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  1. I'm on a Carl Hiaasen tip at the moment - Lucky You, Native Tongue and now Stormy Weather. Set in Florida in the aftermath of a hurricane, the usual Hiaasen assortment of bizarre freaks, wild animals and criminal activity...
  2. Since you are into acoustic and Jeff Buckley, try Turin Brakes.
  3. Take that comeback single and shove it up Gary Barlow's wide ass, along with the All Saints one.
  4. REM - The Great Beyond, from the Man on the Moon soundtrack album
  5. R.E.M. - I Don't Sleep, I Dream - from Monster.
  6. I think the snooker commentators are very funny - on one level you've got the repeated joke of them JUST making it back to the mic in time to deliver a comment, and on another you've got this frisson of their almost stalker-like interest in the players. I laughed a lot at last night's episode, particularly the literary agent.
  7. I am Kloot - Maybe I Should (IAK have got a new CD out in a couple of weeks, collecting their John Peel Sessions. www.play.com have it on pre-order)
  8. (Don't Go Back To) Rockville by R.E.M., from Eponymous.
  9. One of the key criticisms was poor AI, with units getting stuck on scenery or continuing to chase too far into enemy territory... that probably cost it the 9 score.
  10. Mine arrived yesterday. Haven't finished reading, but some interesting features in there.
  11. Agreed, it was a very good conversion for the time. And they packed the five different courses into a single load, unlike Out Run on the C64.
  12. Just to say, I think #49 represents a return to form for the Retro section in gamesTM with some interesting stuff.
  13. Had a good time and a lot of laffs. Enjoyed watching Strider play Sin & Punishment, and Martyn Carroll's eyelids drooping lower and lower as he consumed more alcohol...
  14. The Ocean cartridges were pretty good games - Pang, Navy Seals and Battle Command particularly (although they were early 1990's, so only 15 years ago...)
  15. (Agreed, Moonlight Sonata is a fantastic piece of music) Listening to Termina Field from Majora's Mask, from the ONM #8 DVD
  16. The Pub Landlord, trained in Fight Dynamics and "Leave it, it's not worth it" strategies
  17. Cool, I'll have a look. I can also recommend my friend Vinny's site - http://www.c64endings.co.uk - dealing with Commodore 64 game endings...
  18. V is for Volfied (Qix with shiny bits)
  19. "Unfortunately, the island (Hawaii) is the backdrop to a videogame that's (sic) scale doesn't match its execution" "Test Drive Unlimited is occassionally excellent when racing against humans, yet remarkably pedestrian when simply going for a spin" The main criticism seems to be the AI Behaviour Of Other Cars...
  20. I have no problem with cameos, but they should be consistent - if you see what I mean. So, Shinobi could appear in a Tenchu game, but I wouldn't want Master Chief in Mario Kart Wii...
  21. H is for Henry's House (8-bit platformer based around the young Prince Harry from English Software...)
  22. The Ordinary Boys - cover of My Girl by Madness
  23. Got my DS Lite yesterday, with Wario Ware Touched, Mario Kart and Nintendogs. Just in time for my holiday.
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