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  1. I thought Sheffield United were going to score off the break from the penalty miss then.
  2. This is turning into a hell of a game again between Wrexham and Sheffield United.
  3. Agreed - although I think it does dole out other moments of stress (in a good way/challenge), especially on the bigger levels when you are either 1) How much is left a) in general or b) a particularly big thing to clean that isn't that easy 2) Where the fuck is the last bit of dirt or the last thing I need to clean.
  4. I keep meaning to write this, but the the whataboutery dies down, but its back again so..... Why is this game released at the particular time generating such comment/debate compared to <insert over game/thing>. 1) Harry Potter is a mega franchise that millions have a strong attachment to/relationship with, be it for themselves or their kids. The books, the films, the play, the Theme Park lands, the Merch, the whole world/lore, conventions/parties/cosplay etc, etc. It is massive/worldwide and in the same league (or not far off) as Star Wars and LOTR and Marvel. And if you like the books or not - its hard to argue that they were a positive phenomenon with children and Adults queuing up at midnight over and over again to buy massive books at a time where people would start to argue that print was dying and kids weren't interested in reading anymore. 2) The game is a big budget, single player in a popular open world/RPG genre at a time were big budget/single player games are rare so its going to generate a reasonable level of interest even without the franchise attached to it. 3) The creator of Harry Potter is intrinsically linked to it. Her story of creating it is well known and she has always been in the public eye to some degree since the books came out. More crucially, she still owns the rights to it all and is an active participant in whatever licensed stuff is released as well as discussing the world and its characters. This isn't a creator that is long dead, or anonymous/reclusive and it isn't a franchise now owned by a mega corp with its creator having no control (if they ever did). So big franchise, high profile game and an active creator of that franchise who owns the rights and benefits from every sale and is very well know as the creator of that franchise. 4) Trans rights/laws is a big story at the moment. The laws being introduced in Scotland and the recent prisoner controversy and then the UK government weighing in as well as the Trans discussion as part of the Conversion Theory ban. Debates about Trans athletes in Sport happening all the time. Various laws being enacted in U.S States. 5) JK Rowling is very, very active in the Trans rights debate. Irrespective of what anyone thinks she actually means or how 'wrong or right' her views are, she is a very prominent figure in trans and gender recognition discussion. She is campaigning against the Scottish government. She gets referenced by politicians in the UK and further afield in discussions about trans rights (in some cases along the lines of Trans rights must be respected but so should JK Rowling).She is wrote about in the press both positively and negatively on these issues and I'm sure she is, as usual, tweeting or retweeting up a storm. This is not someone who made a comment on something 3 years ago or said something recently and rolled it back. She is vocal, loud and active. 6) This is hard to quantify, but plenty of reports suggest Trans people are facing increased harassment and abuse at the moment and certainly right wing politicians are weaponising the trans debate or, especially in America, trying to put through draconian laws that will severely curtail trans rights. At best, it has to be a worrying time for trans people or people with family members or friends who are trans and at worst, it could be a very difficult, dangerous time. So - Trans rights are a hot topic. JK Rowling is very active in this debate and not considered an ally. Trans people are under attack and scared their rights are going to be taken away or worse. All of that above adds up to it being a bit different and higher profile at the moment than any other game being released by any publisher regardless of who funds them or allegations about their employees or what someone involved has said or done in the past. And I think posters on here need to remember that we have trans posters on here or posters that have family and friends who are trans so, don't treat this like an Xbox/Playstation debate and think before you post. Its fine to want the game and buy it. Its fine if your opinion on Rowling or boycotting is different, but remember that being called out for buying the game (which isn't really happening on here anyway) or, as is really all that is happening in this thread, being annoyed that people are stating that it should be boycotted or giving their negative opinion on Rowling is not actually that big a deal compared to anyone who grew up loving the Potter franchise and is now gutted they can't play the game while worrying about their or their friends or family members future. And don't jump on the "I can't believe this is happening/being posted' train in this thread based on things that aren't actually happening. The trolling/baiting/faux outrage on things that aren't even being said is getting too much. There are very, very few posts where people are being called names for buying this game, but there are plenty of posts acting as if every other post in here is that.
  5. Good timing with the transfer window closing so.....a week ago.
  6. Although other RPGs might have throw away bits of dialogue that suggest a minor NPC character is trans that aren’t reported as the creator of the IP isn’t very vocal on Trans rights.
  7. If they get relegated to the Championship we get to see if Haaland can do the business at Stoke on a Wednesday night. I assume Juventus and Real Madrid are on the phone to Man City right now - how about Super League 2 then?
  8. And outlets and named reviewers will got a lot less grief/abuse if they ignore the issues rather than any sort of comment against Rowling especially if they legit don't think the game is any good. Rowling is bad and this game isn't very good - 5/10 will result in a mega pile on that its being voted down because they don't like Rowling.
  9. Got to have loads of random anonymous tweets as opinions to show 'all sides' as otherwise how would they ever write a full article.
  10. Arsenal fans must be struggling as Spurs counter attack again and again to get their second knowing that Man City are going to score 2 at least before the end
  11. We missed a penalty, but in the 9 league games since the World Cup - we’ve scored 4 goals and 3 of them were in the first two games so since Christmas we’ve scored once in 7 games and that was a late goal against Wigan who then equaliser in the 96th minute. Relegation beckons and bottom 3 coming soon as everyone around us has games in hand and 4 of the bottom 6 play each other next week so at least two teams are picking up points. Cant even enjoy Swansea losing 4-3 at home as it moves Brum clear.
  12. Saw this lunchtime and thought it was really good. I went in pretty cold and thought it was a horror/comedy, but it isn't remotely. Very tense at times and keeps you guessing to a degree, but its more about the characters than the situation and they do a good job in getting you to care. Bautisita is especially excellent. 4/5 and I quite fancy watching it again.
  13. I assume Man U will struggle to get rid of him without paying up his contract of all charges are dropped despite what footage was released. If they do get shot then he’ll be playing at championship level at the very least next season for someone.
  14. Plus the game isn't even out or even been reviewed so how much is there to discuss - its currently the equivalent of moaning that people are posting too much about Zachary Levi possibly being anti-vax in the Shazam 2 thread instead of talking about the unreleased film. If the game comes out and someone posts - "played an hour this is really good" and someone replies - "you hate trans people you fucking cunt" and there is a pile on then that should be looked at. If there is parallel discussions in the thread about the game and about JKR/the issues around buying it then what is really the difference to the game being a buggy, unplayable mess on PS5 but running fine on Xbox and there being parallel discussions running in the thread on that.
  15. Are they being interrupted though - there was an immediate post in that thread asking for people to boycott the game that could have been ignored. Maybe the poster intended to post the same thing over and over and over and over again (although there was not indication of that) every time anyone mentioned flying looked cool, but at that point it was a single post and then numerous posters had to take issue with that or start asking question.
  16. I’m taking two weeks off work, boss. Going on holiday? No - power washing the Death Star.
  17. The gameplay thread has got off to a great start if you are Rowling.
  18. Alright 😫 Good news is we’ve signed a giant striker from the Danish league as our one and only signing during the window who they appear to be trying to offload. But as we’ve only scored 21 goals in the league all season and 1 since Christmas then he can’t be any worse that what we have!
  19. They seem to have gone full Football Manager with a money cheat on, but they can't buy ANYONE they want so they are just searching for anyone good who is 'interested' then offering all the money regardless if they have any idea where they will play.
  20. Chelsea reported to have bid £105 million for Enzo Fernandez which, alongside the FFP issues, would mean they were paying 10 times as much as what Benfica brought him for at the start of THIS season!
  21. My 10 year old wouldn't leave the house this morning for Breakfast club - this isn't a mis-post to the Things that F*ck you off Thread as its because I booted up the Xbox to download the game - showed him and after briefly questioning the graphics - grabbed the control off me, got sucked in and wouldn't go anywhere until he completed The Dam. So they have a new convert.
  22. What I still don't get with the Super League is why the English clubs would even contemplate getting into bed with Juventus and to a lesser extent Barca and Real. Who was going to remotely regulate this league - and while I'm sure none of the greedy fuckers would be bothered about FPP, etc - how long before it all kicks off because Juve are being dodgy and most of the clubs are having a tantrum because they've realised that you can't all be top of the super league and how come Real are getting the most lucrative kick off times for TV sales and we never agreed to fly to Qatar to play Barcelona on a Monday night, etc, etc.
  23. He was in 3 films in that latest update - but if you mean not enough John Candy is going to be higher up in the list then I agree, but he does appear again later.
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