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  1. You’re just making my point for me on the inconsistency of the FIA.
  2. 26,000 at Portman Road. Ipswich 3-0 Cambridge United.
  3. Because teams like Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes have never gone outside the rules, right? You know, like using sponsor days to get extra track time, or hiding costs in a subsidiary.
  4. Handmade - Britain’s Best Woodworker is back for its second series with Mel Giedroyc presenting. Two challenges per episode, the Big Build to a brief (dining table with centrepiece, free-standing clock) over two days and then an interlude for the Skills challenge. Interesting thing here is that the winner of the Skills challenge then gets immunity from being voted off.
  5. BIG score again from England and great bowling
  6. It’s been like that since Southgate took over, let the team attack and it can cause any side trouble. But Maguire shouldn’t have been in the squad no matter how much Gareth trusts him, he can be directly blamed for the first two German goals and was out of position for the third.
  7. The Mankad dismissal is within the rules - it’s just not in the “spirit” of fair play that cricket is traditionally played in. The Indian players lying about the warning is more harmful than the dispute about whether it should have happened.
  8. The only trouble is, I am now not sure if that Cambridge professor called Neil was real or just Will Self in disguise...
  9. I didn’t discover Fire Trap till years later, I prefer the C64 to the arcade because of the simpler controls. It’s fun but not the greatest game.
  10. Four-day match between Essex and Lancashire only took nine hours to play...
  11. There has been a couple of very obscure questions but not noticeably harder overall. Walls vary in difficulty anyway.
  12. Match Day II’s slowness is partly down to how it was coded. Jon Ritman had an incredibly long phone call with programmer John Darnell, who was tasked with converting it to C64. Much of the central logic was directly translated, and because of the C64’s slower processor and the complexities of scrolling the screen and handling sprite priorities, it ended up running very slow - particularly the calculations for the “Diamond Deflection System” designed to make the ball bounce around more realistically. Ritman would go on to spend a lot of time working with another programmer, Colin Porch, on how to convert Head over Heels from Z80 to 6510 code.
  13. Sheffield Wednesday 2-2 Ipswich Being 2-0 up and conceding late goals feels disappointing, especially as many claim the second Sheffield goal was offside. Worse was the Owls “fans” throwing objects including a lighter onto the pitch and at the Ipswich keeper. No need for that.
  14. The intriguing feature with Vengeance is beaming aboard the enemy ships and searching for components.
  15. Well, finished Career Mode on the PC version today. 48 hours, 33 out of 40 achievements. I loved this, first time in a long while I have focussed on a single game so much. It’s quirky, it’s funny and it’s so satisfying when you hear that “ding!” for cleaning a section of the level. The storyline is brilliantly done, and the credits song is almost as good as Still Alive from Portal.
  16. Ipswich fans applauding for former striker Marcus Stewart, diagnosed with motor neurone disease... Sad news. And Joey Barton’s side showing the customary lack of discipline, two sent off in the last few minutes for pointless fouls.
  17. Boucher leaving as SA coach after the T20 World Cup - seems like he is carrying the can/got a better offer
  18. I really enjoyed Dead Space Extraction on Wii, some clever use of motion controls and it acts as a prequel to the main game. The one gun I do need to add to my collection is a Menacer.
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