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  1. New series of Movies that Made us drops tomorrow: Can't say i'm that fussed to see Gump on there, but hopefully they'll have good talking heads for all of them. Jurassic Park (1993) Back to the Future (1985) Pretty Woman (1990) Forrest Gump (1994)
  2. And the stress/excitement of will one team do the double in the South Wales derby.
  3. No thread for the Championship for this season yet. Steve Cooper looks to be leaving the Jacks. Fulham and West Brom looking to do some more yo yoing. Can Sheff Utd bounce back. Can Bournemouth after being the only relegated team not to go back up? Lots of other teams who might do well or might be shit. It's the Championship so who knows.
  4. Do you think you'd have been better off going down last season? - obviously less TV money in League One and a chance of falling further etc, but sounds like you are nailed on to go down this year if you can't put 11 players out? Although there doesn't seem to be a lot of spending/recruitment going on in the Championship so it could be pretty even?
  5. Yep - Of two of Sáncho, Rashford and Saka had scored then Pickford would be the hero despite doing nothing differently. 2/5 save is excellent at any level and this was at the highest.
  6. Unless you are Italian then it isn't your night is it.
  7. This And Saka isn't some scared is pulled from under the stage to perform. He plays at the highest level in England. There is no issue in him being picked to take a penalty - if he wasn't up to it then he would have declined. He was Brave enough to step up, but Southgate wasn't in the wrong to let him take one.
  8. With 3 black players missing the penalties, I'm sure the government are now going to enact making kneeling a criminal offence and making school meals cost 5 times as much (no freebies)
  9. It's late in the tournament to shout it, but stop showing people in the crowd after every single thing that happens. By Qatar, I bet they'll be miked up like X Factor auditions.
  10. It's not ever a red - a clumsy desperate foul, but exactly what the defender should be doing in the last minute of the game.
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