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  1. I've just been having the same problem with this mission - eventually Phil behaved himself and I did it, but for the last hour the game has really been pissing me off. Bloody trees you can't knock down!!!!!
  2. Saw the trailer of this before Indy on friday - so much shit CGI, I thought it was advertising the computer game of the film.
  3. ****ing George Lucas Saw this friday and a lot less disapointed than I was but.....
  4. Stop with all this praise - I'm trying to keep my expectations low and instead I'm counting down until 8.00pm on Friday.
  5. Finally did Three Leaf Clover
  6. !!!!!!!!! (Major plot spoilage below)
  7. Tried to get this in Game today - thought my luck was in when the bloke looked under the counter, but he told me they had been and gone. Gutted - if only I'd got their earlier. Can't get it from anywhere else as I have £50 credit with them.
  8. Nooooooooooo! What is wrong with him. Don't **** with Raiders. What next - he takes over the directing of the Hobbit and destroys Gandalfs character so much that it actually spoils Jackson's trilogy.
  9. Anyone had an issue with missions not saving. Did one last night and turned off not long after - this morning I've got to do it again. I'm almost certain it autosaved at the end.
  10. More fun things to do - if you keep running into people they eventually get the hump and start swinging punches. As you don't actually push or punch them (with B), the cops leave you alone. I kept doing this when the cops were about to get them nicked. Managed to get two guys dragged into the back of the same Police Car before getting another guy to take a swing at me. The two cops got out to chase down my attacker so I jacked the police car with the other two guys inside. Took them on a joy ride before crashing into the back of a car - they both tried to get out and ended up hanging from the back doors before I sent them hurtling to their deaths.
  11. I love how the friends stuff give you something to do between missions (in addition to going on kill crazy rampages and exploring of course) which turn into mini adventures. Kept messing up a motorbike mission and was getting a little peeved with the game. Roman rings and wants to go to the strip club. On the way to pick him up I nearly trash the car I'm its smoking. Pick Roman up and him and Nico start chatting away - during their conversation I stop the car, we both get out and I jack the convertable behind me - the conversation never misses a beat. Some might say that Roman should have reacted, but I loved the way these two dodgy guys kept rabbiting on about titties and Liberty City while knicking someone's car. Went to the strip club and caught a cab for the drive home (I'm addicted to getting cabs and watching on a cinematic view). The trailer music as blaring out and I noticed we'd ended up in a traffic jam. The car at the front of the toll both has stopped (possibly another mysterious death). Cabbie won't move so I start firing my gun - he jumps out and I accidently shoot him. I'm then trying to reverse the cab as 5 cop cars all appear and try to get through the two toll booths. I manage to escape and eventually get Roman home in a very very bashed up cab. Not the greatest story, I know - but all that for what could be considered a pointless exercise in driving to a strip club for no real reason. Back in love with the game, I nailed the motorbike mission
  12. Must stop playing - still nackered from the midnight launch and have to be outside Ninian Park at 6.00 tomorrow morning to get my FA Cup tickets. Stupid 'one of the best games ever' and 'my team in the FA Cup final' periods of time.
  13. Finished a mission and then left Nico standing there while I was checking something on the net. Turned around to cinamatic view and two women having a scrap - one ran off with the other chasing her. I think one of them bumped a cab and the other was the cab's passenger. I walk up to a now abandoned, very nice looking open top sports car and nick it with Nico leaping over the door straight into the drivers seat. Queen's One Vision kicks in and its off to Ricos.
  14. Just heard a 'Celeb' interview on the radio while cruising in a cab I love taking long cab rides across the city with cinematic view on.
  15. !!!!!!!!! - Just got to the first major plot point
  16. Fantastic stuff, utterly brilliant so far. And I haven't even got a gun yet.
  17. Anyone else now in work and regretting picking it up at midnight (bed at 2.30). On the drive in I had to stop myself mowing down an Albanian looking guy. Roll on 4.00pm.
  18. Am I first back from a midnight launch? Got to Cardiff Bay Asda at 11.45 - grabbed ticket 53 of 66 360 copies (they had 66 of each), milled about, served in 10 minutes and back in the house ready to play. I'm going to work tomorrow, but I'm not doing anything!!!!!
  19. Asda in Cardiff Bay selling from 12.01 - girl didn't know how many they had in though.
  20. Asda and Tesco ads in the Daily Mirror. Asda - £37 for 360 version (no mention of PS3) Tesco - £44.71 either version. Asda is going to be heaving I think. Could all you guys going down tonight with a pre-order due tomorrow get yours from Tesco. Give us lazy sods a chance to save some money.
  21. Anyone know which, if any, stores will be opening in the centre of Cardiff (not midnght but 7.00am/8.00am) and may have walk up stock. Game have told me they won't have any non pre-order stock available (which is a pain as I have a gift card to pay for it). May go to Asda if they are doing a midnight launch, but I know I'll be on it for hours and not turn up for work.
  22. I'm happy with two if it means the big battle at the end gets an absolute fortune spent on it and goes on for ages and ages.
  23. Tough - I've been waiting for it for too long.
  24. A little off-topic but I'm doing a quiz in work tomorrow and wanted to do a next song lines type round. Anyone got a link to a ready made one???
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