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  1. 4 as a 3-0 loss would give them same points and Goal difference as Wales, but they'd go through on goals scored. And even a 4-0 loss is fine if USA and Iran draw.
  2. I’ve got a better prediction. Wales manage to lead England 1-0 in an awful game while Iran and USA play out a 0-0 draw. England/Wales finishes with Wales winning and both teams looking like they are going through. Then in the 102nd minute - USA or Iran score with a load of VAR nonsense. Maybe a penalty that is missed and retaken because of VAR. Wales put through the wringer thinking they are through or not or are. Iran or USAA too the group, England finish second and Wales go home with their win against England spoilt by the other game knocking them out late on. A perfect level of misery for both teams.
  3. Southgate is really pleased against a tough opponent and it was always going to be hard to replicate the performance in the first game. Really?
  4. I think it needs to be a bigger margin as England still go through on goals scored?
  5. Commentators doing a big thing on how great it is Rashford is back after he delivers a rubbish shot/cross into the box.
  6. I can’t figure out what this means for the group now - England probably still guaranteed to go through due to goal difference if this finishes a draw?
  7. France vs Brazil final with them beating Japan and Saudi in the semis
  8. England need to bring on Kieffer Moore.
  9. So USA battered Wales in 1st half of 1st game, but Wales were the better team in the second half. England battered Iran who then battered Wales, but without scoring until the very end. Now the USA look the slightly better team against England at the moment which means.?????
  10. She’s having the best year of any England child fan since some kid in 1966.
  11. 0-0 then England draw with Wales and Iran win the group beating USA.
  12. I can’t engage with this game - I think I’m complete infected with the Welsh sadness. And England look a bit laboured.
  13. Tuesday shaping up to be good. Iran vs USA and Ecuador vs Senegal are both hard to call with the winner qualifying and then a small small chance of some sort of upset/extra drama in both groups if England slip up tonight or Wales travel back to 2016 and replace Bale and Ramsey with their younger versions and Qatar have all the Netherlands players arrested and imprisoned before their game?
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