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  1. It's not a multiplayer Samus, it's not Dark Samus, it's a fucking Ing! Christ.
  2. I'm really hoping this gets a typical bbc dvd fast-track because I missed pretty much all of it. But what I did see was cracking...
  3. You're fucking kidding me. I mean really, you are fucking kidding me? Right? Jesus. I thought I was just shit or something. I was disappointed and I only paid £15 for it. "None shall pass." Hit by *something*. Falls down what might be a hole, maybe...
  4. True dat. I can't remember the last time i bought a full price ps2 game (wait, yes I can... Castlevania)... PS2 - 39 DC - 24 PSX - 20 XBox - 8 Mega Cd - 2
  5. What I'd like to see is a big oak coffin with a pair of red pyjamas folded neatly on the top being dropped into a grave marked "Ken Masters." And then I want to piss on it.
  6. Gerry Anderson is apparently in charge of creative duties. Which unfortunately is a lot like saying George Lucas is in charge of writing and directing a new Star Wars film. Anderson may come up with neat concepts but his narratives, dialogue, characterisation and execution all suck donkey balls through a straw. Keep the arrogant egomaniac cock away from his own art and we might end up with something good as for the new captain scarlet... ...I'll put money on one episode featuring everyone dying and it all turning out to be a dream* *See also Terrahawks, Stingray, Space Precinct, UFO, Captain Scarlet etc...
  7. No no no. John-boy Walton. In Space!
  8. "Here's your problem; it's been accidentally set to 'evil'..."
  9. If you all miss him so much, come to Glasgow. He's bloody everywhere round here...
  10. Ironically enough Neuromancer is also a badly wrtten moron-level story. "There is no there, there." FFS
  11. Did you just do a google image search for "fodder"?
  12. Primarily because he runs away all the time. "Megatron has fallen! I, Starscream am the leader now! Decepticons! Retreat!"
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