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  1. Super Scramble Simulator on 8 and 16 bit, was a follow-up to Kik Start by Shaun Southern. I don't think it's as good, but it is quite a challenge. Not only do you get a side-on view (with large biker) you also get a top-down view to align yourself with obstacles.
  2. Five is doing OK, ratings wise. I don't watch films on Five because of the previously mentioned news/ad breaks. But they have shown some good documentaries recently - the series on art/artists, and currently The Trench Detectives. Harry Hill's TV Burp will be back in the New Year
  3. As a complete soundtrack, I love Super Metroid because it adds to the atmosphere. For a single song, it would have to be Magical Sound Shower from Out Run.
  4. They will be if - they lose the revenue from ITV Play because of the regulators - they cannot re-negotiate the advertising contracts I hate to say it, but there's very little I watch on ITV these days. The only thing I regularly watch on ITV1 at the moment is "Country Days" produced by Anglia, which is in the 7:30pm regional slot on Thursdays.
  5. Very droll. Tommy Murphy is an undercover detective, this time trying to get close to two Irish brothers who have moved to the West Midlands. After getting them to trust him, Murphy finds out about the money back in Ireland and how the brothers are going to get. The only trouble is, Murphy's cover is blown by a careless mistake from his back-up...
  6. I can recommend: ON THE EDGE - The Spectacular Rise & Fall of Commodore Author - Brian Bagnall ISBN 0-9738649-0-7 Variant Press (Canada) www.commodorebook.com It follows the story of Commodore from the point of view of the engineers who worked at MOS and then Commodore, from the early days of the PET right through to the bankruptcy of the company. A thorough and interesting read for anyone interested in Commodore computers and the industry as a whole.
  7. While there's a lot to be said about the cinematic style and ambition of MGS2, there's no doubt I found it a trial to complete. The swordfight at the end is excellent, and yet is over so quickly - it's almost like it was stuck on at the end of the design process. I actually had as much fun with the VR missions as I did with the main game.
  8. It's not a new series, just a one-off bank holiday special. (Dalziel & Pascoe special on next weekend). If anything the new handler (and female colleague) storyline is working for me. Will be interesting to see how the loose threads are tied up...
  9. MJ Hibbett & The Validators - Hey Hey 16K, from the album Say It With Words
  10. Hehe, I think even Micro$oft's evaluation department might spot that before it's released
  11. See, that's where an inventor is actually a different type of person. Your average man in the street would think, bit of clingfilm, job's a good 'un. Whereas he designed, and got a prototype built, and put on a terrible suit when he went to pitch to potential investors Thought he'd lost any chance when he revealed the NEGATIVES he had got, not a good strategy. Still it was interesting (and quite a switch) to see what happened next....
  12. A game. The visuals are based on effects from the Neon lightsynth that is built into the Xbox 360 (there is a separate PC version of Neon, and the game, too)
  13. Yep, a certain individual was making nasty comment's on Yak's blog and hotlinked to the pictures. It's... trippy. And completely unrelated to Unity on the Gamecube.
  14. There's three different projects giving the C64 access to MMC/SD memory cards, MMC64 is out there now.
  15. merman

    Good Acoustic Albums

    Cheerful acoustic, soaring choirboy vocals - as a Buckley fan you'll love it.
  16. It's an intriguing, quirky, off-beat show... and I love every minute. Probably its greatest asset is the way storylines continue and really do have consequences - Buster's hand being bitten off, for example. I think my favourite "hidden" bit was George Senior being pulled out of a hole in the ground - a subtle reference to Saddam, complete with the unkempt beard.
  17. merman

    Good Acoustic Albums

    I'm a big fan of Turin Brakes, particularly their debut album - THE OPTIMIST LP. You should be able to find that cheap in most major chain stores and online.
  18. merman


    First time I played it was Retrovision 5 last year, multiplayer madness on a projector. And do you know what? It was actually as much fun sitting waiting for your turn as it was playing. New insults were invented. Vicious battles ensued. From what I've played Micro Machines v4 is similar... but not as good. PC version looks very bland.
  19. I haven't seen that ad in Retro Gamer or gamesTM yet Good issue - but I'd love to have seen more about the CREATION of Starfox (the characters, the level design).
  20. Ben Folds Five - Evaporated, from Whatever & Ever Amen
  21. I agree, it shouldn't carry on without him... yes, they could follow a new intern/doctor, do a whole "JD is dead and how do his friends cope with it" storyline, but it would be a natural point to stop...
  22. Oh dear, sounds very much like "TV by committee" to me. Mr Armstrong was brilliant on Have I Got News For You though.
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