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  1. Thursday, it was already mentioned once in the thread... Nice range of content, still working my way through it all. Don't know if we needed two Wii ads. Or a picture of those drunks at the Retro Fusion event
  2. Mitch Benn - Myspace ("Tom, if you're like everbody's friend, do you think you could like turn around and face the right way occasionally?")
  3. The Good, The Bad & The Queen - Behind The Sun, from the Electric Proms performance, dedicated to John Peel (Hurry up if you want to listen again on the BBC website - http://www.bbc.co.uk/electricproms - as today is the last day this performance will be available)
  4. guillemots - If The World Ends, XFM Live session
  5. Blur - Girls and Boys (live at the Astoria, February 1997 - from a rather nice live bootleg CD)
  6. MJ Hibbett & The Validators - Better Things To Do (single version)
  7. Been catching some of the TNG episodes on Sky Two recently, reminded me how good it could be...
  8. If you want to try something a bit different from Thalamus, try SNARE by Rob Stevens (puzzle game where the screen turns 90 degrees as your craft turns) or HEATSEEKER by Paul O'Malley (you control a Leg with a Ball on it looking for flames... unusual and good fun)
  9. Another nomination for the Zelda Collection...
  10. Athlete - Shake Those Windows, from Vehicles & Animals
  11. Reyn Ouwehand - Aztec Challenge, from Nexus6581
  12. MJ Hibbett & The Validators - The Gay Train, which now comes with a Rob Manuel (B3TA) video: www.mjhibbett.net/gaytrain
  13. There's a few new C64 puzzle games around at the moment actually... Zoo Mania (based on the Zookeeper Flash/DS game) Marble Logic beta (similar to Bejewelled) Stranded (conversion of the Cronosoft Speccy game)
  14. One Man & His Mic - The Last Ninja Special http://www.binaryzone.org/podcast/
  15. Well, sort of. It was one of those "if you find nobody else, let's get together" deals... The actual episode was OK. I just found the ending weak and predictable. Like he's really going to brush off a meeting with De Niro for Maggie and the sick kid. Should have played up the possibility of Andy & Maggie getting together MORE in the BAFTA episode.
  16. As the music started, going through my head was "I bet they do Letterwang" this week... Close guess! I think Mock the Week was the wrong sort of show for Mark Steele - his Lectures on BBC4 are excellent, but like Phil Kaye you can't "straightjacket" him and tie him down to a seat behind a desk on a panel show. All change for Thursdays next week - Catherine Tate and Buzzcocks.
  17. Press Play On Tape - Kettle, from the album Run-Stop/Restore
  18. Press Play On Tape - Wizardry, from the album Loading Ready Run
  19. And if you've never seen it, head over to http://www.gtw64.co.uk for the complete and unreleased Commodore 64 version of Solar Jetman...
  20. Yep, the 125+ had a rotating grip, but I think only Flying Shark and Victory Road were programmed to take advantage of it... I must admit I never had any problems with Cheetah sticks, found them more reliable than the Quickshot 2's. Powerplay Cruiser also had the torque ring - you could change the stick between three levels of "firmness", so level 1 was loose and floppy, and level 3 needed a lot of effort to move.
  21. R-Type, Parodius, Darius Alpha, Galaga 90... almost as good a format as the Saturn for shmup fans.
  22. Madballs by Makke - from the album It's Binary, Baby!
  23. There's no doubt it's gone downhill in recent years, and Alexander Armstrong was a great guest presenter - he should have got the permanent job. I'd agree with those calling for it to end...
  24. R.E.M.IX - a remix album of tracks from the Reveal LP. Currently on She Just Wants To Be, remixed by Janie Candlioro
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