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  1. Ref was bringing whistle to his lips to blow for the injury as the ball whizzed past him
  2. Tickets now on sale - 148 minutes. Cineworld showing in Cardiff already filling up for Day 1 like crazy which is good for Disney and for Covid?? My cinema going protocol of going to near empty screens and sitting as far away from anyone else in there vs seeing this Day 1 is looking like being extremly tested.
  3. I saw this Friday and I thought the first half or so was a solid 3/5 and then it just dragged and dragged and dragged on to an unsatisfactory conclusion. I don’t feel there was enough story to tell for the runtime and
  4. They haven't played against both Man City and Liverpool at all yet and have to face Chelsea once. So let's assume those 5 games aren't going to yield a win. That means they have to get 10 wins from 20 so winning every other game. If they lose their next two games (both at home) then I don't think it will matter who they buy in January. Norwich and Burnley.
  5. Latest episode was excellent again. Can anyone name another show where every single character is so interesting and compelling and every actor at the top of their game/A+ from the first episode all the way through to mid way through series 3.
  6. We did a minutes applause last night in a half (and the rest) empty ground and then played like we did when we got relegated back to Division 3 (except that team looked like they wanted to stay up). Thanks for beating Barnsley!
  7. Frankie Burrows has died First stint as manager of Cardiff was just before my time, but his second stint with a promotion in 98/99 was when I was first living away from parents and me and my house mates travelled home and away that season and the one after starting long standing friendships and a lot of hangovers as well as working with some of the girlfriends of some of the City players around my age. One of the favourite periods of my life. That 98/99 promotion season saw Robert Earnshaw start playing regularly, signing Andy Legg and giving game time to another local lad in Scott Young - all of whom would become core players in our eventual rise up the leagues to the Championship (and beating Leeds in the FA Cup). In between his stints managing Cardiff, he also won the Autoglass Trophy with the Jacks so one of a rare breed of managers who had success with two hated rivals.
  8. I watched this again Monday and took the kids. They both really enjoyed it and I loved it as much second time around. Couple of mild spoilery thoughts on second viewing
  9. The reveal at the house when he turns up for the date is great. You just don't see it coming that Keaton is going to open the door.
  10. Even more hilarious if they come down, end up in the play-offs and lose the final to a non yo-yo parachute payment rich owner team. I'd say Blackpool, but I don't like to think about Blackpool winning Championship play-off fin......<cries> fuckign Charlie Adam <cries>
  11. It’s funny how Norwich looked 100% doomed and now off the bottom with a few teams in their sights on the back of a win. If you can get something against Wolves at home and Newcastle lose at Arsenal then if you win up there Newcastle are in deep deep shit regardless of how much money they ought have or Howe’s ability to turn them around. If the other teams above them pick up points in the next two as well they could be 5 points behind second from bottom and 8/9 points from safety having not won a game.
  12. Obviously, it's had to know without knowing your kid, but I can't see anything in it that is going to mean he doesn't sleep for the next year or anything. And also the impact of the loud jump scares are going to depend on cinema screen size, etc. The super screen showing I watched was super loud. I'd also say the jump scares are fairly well signposted so you can probably work out when to hold his hand or something. If I take my two tomorrow 9 and 11 - I'll report back as the 9 year old is historically wary of horror type stuff.
  13. Being as vague as possible - there are 3 or 4 loud jump scares. The end gets quite intense. There aren’t that many scary ghosts as such. Id say nothing as outwardly scary as the library ghost in the original, but a lot louder and some horror imagery. Mild spoiler for returning ghosts. It’s hard to gauge for kids - I’d say 8 year old is probably my okay if they are used to cinema, but probably too intense on the big screen for a 5 year old.
  14. Yeah - its odd. The original Ghostbusters managed to be both a very funny 80's comedy containing Saturday Night Live alumni and other great actors but it also contains more cool gadgets, memorable spooks, iconic locations and interesting themes than most films could dream of. Its easily in the top ten most iconic films of the 80s. Got to be. And that isn't just down to the comedy and the song. Why wouldn't you lean into that? The film has quite the legacy with sequels, reboots, cartoons, games, toys that have appeared over the last 30+ years - its a film parents who watched it originally have shown their kids for the last 20 years along with Star Wars and BTTF and that song - I've seen it get 3 year olds who've never heard of the film yet bouncing around a party and 40 somethings rushing to the floor at Weddings. Proton Packs and Traps remain cool as fuck. Terror Dogs are still scary and those New York locations - we went in Feb 2020 and locating the fire house, and running down the library steps with the kids and locating the spook central apartment building was a massive highlight for me and my kids (and they've only seen it once). Only disapoinment was the Inn on the Green was gated so you couldn't bang on the windows and pretend to be attack by a terror dog while the diners looked on.
  15. Yep - really moaning the 2016 film was ignored is the same as moaning that they didn’t explain how Heath Ledger Joker is running around Gotham after Jack Nicholson Joker died. And attacking the film for arseholes on Twitter is like negatively reviewing the Mandalorian because of arseholes attacking Kelly Marie Tran after The Last Jedi. And also regarding the other moan
  16. I saw some written excerpt of Kermode's review which also mentions the toxic hate the last film got and therefore this being shit (in his opinion) is what the fans deserve. Incredible for reviewers to re-enforce the narrative that these racist, women hating cunts on twitter attacking films are representative of the fan base of that film or that they even give two shits about it. Next up - a new Superman film being shy being deserved because Farage and Tucker Carlson were furious about Superman's gay son.
  17. Own up - who saw this yesterday and is incessantly whistling/humming/singing the original song this morning.
  18. Wasn't supposed to be seeing this until next week and taking at least eldest kid, but I'd been to see King Richard (which was very good) and then the trains were all messed up and it was about to start on a fairly empty super screen so grabbed a seat 8 rows back with no one in front of me and it was...... superb. Loved every minute of it. Delivered on the fan service big time, the kids were excellent, Carrie Coon and Paul Rudd were great - there are two really nice end credit sequences, some good set pieces, well paced, a couple of decent jump scares, it's funny and the absence of Harold Ramis is really nicely handled. I'll see how I feel when I see it again but I'm feeling the full 5 stars at the moment.
  19. As much as I love it - I feel like 1 more season max would work best, not just because the longer it goes then the danger is it outstays its welcome or dips in quality, but believability of any sort of reconciliation between the characters that have wronged each other gets stretched the longe rit goes on.
  20. That is nuts. Overturning a two goal deficit in extra time and winning must be extremely rare in all competitions anywhere.
  21. When Bale is out there - a lot of the younger players seem to default to looking for Bale to give the ball to regardless if that’s the best option. Had tickets for last night but couldn’t go - hoping to go to play-off game as my Son was gutted to miss last night.
  22. Not a good set of results for Wales as a home play off place was unlikely anyway, now very unlikely even if they upset Belgium tomorrow. So away and potentially getting Italy or Portugal.
  23. Latest episode has left me pretty deflated
  24. Shelter have asked for all clubs to wear their away shirts on Boxing Day to raise awareness of homelessnes. EFL say no problem as long as clubs put in a formal request which Cardiff and Pompey have already done and had approved. Premier League say NO. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59234391
  25. I'm thinking about this NFT/digital game scenario where publisher sells direct to customer then publisher gets a cut of resale and it actually sounds like a utopian vision for some publishers or at least to do it with some sort of ultimate/special edition version of the game (which doesn't even have to have any different about in the game - just call it special NFT edition with a different digital cover of whatever. Announce Special NFT edition of Call of War 6 that is limited to x thousand copies - sell them to a mix of consumers who love special editions and then speculators and then if publisher is lucky the price of these special editions rockets because they are rare and the publisher get a cut of every resale. If there is no real demand for them being resold then it doesn't really matter to the publisher as they've already sold them once already. In theory there is nothing stopping them having loads and loads of different special editions with varying degrees of rarity. Have one limited to only ten copies and sell it for some stupidly high initial price and hope few resell for a ridiculous price. Its a horrifying scenario, but FIFA 23 NFT Ronaldo with a blue hat and eyepatch edition may be coming soon? Edit: I guess it would be similar to Ticketmaster owning ticket resale sites and taking a decent cut of the resale. They don't care if people are buying up tickets for concerts in order to tout them to someone else at a premium if they get a cut of that premium as well.
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