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  1. You have to play through the first two or three levels over and over till you've levelled up. :D

    You're fucking kidding me.

    I mean really, you are fucking kidding me? Right?

    Jesus. I thought I was just shit or something. I was disappointed and I only paid £15 for it.

    "None shall pass." Hit by *something*. Falls down what might be a hole, maybe...

  2. Why so few GC and xb when relative to PS2? Simple: shit second hand markets for GC and XB. I've picked up a ton of great PS2 games for under a tenner over the last few months, whilst I wait for s.hand Wind Waker to drop from £30...

    True dat. I can't remember the last time i bought a full price ps2 game (wait, yes I can... Castlevania)...

    PS2 - 39

    DC - 24

    PSX - 20

    XBox - 8

    Mega Cd - 2 :ph34r:

  3. Gerry Anderson is apparently in charge of creative duties.

    Which unfortunately is a lot like saying George Lucas is in charge of writing and directing a new Star Wars film.

    Anderson may come up with neat concepts but his narratives, dialogue, characterisation and execution all suck donkey balls through a straw. Keep the arrogant egomaniac cock away from his own art and we might end up with something good as for the new captain scarlet...

    ...I'll put money on one episode featuring everyone dying and it all turning out to be a dream* :lol:

    *See also Terrahawks, Stingray, Space Precinct, UFO, Captain Scarlet etc...

  4. Why build a robot with a light in its chest that turns red when they go evil? I don't get it. Surely it's just asking for trouble.

    "Here's your problem; it's been accidentally set to 'evil'..."

  5. I still like it; at least it was better than Hulk. But then again; I do like some right shite.




                            BEN AFFLECK

                Did you rape anyone recently?



    BEN AFFLECK uses his DEVIL SENSES to know he is lying.

                            BEN AFFLECK

                You sure?



                            BEN AFFLECK

                Damn, foiled again! No further

                questions. You'll get yours, rapist


    The RAPIST goes free.


    BEN AFFLECK IN STUPID COSTUME shows up and sleepwalks

    through a fight scene with bad guys. We're repeatedly

    treated to the BLINDCAM shot, which is already overused. BEN

    chases the RAPIST into a train station, where he throws him

    onto the track.


                See that light at the end of the

                tunnel? That's not heaven - it's the



                Jesus fuck, I'm an Oscar-winning

                screenwriter and I just actually

                said that.


                You know, maybe you wouldn't have

                to kill people at night if you were

                just a better lawyer. For example,

                if I'm lying on the witness stand,

                maybe you should try proving it

                instead of assuring me that I'll get

                what I deserve eventually.

  6. I can't see the power up bar in that shot... What's the weapon set up like? Is ripple laser still ass?

    I'm also with Cecil on the difficulty thing: Gradius 3 is an absolute bitch. I'd love to meet whoever thought it didn't need continues...

  7. Don't even talk to me about those other game thingies, there's no comparison at all. VF is nigh on perfectly designed.

    *6 cans in*

    But those character designs are derivative rubbish... compared to... ooh Guilty Gear X.

    And it does make sense. I'm just shit at it. And bitter. :P

  8. Too late now. Breaksmith will be here in a few minutes ripping you a new Akira shaped arsehole.

    Ah well, might as well dig the hole properly then.

    Akira is boring. More boring than ryu even. :P

    At least Lion's quite obviously a cock.

    "Why am I so great?"

  9. Whoa whoa. I wasn't slating it. All I said was the most innocuous moves seemed to have priority. Which is a bit weird when you're used to last minute full screen shine knuckling through a shinku hadoken...

    I'd better not get nailed for this... I have been drinking :P

  10. To be honest i HATE 2D fighters, they feel so jerky at times and dont seem to flow, unlike Soul Calibur.

    Wait a minute, you are the DJ Sack, aren't you?

    Anyway I'd argue that 'flow' is a problem. A person randomly hitting buttons in SFII is just going to sit in the corner throwing random punches like a moron.

    In Soul Calibur 2 they'll run you down with Raphael.

    Still infinite depth in simplicity and blah blah blah.

    Can't play 3d for bobbins, myself. I'm ashamed I'm so bad.

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