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  1. And what? Please tell me your joking. I really don't want a beautiful property like that handled by those hacks. Whats next, giving 'From Hell' to the Hughes brothers? Oh yeah.  :angry:

    I lie not.

    See here for a review of the script. I think the reviewers reaction is a pretty good indicator of what they've done to it...


    I’ve never read the graphic novel this script is based on. Keeping that in mind, I’ll let the Wachowskis off the hook. And assume this is more of a transcript than their own work.

    Jesus wept...

  2. I never read Marshall Law, 11, what's it like? I always assumed he was just some kind of Judge Dredd cypher...

    What annoys me slightly is wheras the animated series came close a few times, the movies never really portrayed Batman as the obssessed control freak genius he is in the comics. There's never been any of those "ohhhhh shit, Batman's had them from the start" revelations where Bats has been playing everyone like suckers. I mean we're talking about the guy who has contingency plans to take out Superman and the entire Justice League yet he's always piecing the easiest of puzzles together in the last ten minutes. And as Lasers pointed out, it's usually with the aid of some nifty bat gadgets. There's been too much focus on the "wonderful toys" rather than the man which hopefully Begins will address. Though I don't know what audiences will react when it turns out he's a ninja master from a mystical clan of hidden warriors...

    And while we're on the subject of insane geniuses; I know it's not fair and all but I definitely DON'T want to see the Wachowski's version of V for Vendetta. I'd rather it stayed in production hell for ever than be handled by those two.

  3. Bloody Gitaroo Man and it's bloody christing impossible drum and bass bloody shark.

    Just. Can't. Do it. Fingers. Not. Fast. Enough. No. Rhythm.


    I also suck at FPSs. But that doesn't bother me too much...

  4. I hate the ending to Die hard 3. Shooting down a helicopter was just lame.

    But on the other hand it was just tacked on as an afterthought. Supposedly the original ending has (and I quote from vague memories) "a game of chicken with rocket launchers."

    Dropped because they didn't want John McClane to seem like the kind of guy who'd hold a grudge.


  5. Caleb Newcastle... Garou can be bought new for around half of that price if you bother to look around the internet (or was it just used as yet another weak innacurate validation?)

    I think you missed the winky smiley.


  6. Out of 100 People, how could you get 48.7? Was one person only .7 percent sure?

    Also would CDR version be fine?;)

    Would CDR work with DC-X as a boot disk?

    If so; yes please.

    As for the decimals: statistics are a weird and wonderful science. Like alchemy. Or Golf. :(

  7. But as we all know, most of those random gamers, won't have played the original (and probably not the "update" either), so your poll is flawed. ;)

    Which is where the decimals come from. Don't you people know anything about statistics? :(

  8. Make a poll go on, i bet you 50 pounds you cannot create one whahaha. Anyway Jet Set radio is better than future!

    We asked a random group of 100 gamers whether Jet Set Radio was better than Jet Set Radio Future. Here are the results:


    Close. But JSRF wins.

    There's no real "evidence" for it but it's scientific fact.

    I'll skip the £50 for a DC copy of Garou: Mark of the Wolves please. Either version. ;)

  9. The DC will always be one of my fave consoles thanks to the Shenmue games. Absolutely amazing and in no way over rated.

    Sorry Vemsie, have to disagree with you on that. As many people hate Shenmue as love it.

    In my opinion it's like watching a particularly badly acted movie. With added pointless hoops to jump through.


    I always found it incredibly annoying to complete a series of tasks only for the plot to render my efforts pointless. Like searching for sailors being a narrative dead end yet the plot is handily advanced by the Housekeeper suddenly "deciding" to give Ryo the letter. Or the Travel agency stealing Ryo's money. Or...

  10. JSR and JSRF are both pretty 'meh' imo.


    The DC was good, but in most people's eyes didn't live up to its potential. If it's your favourite machine ever then that's fine.

    I take some solace in the fact that at least we're not all wanking over the NES, like the Americans still do.

    Well the US NES has a hell of a lot more games than the UK one.

    I was surprised Castlevania 3 Draculas's Curse actually had a pal release when I found it on ebay...

  11. JSRF was bollocks

    JSR pisses on it from a great height. Best game on the DC IMO.

    You're wrong.


    And Skies of Arcadia was the best game on the Dreamcast.

    And to piss some more people off...

    The PS2 is the Dreamcast's spiritual successor...

    Flipnic, ICO, Fantavision, Gitaroo Man, Psyvariar, Guilty Gear X2, SOS The Final Escape, all the light-gun games currently worth playing, Frequency...

  12. What? JSR if more colourful, it's more fun to play, it's more challenging, and just a better game.

    More challenging perhaps but then JSRF doesn't have you being beaten like Rodney King in the middle of a fourteen-swoosh-long analogue grafittii session while a time hangs above your head like the sword of damocles.

    It's learn by rote repetitiveness with added frustration.

    JSRF scrapped all that in favour of a free-form sprawling approach with wee mini-game tasks making it vastly more fun.

    And more colourful? Do your retinas work properly? Dinosaurian Park? Hello?


  13. All games have to be played until 100% completion. Otherwise it would be like listening to only half a symphony or reading half a book. Naturally, if the game is utter shit then there is no need to foist it upon yourself.

    That's a bit unfair. Not getting 100% in a game is more like watching a film on DVD and not listening to all the directors commentaries, not watching the outtakes or arsing around with the "re-cut this unfinished blue-screen footage".

    It's there if you really want to do it but the vast majority of time it's just pointless busy work like "collect all 30,000 Lums" to give the illusion of there being more game.

    In my opinion anyway...

  14. oh yeah and any agme that was any good, was ruined by the most fucktarded control pad to have ever existed. Capcom Vs SNK made me cry once cos the pad was hurting my fingers and could pull off a fireball with ryu. A FIREBALL FFS never mind a raging demon.

    LP,LP,F,LK,HP :)

    C'mon. You can't blame that on the pad. You just suck. :lol:

    Anyway. It's the pulling off dragon punches that suck. And most of the SNK supers.

    Guilty Gear X's overdrives are an absolute bitch to do too.

    And as for "the buy joysticks" thing... I play pad. £60 just to learn how to play all over again?

    I'm just getting good as is...

  15. Skies of Arcadia, Grandia II, Evolution II, Shenmue games.

    You've got one fantastic Final Fantasy beating title there, one above average RPG which is about on a par with, ooh, let's say Wild Arms, Evolution which I can't comment on because I didn't play it and the Shenmue games.

    Which divide more people than marmite flavoured organised religion.

    Be honest; Shenmue bored as many people as it entertained.

    The Dreamcast is fantastic in hindsight. Primarily because you can sort the wheat from the bollocks.

    Blue Stinger? Maken X? POD? Super Runabout? Chef's Love Shack? Outrigger?

    We can go on...

  16. The Dreamcast had the greatest range of 2d beat-em ups this side of, well anything, many (thank you capcom) that got proper 60hz optimised Pal releases.

    On the other hand it had the worst possible pad to play them.

    A contradicton that's kind of symptomatic of all the machine's problems...

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