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  1. The art of axlay is good use of the weapons. Not just choosing them, but taking advantage of the way certain weapons set themselves up. Like the double pip laser (forgot name, and they look like pips). Its the second weapon for level 1 that starts at the bottom when selected the moves to the front.

    The Round Vulcan. :D

    I swear that gun is sex in a box. Use it right and you can hit anything anywhere. There isn't a single level where its usefulness doesn't shine.

  2. What next? "There are too many 3D platformers. Mario 64 should never have been made?"

    More like "There are too many 3D platformers. Mario Sunshine should never have been made."

    But no. Unless they've royally fucked it up and put the emphasis on online gaming at the expense making a game for like the 95% of Xbox owners who don't have Live! it should be pretty spectacular.

    Don't see why they don't bother releasing some spoilers about the single player campaign. Its not like you can 'spoil 'AI' and anyway the first one's plot was hardly Shakespeare.

    I'm taking money on Earth being obliterated in some kind of "shocking" Halo 2 finale btw... :D

  3. "See you again for Axelay 2"

    Yeah. When exactly are we getting that then Konami?

    And that final level? An entire game of well executed vanilla shooting and all of a sudden you're thrown into a never-ending gauntlet of unkillable bastards. Is this the final boss? No? Is this the final boss? No? Is this the final boss? Yes? Is he dead? No.

    Quality stuff.

    Level 2 = best level. Round Vulcan = best weapon. End of.

  4. I don't know much about the FF, but I do know Warren Ellis is doing an arc at the mo. Might check that out, as I'm interested in basically anything that he gets out of his pen.

    Aye, Ellis is writing the second arc of Ultimate Fantastic Four (Brian Michael Bendis did the first). It's called Doom and it features the first Ultimate Universe appearance of...

    Well, guess... :)

    Ultimate FF is quality stuff. Despite the stupid name...

  5. Why all the hate for the Fantastic Four?

    I like them. Is it because they're a family and a bit homey as a result? What about the great story arcs they've had like The Coming of Galactus, Or Death of a Hero. Ormore recently when Reed tried to bring democracy to a Latveria shattered by the death of Doom? What about the snappy rivalry between the Thing and The Human Torch?

    And how can you not like the stupidly advanced yet gloriously retro technology like the Fantasti-car (that fact it's called the Fantasti-car gives it bonus points)? Or the Skrulls? Or the Kree? Or Namor? Or the Inhumans? Or... Heck, pretty much everything in the Marvel Universe kicked off in the Fantastic Four.

    Yes they're not cool but when does being cool matter. They're a family. They explore. They have adventures. They have the greatest arch nemesis EVER. The Fantastic Four kick ass.

    And for the record. No Fantastic Four no silver age of comics. No Stan Lee, no Spiderman, no X-Men, no nothing... So nyah. :)

  6. And if you're that bothered about stealing just get the NES cartridges. Those releases are hradly the rarest of games and you'll be playing a lot less than 15 fucking quid.

    £15? FFS. They got some nerve charging that for Excitebike, track editor or no...

  7. The Long Good Friday.

    Gained a whole new respect for Bob Hoskins, Helen Mirren, Charlie off Casualty after watching that. Brutal, miserable, English masterpiece right up there with Get Carter.

    "You're nothing to them! You're the shit on their shoes!"

    "SHUT IT!"

    *Cue broken bottle artery severing"

  8. Further to all the talk of missing dvds and torn packages I have put my postman skills to task and come up with the following hypothesis.

    Maybe the reason the envelopes have all been damaged is because Future gave us the free copies of OPSM and Total Film thus making the usual magazine size packets too big for all the usual sorting frames/machines/letterboxes.

    In a hilarious turn of events I too have received a damaged envelope complete with OPSM and Total Film. However mine came minus my FUCKING COPY OF EDGE!!! :D:ph34r:

    So now I have to wait for a replacement copy of the magazine I actually want while two mags I wouldn't even wipe my arse on kick around my floor. Smashing.

    Note to Future: stop this. Either give us the option to opt out of this crap on your web-site or at least get your demographic profiling right. OPSM2? Christ! :D

  9. This was Contra: Hard Corps in the US, right?

    It's got multiple endings, apparently, though I could never get it running properly on emu and never tracked down a copy. :)

    Interesting fact: This was the first and only time the pun "Hard Corps" was acceptable as a video-game title...

  10. Well I received this today from cd-wow.

    Is there any way me and the gf can just play one v one?

    The tag team stuff is a bit mental...

    In a word, no.


    Though just tell her to wait til the bar at the bottom flashes then pull both triggers.

    I've seen non gamers hit 99 hit combos that way...

  11. First Appearance of Cable?

    New Mutants 87?

    Isn't that like 99p? At least it was when I got it in the Oxfam bookshop...

    Anyway Cable is teh suck. Only ever been good as a Deadpool foil. I hope the chances of him appearing in an X-Men film are somewhere around ther same as an NFL SuperPro movie getting the green-light.

    EDIT: Phelan, A1's gone now... at least the GW one is. It's a Holland and Barrett's now... :)

  12. There was a red Airwolf?????????


    Oh aye. Had a laser gun so was supposedly "superior" to the older model.

    Stringfellow bitched it good by blinding the pilot with a sunburst and blowing it out of the sky.

    And as for favourite Quantum Leap, I too am a fan of the JFK special. Especially the denouement they threw in at the end...


    "...she died too." Sam looks at Jackie O. Cue leaping effects

  13. Therefore, I picked up Tony Hawk 2x which is entirety of THPS2 along with the skate parks and music from THPS1, with Tony Hawk 3-quality visuals.

    If you can find it (it was US-only) it's well worth owning.


    Where do I get this? Where?

    You tell me. You tell me now or I will cut out your bastard heart.

    By which of course I mean "please." :wub:

  14. Maybe it's not that they're too difficult but that they're too complicated...

    Example: I spent a good 20minutes trying to explain how to do a hadoken to one of my female friends with little success.

    Put her in front of Space Channel 5 and she waltzes right through to the part where Blank forces you to do the opposite of what's said (which is further than I ever got).

    Go figure...

  15. Why oh why do they always feel the need to write "LIMITED COLLECTORS EDITION"?

    Is it so when you show uninterested parents/spouses/friends/girls they can understand its importance without the need for you to tediously explain?

  16. Isn't Batman the one and only person Superman believes, trusts and depends on to destroy him should the situation ever arise (ie. he goes legitimately evil) and actually provided him with kryptonite just in case.

    I'd say Bats takes it on that alone. Bear in mind he's already proven to have contingency plans to neutralise the entire Justice League in an emergency, he's obviously got some heavy shit lined up in case Supes ever goes off his Rocker.

    BTW is anybody reading Identity Crisis at the moment?

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