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  1. I bet Avatar does a Titanic and take loads of awards. (and while I liked it that would be stupid) The ten best picture thing is daft as well. What is the point?
  2. I really struggled to get through series 5 as well, but the last 2 seasons are fantastic. Too be honest, you could just skip the rest of 5 as 6 is sort of a reboot (kind of).
  3. Still got my original Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs and Escape from Atlantis thanks to my Mum not throwing anything out ever. Me and the wife play Atlantis from time to time and I look forward to introducing my son to the game in a few years (sod Wii 2 and Monopoly with electric money)
  4. Assuming that was in Cardiff - it's snowing for real here as well!!!
  5. I called that just before the knocking
  6. Just back from seeing this at Cardiff's new Imax screen in 3d. I enjoyed it and the visuals are stunning, but I'm not sure exactly how much I enjoyed it. It's a weird mix of a film - sort of Cameron does Disney. Thought it dragged a little later on when the dialogue suddenly seemed to become really crap and clunky. The main Army guy was briliant and should have his own prequel fighting some evil aliens.
  7. The rest if that article and the Brand/Thatcher article show up the Mail and Express trying to create fury when there is none what so ever. the Beeb have to launch an investigation over one complaintaboutBrand is insane. If this carries on then they'll be no decent comedy on at all as it'll all be censored or banned
  8. Me and the wife noticed that as well - could cost him with the voters?
  9. Cheers Just got me to the end of MW2 over the last 2/3 hours so seems to be all okay. Touches wood, rubs rabbit foot, etc
  10. Got mine back today - very quick turnaround (sent off last Tuesday). Only concern is something was rattling when I got it out the box - appears to be working okay although I seem to have a disk drive noise and another noise - but i can't remember if its noiser or quieter? Should I let Micrsoft now about the rattling or just sit tight until it breaks again in the hopefully distant future.
  11. Im calling Jordan voted out of I'm a celeb this week followed by Jordan/Jedward threesome revalations in the near future.
  12. Bye bye twin fuckwits. Hopefully predictions of any sort of stardom are nonsense and we never have to see them anywhere again. (Or Simon's totally killed the show by getting rid of Lucy and Lloyd vs Twatwerd is the final)
  13. The jetski bit at the end of Resi 4. Took me about 8 tries and not the way I wanted to finish such a brilliant game. Also, rubbish unskippable tutorial levels and games with 20 minutes of pointless story before you can play.
  14. Enjoyed it a lot once it got going. Interesting to see how it's all going to play out as the Doc seems to be losing it.
  15. BBC one has debate on this now. Won't someone thing of the children, etc
  16. Was about to post in the mw2 thread about the game freezing when my 360 made a pathetic beep and I have the rings. No problems since I got it over 18 months ago. I knew I was too skint to buy mw2 and now I'm paying for it. Am I right in honking that I should remove my harddrive before I get it sent away?
  17. Fair play to him. Crap fight, but he had him rocking at the end. Shame there is no sudden death overtime.
  18. Started putting Maxwell behind a wall to get stuff done which helps a bit. That still doesn't sort the infuriating camera angles or the fact that at some point Maxwell has to be 'released' to get the starite where he inevitably has a fit and manages to trash everything. Spent far too long on one level without getting any sort of clever object use/funny incident to counter the controls. What were they thinking!!!!!!
  19. My love for this has worn off a bit this morning. Spent bloody ages doing the prison break level with Maxwell running around screwing it up or the bloody camera going back to maxwell over and over again. However, my final solution of handcuffing two policemen together while one tried to reach a donut finally paid off and I loved it again.
  20. The camera reset is a very odd decision - really can't see any logic for it.
  21. Can this live up to other classic films that were the 4th in the series. Superman 4, Indy 4, Aliens 4, Phantom Menace, Batman and Robin. I quite liked the 3rd one, but I think all 3 have had some pretty big flaws (Power Ranger Goblin, Showing everyone on the train who he was/Doc Ock's crazy wormhole thing, etc).
  22. Not a great example of professions working, but for the level where . I created a I also noticed a nice touch that .
  23. that I killed the bee with. Obviously I had to put on some . Took me a while before I came up with the rather boring method of attaching a rope to the starite then attaching more ropes to that until I could crab the end. While the controls are fiddly - I'm loving this. Love getting stuck on levels and feeling that i'm an unimaginative **** for doing so or just doing daft stuff. In the level where you have to score a goal - I tied the goalie to a zebra(!), but the zebra didn't pull him far enough away so a threw my ball at the ref who went mental and battered me to death with her trophy. Eventually, after learning I couldn't shoot the goalie in the face, I dug out the ground underneath him and chucked the ball over his head.
  24. Even if the explanation is rubbish, I really hope it hasn't been published/guessed by The Sun. That would be rubbish.
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