14. merman

    Christmas Songs

    Language of Flowers - Christmas MJ Hibbett and the Validators - either Give Us A Kiss For Christmas, or The Advent Calendar of FACT
  15. Got the better end of a deal like that in my local independent game shop - picked up ISS for the SNES, guy goes out the back and apologises "We only have ISS Deluxe", so I got it for the same price...
  16. Hogfather - Terry Pratchett, in preparation for Christmas and the two-part adaptation on Sky One this weekend...
  17. http://www.arcadecabinets.co.uk/ I was lucky enough to win one in the raffle at the Retro Ball...
  18. MJ Hibbett & The Validators - Billy Jones Is Dead
  19. Trampalomine.... Trimtrapalone... Tortellini... Miner Willy vs The Taxman
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