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  1. o/\o It was this horrible realisation that made me truly despise orta. Fighting pretty much any boss was an RSI inducing chore as you had to be nigh on permanently in glide wing form, soaking up shitloads of chaff for hours or die horribly after a couple of attacks. Proof you can polish a turd but it'll still be shit...
  2. Cursor from Automan was ace. Like a Tinkerbell for boys. I remember the episode it drew Automan a plane but it faded out of existence when everyone started using electricity during the day and the nerdy police computer spod fell out in front of some goons or something. Top stuff.
  3. Jameson's son being an astronaut means nothing. In the comics he turned into fucking Man-wolf after he came back from space. Someone potentially having an accident in space doesn't mean they're writing venom in. Jesus they could be setting Jameson up as a member of the fantastic four by that logic.
  4. How the next film should work. 1)Spidey gets black costume after John Jameson has accident in space. 2)Black costume negatively affects spiderman making him want to kill Green Goblin 3)Spidey tries to get Dr Connors help with black costume but Doc has turned into the lizard. 4)Spidey saves Connors, who separates him from costume just in time to beat Goblin. 5)Costume absorbs Goblins hatred towards spider-man setting up Venom for movie 4. I admit it's not Shakespeare but the underlying principle is more sound than the BOSH! HERE'S VENOM! everyone seems to be pushing for. For the record the black costume was more interesting before it was Venom
  5. "How about... Dr. Strange?" "Mmm. That's good. But it's taken!" There you go.
  6. I've got my can of worms right here... Jet Set Radio Future.
  7. Armageddon: "Ever heard of Evel Kneivel?" "I've never even seen Star Wars..." Sad to say that made me laugh for quite a while...
  8. But he doesn't because he's actually gay himself. Repressed to the point of psychosis but gay nonetheless...
  9. Frank. "People scare better when they're dying."
  10. Just think of the possibilities... Brrr...
  11. Well it would have made it more amusing than your usual self-righteous pedantry...
  12. Oh fuck. You fell into the Futureshock trap. This is now about race and politics.
  13. She is in the comics. She was in Lois and Clark. She could be in the movie too... Of course the first step towards that would be not casting fucking Beyonce ("I'm Foxy Cleopatra! Woo!" ). She's a pulitzer prize winning investigative journalist blah blah blah... Ah fuck this. I'm lighting the Phelan signal for this particular argument...
  14. I'd be quite happy if there was never a Spiderman film featuring Venom. The black costume was ace but Venom, Venom just bores me. "Rarrrgh! We hate Spider-man!" Yawn. Then again I'm a little worried that outside of the Green Goblin and Doc Ock there aren't that many Spidey villains that could be a potential movie level threat, and putting more than one villain in a flick is a sure fire way to Batman Forever-ville. Mysterio perhaps?
  15. In Like Flint isn't that good but Our Man Flint is the bomb, mainly because James Coburn as Flint is the coolest mother-fucker ever. This pretty much tells you all you need to know. I'm not sure what my favourite aspect of the film is, though its probably the revelation that the easiest way to get to Flint is to kidnap all 4 of his girlfriends...
  16. Out of interest, which building's the electricity loving ape falling off this time?
  17. Metropolis isn't New York, it's fictional, so who cares where it's filmed? The only landmark you have to worry about is the daily planet building and you'd be making that anyway... Ship it to Oz if it's cheaper, just remember to change the signs and hydrants. And tell the extras to keep their mouths shut. Anyway 90% of the time when you're seeing "New York" in a movie it's actually somewhere in Canada (Montreal I think... can't remember). Beyonce as Lois Lane < Halle Berry as Catwoman
  18. Highlander? Fucking poncy goth-chicks weep-fest Highlander makes the list? What next? Interview with the fucking Vampire? Tango and Cash though: Good call
  19. Heck, we've got Sudeki and Blinx 2 to look forward to: I can't possibly see what there is to complain about. Sarcasm mode off.
  20. Hang on... (also in white) Surely it says "or will darkness reign?" like it does in the trailer. Y'know "will the hero rise again? or will darkness reign?" Checked it and yes, that's what it says. Subliminal spoilers? Shoddy editing more like...
  21. Flongy. Gimp. Flongy. Gimp. etc. [insincere dave]The Thicky Dyer and Misery-guts Jarrett double act was the apex of videogame journalism.[/insincere dave]
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