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  1. Why is Once Upon A Time In The West a bookend when there's Unforgiven and Open Range even now?

    Because it wasn't so self-conciously epic like most modern westerns? Because it was so damn final for a traditional western?

    Because, perhaps, it still hasn't been bettered?

    Unforgiven is a great movie but it's not a patch on Once Upon a Time...

  2. The only other Bond girls who've been cool to start with have either turned out evil and been killed by the end of the film, or have gone all girly and crap shortly after Jimmy prods them with his magical penis.


    Michelle Yeoh.


  3. Mmm.

    Bought my Dad the special edition DVD of Once Upon a Time in the West for Father's Day and spent most of last night watching it just to see if it was as good as I remember it...

    Cracking stuff.

    Harmonica, Cheyenne... Henry Fonda being an absolute evil bastard. Its like the perfect bookend to the genre.

    Admittedly it's not the greatest western of all time (I actually still think that award goes to For a Few Dollars More) but it sure has put in me in the mood for more gunslinging.

    Next stop: The Magnificent Seven.

    In the meantime, all cowboy appreciation goes here... :)

  4. Capcom VS SNK2 Xbox LIVE.

    Roll, roll, grab. Roll, grab. Roll, roll, roll, grab. Roll freakin grab!! :unsure: Yawn!!

    These people will say as well 'Well its in the game so its alright to use it!'

    Roll cancel, dude, roll cancel :)

    Anyway, ironically roll was put in as a counter to that classic old tactic hadoken, hadoken, hadoken, hadoken, shoryuken.

    I know where most people in this thread are coming from though. Being repeatedly and overwhelmingly beaten isn't a very good way to learn how to get better at a game and it definitely isn't any fun. It's kind of like trying to learn to fight by having someone kick you in the nuts over and over again.

    See also every FPS ever. <_<

  5. Kojima is just one of those guys who whether he's successful in what he's trying to do or not you have to love him for trying.

    Take Snatcher for instance. Hardly the most advanced menu driven adventure and exceptionally linear but at the same time it's full of absolutely tonnes of those wee Kojima touches that make you feel your playing something damn special.

    I particularly liked the fact if you chose to phone the sex line you'd end up having a discussion about the nature of video game censorship with the woman on the other end. Primarily owing to the main character's inability to deliver anything but rubbish innuendo.

    And the ending... Jeez. There were some plot twists in that that made MGS2 look like Chandler... :lol:

    Top stuff nonetheless...

  6. You mean pressing 2 buttons for medium?

    Well that and I have a thing about using left hand shoulder buttons. Anyway, you know how picky players of 2d fighters get about controls. I don't want another idiosyncratic fighting system playing havoc with my mind. Moving back and forth tween Guilty Gear, Capcom games and KoF screws me up enough already :lol:

    And a quick blast is alright but I don't want to explain to the person across from me on the tube I was calling Bison and his Psycho Driver a "f****** c****** a** f****** son of a w**** b******!!!" and not them... :D

  7. As nice as it was (and it was stunning to see it running that well on the gba) I didn't see the point in it. The hacked down controls meant it wasn't particularly useful for practising on while the likelihood of ever playing a versus match on it was limited to say the least. Add to that the fact that there's only so many times Bison can kick your ass before it gets dull and I have to say I'd have preferred a new handheld Capcom Fighter specific to the GBA.

    Something in the mold of Match of the Millenium on the NGPC.

  8. 4. Guardian Of The Cosmic Winds

    Robot chess board? Game obsessed wheelchair bound nutter? The pitch black room and the "dun dun dun" of the triangles extending out from Ulysees feet to the inevitable appearance oof the gun wielding wind?

    Bloody great.

    I also liked the Eternal torture episode. The inverting of Sisyphus' torture from Greek Mythology and the scene where he sees the Gods' machine were sheer genius...

  9. The thing about Kill Bill, both of them, is that they're the only films I've watched in ages that have made me leave the cinema thinking "Dammit. I should be making movies."

    Whatever my personal feelings on Tarantino, his earlier films, his abilities or lack of them, Kill Bill shone for me because it was obviously a labour of love, a montage of everything one movie goer loved about cinema. Things were done just because they were cool and he could do them. I sat through both with a huge grin on my face for that reason and that reason alone.

    Uma Thurman can't do Kung Fu for shit though. And Superman is no one's favourite superhero. He's rubbish. ;)

  10. The best thing about the subways in GTA was the fact you could get cars down into them. I know for a fact the only reason I nailed the mission where you drive the crooked cop to the airport first time was I spent far too much time bombing round the underground racing trains with FBI cars.

    Immense fun.

    As was getting a Line Runner onto the elevated train line...

  11. Jesus. There you are minding your own damn business in your lovely quaint wee lego house when a dummy made of cardboard boxes falls off the roof and all you can protect yourself with is that shirt tatoo you had done while drunk at your mate's. And the cardboard box man's knee's on fire.

    That looks like some right shite...

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